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  1. GranbyTroll

    JB will be in Siberia!

    Biebler could for sure make 57kg scratch two days in a row.
  2. GranbyTroll

    Yarygin 2019

    And, all tournaments are 74kg scratch both days this year. Before, Yarygin got +2kg the first day and maybe +3kg the second day. EDIT: got my facts straights.
  3. he had gone to Cal Poly? In an interview with Bader, Rivera said that he highly considered wrestling for Cal Poly. Would Sebas have been able to get to this level at Cal Poly, or did something special about the NU room get him where he is today?
  4. GranbyTroll

    Yariguin—Official Program Posted

    Also, isn't each delegation only allowed to bring one wrestler per weight? I remember something in the past year or two about Russia ignoring the rules and entering three guys in some weights.
  5. GranbyTroll

    Final Thoughts AWL

    I'd rather buy Willie a log of dip then give money to the cable companies. Anyone know what his brand is? EDIT PS: I paid for the track subscription for this event because I wanted to put my money where my mouth is and support wrestling coverage. I already pay for Flo, but I paid for Track coverage of Worlds and AWL 1.
  6. GranbyTroll

    I Really Enjoyed the "Tommy Thorn placing at CKLV" Era

    Is JoJo Smith still JoJo?
  7. GranbyTroll

    The bow and arrow should be illegal

    There's a way to do the 3/4 nelson without driving your knuckle into their neck? Can you come down and teach our youth team that way?
  8. GranbyTroll

    Final Thoughts AWL

    I like some of the matches, but generally speaking the event felt over-produced. 10 matches should take 1.5-2 hours, and this even took 3 with. Yes, they had nice post match interviews and walk-in music, but it was a little much. By the time they got to JO vs Zain, I was a little tired of watching wrestling.
  9. GranbyTroll

    I Really Enjoyed the "Tommy Thorn placing at CKLV" Era

    He looked hurt to me. Also, College Board: why so serious?
  10. Thorn went 0-2 with a 10-4 SV loss to Opsal of Air Forces and a 10-5 loss to D2 Champ Dax Gordon of Cal Baptist. Gordon has some stuff, he took down Jordan two weeks ago, but what the heck is going on with Thorn? Did he come down with a case of the flu?
  11. How has the situation worsened in such a short time? 2007 was the pre-Olympic year, so it's not like the rest of the world wasn't trying.
  12. GranbyTroll

    Weight Cutting Education

    I still see kids starting to restrict water on Monday for a Friday morning weight in. Baffles me.
  13. GranbyTroll

    FS World Champs DNP

    So did 2018 have a lot of champs DNP compared to other years? Did the two day tournament contribute to any of the champs DNPing? Bonne Rodriguez looked like he was about to die of heart failure in every single match. Is that because he is 35 and trains in Cuba, or because of the morning of weigh ins?
  14. GranbyTroll

    FS World Champs DNP

    Anecdotally, it felt like a lot of returning champs failed to medal in FS this year. Off the top of my head: 65(57): Khinchegashvili 65(61): Aliyev 65(61 non olympic): Stieber 70(66): Safaryan 74(70): Chamizo 125: Akgul Add in world champs who placed didn't repeat like 57 Takatani, 74 Burroughs, 86 Yazdani, 97 Snyder, and it felt like an upset heavy tournament. Is this an unusual amount for Worlds? Did the new weigh in procedures have anything to do with this? edit: Added streebler, corrected weight classes
  15. GranbyTroll

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    For anyone who didn't pay attention, that's a 2017 match of Zain wrestling the 2018 70kg Silver.