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  1. www.lmgtfy.com Let me Google that for you
  2. Last I heard he had retired after being injured and trying his had at 70kg at a few small tournaments.
  3. I hate to say it, but TBar brings up a good point. What I remember most of Haji is him smoking everyone in 2015 and 2017 in the non-Olympic weight. I think one of those years he tech'd like 4/5 opponents, one in the finals. The competition was probably a little weaker in the non-Olympic weights.
  4. I have no problem with Taylor putting down our Team USA representatives. I do it regularly.
  5. Despite being a 3x World Champion at 61kg, Haji has not produced any world medals at 65kg. This year at worlds he lost two close ones to this year's and last year's world champs. Does it have something to do with the weight class, the two day weigh ins, something related to that? Or is he just passing his prime competition years. He didn't look too far off Rashidov, but he looked out of gas and not as explosive as usual vs Otoguro the next day.
  6. I saw Varner run a full Nelson at Junior Duals. That's the whole story. I have nothing else to add.
  7. Everyone on the Jury is likely to be flying home with more luggage than they left with.
  8. There was a singlet pull. Did that get scored correctly?
  9. At least he qualified the weight and is the favorite for bronze? I guess?
  10. That was the worst call I've seen this season. SHOCKINGLY the home town hero got a suspicious interpretation of the well defined and understood head pinch sequence. SHOCKINGLY! The refs would hang their hats on the fact that Kaz touched Bajy's leg at some point during the head pinch. The current interpretation is that if the shooting wrestler holds onto the legs and comes on top then all the points go to the shooting wrestler. Kaz didn't shoot, though, as much as he touched Bajy's knee after he was already going over.
  11. I thought it showed enormous guts for him to shake Rashidovs hand even while he was getting red carded for throwing paddles at the refs.
  12. On the Trackwrestling "Scramble Cam" last night they did a slow-mo replay after the match.
  13. In super slow motion it looks like Rashidov comes off of his knee just before Aliyev gets all the way behind. In real time I would have bet the farm that that was a takedown
  14. It doesn't have to be a throw. Attacking frequently step out while executing leg attacks like singles and doubles without giving up a step out.
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