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  1. It definitely wasn't a penalty for a headbutt because there was no caution on the scoreboard. I thought it was 2 points for "passing behind" Gilman. Take downs in freestyle aren't the same as folkstyle- you don't need what we consider "control" to get, you just need to be "behind" your opponent while he's on the ground. Not saying that I agree with the call, just trying to explain the jury's decision.
  2. Flo podcast mentioned how he's enrolled in online classes for Rutgers and living full-time in Tempe to train to Mark Perry. They also said he can just drop in the Rutgers lineup for a dual or Big 10s if he's feeling it.
  3. A single 30 second activity period based on who is leading on criteria isn't the worst idea. But with UWW/FILA, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. I'm picking Bajrang over Green 5-3
  5. And the calls were a little flukey. There was a step out that really confused me at the time. I'm getting kinda long in the tooth, so can't remember the exact details. Regardless, I would not characterize their rivalry as metcalf "dismantling" JO "by 100 points over there career"
  6. I agree, but to fact check, Oliver beat Metcalf in the 2013(?) US Open Finals
  7. The app has some weird design choices. I can't figure out how to rewind recorded episodes of FRL, for example. But I haven't had any problems with the feed
  8. Whoops, misremembered. Tsabalov beat Sidakov. Zhamalov beat Tsabalov. Getting old.
  9. Zhamalov has to be very happy that the Olympics got postponed. In the last few months he's beaten 3 World Champs in Tsabalov, Sidakov and Chamizo. All of whom I'd believe if you told me they won the 2021 Olympics.
  10. I thought they called keeping your hand(s) on the mat passive in freestyle. In the World Cup 57kg bronze between IRI and BLR, both wrestlers had their hands on the mat often and didn't get warned. I know they warn you for wrestling on your knee(s), and thought it was the same for hand(s).
  11. At least Dake had the built in excuse that he couldn't make the team at 74kg, wanted world level experience in prep for 2020. Argentina is already an Olympian. I don't get it.
  12. I'll never understand this logic. If you're "going up" to 65kg for the Olympics when 61kg is a better weight for you, shouldn't you spend as much time up at 65 as possible? Why wouldn't this guy want to see how he does in a field with another 65kg Olympic Qualifier?
  13. For gosh sake. I had it open on my phone, then switched to my PC. The Aliyev match cut out at 1-0 then came back at 1-6.
  14. I'd never report you for posting any Haji match, even a bad one. I have a 30 inch poster of him hanging up in my classroom.
  15. Are these the actual live times? Or are these tape delay broadcast times?
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