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  1. GranbyTroll

    Yasar Dogu

    He finished 5th without beating anyone who I recognized. But he did lose decisions to both of the guys who teched Steiber. Lost 0-3 to Olympic Champ/5x World medalist Khinch of Georgia and 2-8 to 2x World medalist Rashidov of Russia.
  2. GranbyTroll

    Yasar Dogu

    Loggie Bear beat Opan Sat after the American officials made Sat redraw the ball when they claimed he could see the balls. With his head turned away. Away from the bag that hid the two balls. Balls that were further concealed by little individual bags. Those were the good ole days.
  3. GranbyTroll

    Yasar Dogu

    Green is out, no repechage. The Turk blew a 2-1 lead with no time left. Went double handed singlet pull, worse than anything Tsargush ever did. The judge and chairman both white paddled, so Georgia challenged. When the Jury awarded Georgia a point, Turkey pleaded with the table and in English the table ran the video again and yelled at him "Look. You, look. Two hands. Two hands! What you want? Sorry."
  4. GranbyTroll

    In terms of actual on the mat scoring calls

    Since the dust has settled, I've come to believe that some USA Wrestling higher-up in the challenge jury decided to uphold the takedown to avoid the appearance of another Yianni/Zain situation. In Gilman/Fix, the officiating crew followed three-man-mechanics properly, the IOWA staff threw the brick relatively quickly after the points went up, and the call was correct, but they denied the challenge because upholding it would have changed the winner with little to no time for the second week in a row.
  5. GranbyTroll

    In terms of actual on the mat scoring calls

    It took me a few reads to realize what you're talking about but you're absolutely correct. Everyone called it the "almost takedown" in common parlance, like how the activity period is usually referred to as the "shot clock."
  6. GranbyTroll

    In terms of actual on the mat scoring calls

    The "almost takedown" and the "pass behind" were different fiascos. The "almost takedown" was when you had 3 points of contact but weren't all the way behind (I think?) a la how Ramos beat Megaludis to make his first World Team 1-0. It was an attempt to increase offensive scoring in freestyle by rewarding the shooting wrestler. The "pass behind" was apparently an oversight when they moved from 1 to 2 point takedowns in 2013. If you started standing (what we think of as neutral), shot a double leg, and brought your opponent down to the ground that was a "take down" worth 2 points. If you opponent started parterre (what we think of as on the knees) and you just go behind your opponent, you didn't really take them down, you "passed behind" for 1 point. There were a lot of confused Americans hitting snap downs and go behinds for 1 point that year. It was also officiated pretty inconsistently, like stalling in college. Stan Dziedzic tried to explain that this has always been a quirk of European style wrestling, it just never mattered because both were worth 1 point.
  7. GranbyTroll

    In terms of actual on the mat scoring calls

    Do you guys remember the first year we got 2 point takedowns, but UWW tried to insist that "go behind" takedowns are only worth 1 point? That was weird.
  8. I coach youth Greco, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. In the first match, I also thought that Schultz had underwhelming parterre defense in that he went to his elbow really quickly and stayed on it, even after getting turned. Does Schultz have more experience excepting parterre defense than I do? Yes. Does that disqualify anyone who has 0 age level world medals from critiquing his positioning? No.
  9. GranbyTroll

    Tyler Graff's legacy

    I was very confused by the references to "this years class" in this thread.
  10. GranbyTroll

    Final X - Lincoln

    I like Imar's chances to keep it competitive, but not win a match.
  11. Hancock just hit a quick stand up off the whistle in forced par terre in the finals of today's rankings series. The officiating crew gave him a white paddle and put him back down, because you're not allowed to do that, you have to place. Hancock gave them an incredulous "what'd I do???" look and refused to go back down at first. Is someone coaching our Greco guys to do this? I've seen Bey jump 2-3 feet forward off the whistle to the same result before too.
  12. GranbyTroll

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    Coleman Scott 10-0'd me in about a minute at Junior Duals. It haunts me to this day... I was our backup, so I didn't get a ton of matches. When they told me they were throwing me in vs Team PA, I hadn't heard of Coleman and thought this was my chance to prove myself to the coaches. He rolled me up like a carpet and I walked off the mat convinced I was the worst kid to ever wrestle. My therapists is convinced I'll get over it eventually.
  13. GranbyTroll

    Nolf to 74kg

    If he makes it to the WTT Finals against Green at 70kg he'll be on the National Team and have an exponentially better chance of making the World Team. Is 154 day of too much of a cut?
  14. How is this the ideal weight for him? He made the world team last year at 72kg/158lb and he was an D1 AA at 165lb... and now he's looking pretty thick up a 82kg/180lb. What's the deal with the massive bump up?
  15. GranbyTroll

    Jon Jay Chavez 82kg/180lb

    Kendrick Sanders just crushed Chavez, so I guess it didn't work out.
  16. GranbyTroll

    Why is it called Final X?

    It's more like our "almost takedown"
  17. Is the problem with Kinche relating to the bump up to 65kg? Aliyev also won a medal at 57kg in 2016 only to bump up to 65kg with the weight changes, bu he hasn't struggled nearly as much as Kinche. It seems like the Georgian has hardly won a match since the weigh-in changes.
  18. GranbyTroll

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    I was there! That was a pretty fun match, but that was more than 5 years ago. Askren is pretty far removed from his competitive wrestling days.
  19. Ashnault finally got it done in his 6th year. How far could you, the real you, today, right now, go in the 2025 NCAA tournament if you started training today? I'd like to think that I could probably make it into the bracket at age 37 after a 13 year hiatus, projected 125/133 depending on how many 6 packs I can sneak in between now and then.
  20. GranbyTroll

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    I don't want to see a 2008 74kg Olympian wrestle the 2019 NCAA 197lb Champ.
  21. GranbyTroll

    If you got 6 years (2025), how high would you place?

    I'm thinking that theMat.com 2025 All-Star Team has a pretty good chance at cracking the top 70 at NCAA
  22. GranbyTroll

    Neutral in time breakers?

    I think it became a choice in 2018
  23. GranbyTroll

    Worst Shot of Rutherford

    What does Carl think of this?
  24. GranbyTroll

    Transferapalooza Predictions - 19/20 Season

    Spencer to Campbell Teasdale to Iowa 125 Gross to Iowa 133 Desanto to 141 John J Chavez to Iowa 157 2019/20 NCAA Champs!