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  1. GranbyTroll

    Weight Cutting Education

    I still see kids starting to restrict water on Monday for a Friday morning weight in. Baffles me.
  2. GranbyTroll

    FS World Champs DNP

    So did 2018 have a lot of champs DNP compared to other years? Did the two day tournament contribute to any of the champs DNPing? Bonne Rodriguez looked like he was about to die of heart failure in every single match. Is that because he is 35 and trains in Cuba, or because of the morning of weigh ins?
  3. GranbyTroll

    FS World Champs DNP

    Anecdotally, it felt like a lot of returning champs failed to medal in FS this year. Off the top of my head: 65(57): Khinchegashvili 65(61): Aliyev 65(61 non olympic): Stieber 70(66): Safaryan 74(70): Chamizo 125: Akgul Add in world champs who placed didn't repeat like 57 Takatani, 74 Burroughs, 86 Yazdani, 97 Snyder, and it felt like an upset heavy tournament. Is this an unusual amount for Worlds? Did the new weigh in procedures have anything to do with this? edit: Added streebler, corrected weight classes
  4. GranbyTroll

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    For anyone who didn't pay attention, that's a 2017 match of Zain wrestling the 2018 70kg Silver.
  5. GranbyTroll

    Coon takes Silver

    I body lock, I score. You body lock, I score.
  6. I agree. Whoever started this thread must not take this board very seriously.
  7. GranbyTroll


    My bad, it's been a few years since 2016. Theilke won his first match 8-0 before losing 0-9 and failing to get pulled into repechage.
  8. GranbyTroll

    Par Terre defense

    You can't jump forward, trying to get a yard away, off the whistle like Bey does. There's a bunch more stuff that Greco guys wil know about, but there are also specific rules about how you can fight hands; you can't rich down to break his lock, but you can post on one his elbows (maybe?).
  9. GranbyTroll


    Thielke is the Metcalf of Greco. He had all this hype surrounding his NCAA career and under performed. When he decided to focus on international wrestling, there was even more hype but he still failed to win a match at the Worlds or Olympics. THEN they change the rules, which Thielke himself says will turn him into a monster... but he still fails to win matches at Worlds.
  10. For decades people have talked about how freestyle wrestlers often have their best performance at worlds because the NCAA season prepares our athletes so well for high level competition. Coon just waltzed into the finals coming fresh off the folkstyle season while Bey has spent two years training Greco and barely won a single match. Should more of our NCAA guys should try Greco?
  11. GranbyTroll

    Criteria Order

    Now that cautions are only given for fleeing the hold/illegal moves, it should be the highest criteria on the list. Look at the 61kg finals between Rashidov and Bonne; Bonne got cautioned for fleeing right at the end of the match but still won 5-5 on most highest points scored. I'd like it if UWW ordered the criteria 1) Least cautions 2) Most highest points scored 3) Last point scored to more heavily punish fleeing and illegal moves. When cautions were a part of the passivity procedure, it made sense to keep them low on the list. Now that you typically only get cautioned for illegal clubbing, eye poking etc, it makes sense to move it back up.
  12. GranbyTroll

    65kg Meh...

    It's a very tough weight. I went back to 08 looking for a back to back champ, and there isn't one. Two guys, Taghavi and Ramonov, won two non consecutive medals, but no back to back. Every other weight has a back to back champ in that time frame. Edit: I didn't run the stats, but anecdotally there is a pretty high rate of previous Champs DNPing the next year.
  13. GranbyTroll

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    He was always the P4P king, even after he lost to Snyder last time. Sadulaev went up something like 24lb to face the defending Olympic champ in his prime and only lost by 1 in a back and forth classic.
  14. GranbyTroll

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Nope. Now it's called the "Sadulaev."
  15. GranbyTroll

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Sad shoots a single. Snyder goes body lock. Sad hooks Snyder's elbow, opposite from the leg that Sad has, rolls Snyder and holds him. Snyder fights off his back a little, Sad adjusts to a turk ride for a second, then finally settles in junior high style, chest-to-chest, pinning position and the judge confirms the fall. EDIT: lol 4 replies with the same thing.