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  1. Not the JO rule. The JO rule both legs but head trapped which is a take down in college but not freestyle. Russel has both legs and his head free, that's a take down in freestyle as far as I know. Looked right to me.
  2. How many matches does Dake need to win to get to Burroughs? Is it 1 or 2?
  3. So any penalty Brooks could have committed is nullified by the fact that he put his own hand out of bounds to avoid the takedown?
  4. What if Brooks had locked hands or applied a full-nelson? Would we "give him a break" for those penalties just because the officials wouldn't warn Hidlay for stalling?
  5. I don't think CP suggested implementing the current freestyle criteria rules into the NCAA. I recall him saying that he (as a spectator) just prefers the action that "always having someone losing" creates in freestyle.
  6. I think it's 50/50 whether we see him at the OTT or not. If he doesn't make the Olympic team, he should get surgery ASAP.
  7. Why reveal the extend of your injuries right before the OTT?
  8. Thanks for clearing that up in the 3rd person. Next time, have Elevator check for spelling, usage, and punctuation errors before he hits "Submit Reply".
  9. You're right. Let's not discuss wrestling on a wrestling message board.
  10. I was making funny American joke. Steiber beat Oliver then Ramos in the NCAA finals in 2012 and 2013. The 2012 victory over Oliver was so controversial that they changed the rules the next year. The 2013 victory over Ramos had a controversial call that went for Steiber on the video review. Some people say Steiber shouldn't have won the 2012 match vs Oliver because the call was so bad.
  11. So we're officially not counting the "wins" against Jordan Oliver and Tony Ramos? Don't worry guys, I fixed it. EDIT: fixed the picture.
  12. Well I spoke too soon. Twitter noticed t hat if you freeze frame in the scramble, Sidakov definitely exposed himself in the last scramble. I didn't even catch it in the slo-mo.
  13. Sidakov definitely has some kind of super-coolant in his veins. That turn and face scramble at the end of his semis match was crazy. Zhamalov wrestled so conservative in the semis that I'm a little worried about his chances in the finals. He scored when he needed to, and defended when he needed to, and he showed off a lot of ways to score, so maybe I'm reading too much into it. But I was impressed by Zhamalov's kitchen sink offense. Over-under knee block trip, 2-on-1 snap down to a spladle, assassin in par terre. Total clinic moves but the dude makes them work.
  14. You're right. Passivity and stalling are different. Not shooting =/= passive. But... how often do you see Red go on the clock in the first, shoot a whole bunch, then go on the clock again in the second?
  15. Yeah, I don't agree with the call, just trying to get in their heads. Nomad found a split second (right at the start of the sequence) when Chamizo doesn't have a hold of JB's leg. Chamizo then reaches down to hook the leg to try to buy a no 2 call. Why no challenge from Slay? Hindsight it was absolutely the right call to challenge, but what was he thinking in the moment?
  16. Frankie had a tiny piece of JB's leg the whole exchange. By definition in freestyle, you haven't "passed behind" your opponent if they have your leg. This one seemed pretty tenuous, but that's what they had to have been going for.
  17. "Beat" is a subjective term. It was a fixed match clear as day. I don't remember the exact calls, but Kaz got two head scratchers in Kaz to beat Bajrang. EDIT: Kaz got the calls IN KAZ. Egregious
  18. I bought a set of 3 tickets, but the 3rd person may be out. Does the highlighted portion mean they're going to hassle me if I only show up with 2 people and 3 tickets?
  19. It definitely wasn't a penalty for a headbutt because there was no caution on the scoreboard. I thought it was 2 points for "passing behind" Gilman. Take downs in freestyle aren't the same as folkstyle- you don't need what we consider "control" to get, you just need to be "behind" your opponent while he's on the ground. Not saying that I agree with the call, just trying to explain the jury's decision.
  20. Flo podcast mentioned how he's enrolled in online classes for Rutgers and living full-time in Tempe to train to Mark Perry. They also said he can just drop in the Rutgers lineup for a dual or Big 10s if he's feeling it.
  21. A single 30 second activity period based on who is leading on criteria isn't the worst idea. But with UWW/FILA, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  22. I'm picking Bajrang over Green 5-3
  23. And the calls were a little flukey. There was a step out that really confused me at the time. I'm getting kinda long in the tooth, so can't remember the exact details. Regardless, I would not characterize their rivalry as metcalf "dismantling" JO "by 100 points over there career"
  24. I agree, but to fact check, Oliver beat Metcalf in the 2013(?) US Open Finals
  25. The app has some weird design choices. I can't figure out how to rewind recorded episodes of FRL, for example. But I haven't had any problems with the feed
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