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  1. Whoops, misremembered. Tsabalov beat Sidakov. Zhamalov beat Tsabalov. Getting old.
  2. Zhamalov has to be very happy that the Olympics got postponed. In the last few months he's beaten 3 World Champs in Tsabalov, Sidakov and Chamizo. All of whom I'd believe if you told me they won the 2021 Olympics.
  3. I thought they called keeping your hand(s) on the mat passive in freestyle. In the World Cup 57kg bronze between IRI and BLR, both wrestlers had their hands on the mat often and didn't get warned. I know they warn you for wrestling on your knee(s), and thought it was the same for hand(s).
  4. At least Dake had the built in excuse that he couldn't make the team at 74kg, wanted world level experience in prep for 2020. Argentina is already an Olympian. I don't get it.
  5. I'll never understand this logic. If you're "going up" to 65kg for the Olympics when 61kg is a better weight for you, shouldn't you spend as much time up at 65 as possible? Why wouldn't this guy want to see how he does in a field with another 65kg Olympic Qualifier?
  6. For gosh sake. I had it open on my phone, then switched to my PC. The Aliyev match cut out at 1-0 then came back at 1-6.
  7. I'd never report you for posting any Haji match, even a bad one. I have a 30 inch poster of him hanging up in my classroom.
  8. Are these the actual live times? Or are these tape delay broadcast times?
  9. Did AZE fix the brackets just to get this match? And is Russia going to fix the match again? Haji still isn't qualified for Tokyo which is nuts. He "lost" to Rashidov then drew Otoguro in repechage as his reward. The only wrestler I recognize on the bottom half is Dubov, who was 5th behind Aliyev at 2016 57kg.
  10. Wrestling weights, number of participants, and events will remain the same for the 2024 Olympic program. What about after that? On Flo earlier this week, Askren said he heard the rumor that 2028 is it for Greco, when it will be supplanted by Beach wrestling. Would that be a good thing for the sport? Would UWW actually cut Greco to save MFS and WFS? I'm actually a fan of watching Greco, and believe that participating in it actually helps develop our youth athletes. But I can't help but think that it's low scoring matches and manufactured par terre points are a detriment to the sport as an Olympic even.
  11. In the movie Metcalf said something like "I wanted to stay" at Iowa.
  12. Gimp, I see your point think we should agree to disagree. I see Vito looking over his left shoulder while he's still in bounds as if he's about to start a counter throw, but I don't think he "stops the momentum" or "change the direction" of Nashon's attack until after he plants his foot out of bounds. It's a subjective situation, and I really enjoy informed rules discussions with other pathologically obsessed wrestling nerds.
  13. Zilmer should have been a 2, no way around that one. The 2-2 was 100% correct. As for Vito, I don't think he started it in bounds. His whole foot plants out of bounds when he stops the momentum and changes direction. That's a good point about the offensive wrestler being allowed to step out while completing an action that started in bounds. I think that Vito started the throw after he planted his whole foot out of bounds, making continuation not apply.
  14. Looks like Freestyle starts a 3am eastern / 12am pacific Saturday morning? My Belgrade to USA conversion could be off. EDIT: wrong day
  15. At some point he said that making 65kg was getting tough, especially the other he go. When worlds moved to a 2 day event with day of weigh ins both days (2017?), Metcalf said somewhere that the weigh-in rules precluded him making a comeback. Sounds like it was not easy to get to 143.
  16. Big deal. In my 5th freestyle event ever I got 7 tech falls in two different age divisions.
  17. This guy looks like he doesn't know how to keep people off his legs, or what to do when they get in on them.
  18. Koll said something like "Dake and Gabe Dean will be healthy in about 7 days." Sounds like COVID to me.
  19. Boris was a weird choice in my opinion. At least Gabe Dean and Hump still workout with the guys and have both competed in matches since retiring. Boris hasn't been on a mat since Rio.
  20. Ragusin wins a high scoring finals in Junior 57kg. Truax from Cal Poly wins Junior 74kg. Nice to see a San Diego kid doing well on the national scene!
  21. The ASU lung training plan did not do Zahid any favors.
  22. 15-12 final, no spoilers but it was a good one.
  23. U23 McKee vs Ian Parker going right now, it's fire.
  24. Wait is @Jaroslav Hasek Spey? Big fan of you on the forums, your podcast is okay. I wish you had talked to Bratke more about his competition days.
  25. Is he even 21 yet? This seems like very age appropriate behavior for a 20 year old.
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