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  1. Tsabalov looked real good beating Sidakov then like a different guy in the finals. Maybe he caught mono from Spencer Lee?
  2. He's gotta be careful. He'll qualify for veterans before 2024 at this rate.
  3. All of my posts on this forum are 100% serious. Go ahead, go through my history. I stand by everything I've ever said.
  4. Wick should fire Acevedo for that challenge. Just gave Valencia a huge break.
  5. Elbow still wrapped up though. They really shoulda DQ'd Hidlay.
  6. It was against Gantt last year right? Another NC State guy.
  7. Trolling 3/10. Cruz did continue to wrestle, ended up on top in the exchange as time expired.
  8. Darian Cruz got ripped off, IMO, giving up a very questionable 2 point exposure in a short time scramble. Are there any refs around who can explain that one?
  9. I didn't watch the whole show, but heard CP mention an article Nomad wrote, which made me think about his employment situation. But, CP does mention Willie sometimes still and he hasn't worked there in a while.
  10. I had such massive denial at the time that I never noticed that the whistle blew before Brentcalf shoved him. The ref even tried to grab Brentcalf by the arm to prevent the shove. In hindsight, I think -1 team point was warranted.
  11. My high school coach used to teach the breakdown for beginner upper weights. Also, thanks for the head outside tip. I've been finishing my head outside shot by reaching inside the legs like that for a few years now, never connected it to this freestyle turn. My kids won't know what hit em!
  12. From my experience, it's harder to turn with this technique. You only do it if you can't get the lace (as seen in the video). If you do get one exposure off of it, you probably won't get a second (also as seen in the video).
  13. He kissed the mat. During a pandemic.
  14. We teach kids to do that when they can't get the lace, it's a real move
  15. I agree that the "nothing's happening" factor hurts Greco for the casual observer. The rules also don't make it easy for Greco fans to appreciate the product right now. It feels like a lot of matches end because the refs arbitrarily pick one guy to put into forced par terre, then the guy on top gets a turn or two and puts the match out of reach.
  16. Vak, I know you usually stay on the college side, so I just want to let you know that this one will be in the international style of wrestling that we call freestyle.
  17. We called that "the Claw," but I doubt that's canonical or widespread.
  18. Bajrang vs Niyazbekov (KAZ) 2019 World Semis in Kazakhstan. Niyazbekov gets some favorable officiating to say the least...
  19. He told Bader that VA Tech was a good choice because it's close to his and his wife's family. Sounds like it had more to do with his personal life than him actually making the Olympic Team.
  20. Since some of us won't say it openly: the rumor mill says that Jamil being fired has something to do with Zahid failing an ASU administered drug test.
  21. Some people feel that left leg lead is an advantage in wrestling akin to fighting southpaw in boxing. If it feels good do it, you'll just have to mirror image most things you learn on your feet.
  22. Metcalf was our best and it didn't matter. It's the world's toughest weight and you have to be pretty good.
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