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  1. teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/March/12/USA-Wrestling-statement-on-COVID-19-and-activities-going-forward "• Events and activities deemed essential will be conducted in a way that puts the health and safety of those involved as the primary focus, while still meeting the responsibilities of the organization. ...USA Wrestling considers the qualifying and final trials events which select the U.S. Olympic Team, as well as the qualifying events and final trials events for U.S. age-group World Teams, as essential competitions. Most other events and activities may be considered non-essential." It sounds like USAW is moving towards holding OTT but not allowing spectators?
  2. I coulda sworn that I saw Graff on the BTN feed. Also, what happened to him wrestling Greco?
  3. Carl will find a way. He's a wizard.
  4. Simple solution: spend $100s on tickets, fly to Harrisburg, rent a car, drive to State College, rent a hotel, take Friday and Monday off work for travel, and just enjoy the wrestling! It's so easy!!
  5. Definitely always illegal, never enforced.
  6. I have an 11am flight leaving Harrisburg on Monday and I'm gonna have to get up super early to return the rental car etc. This is very disappointing. Final X Lincoln went for like 3 hours and not every series went to 3 matches.
  7. YBR bumped up to 61kg for worlds with the new weigh in procedures, so it's unlikely that he'd be able to make 57kg with the new rules, but you never know.
  8. Is it really impressive that he was a true freshman when he was 2 years older than Dake/Yianni as true freshmen?
  9. I'm getting old now, but didn't Metcalf go 1-3 at worlds and not even make the Olympic team when the ball grab era ended? They had step outs, cumulative scoring, and 2 point takedowns for his last 4 competitive seasons.
  10. Wrestlers are not susceptible to communicable diseases. Don't move it.
  11. I had a ticket then convinced my high school teammate to come out with me. I agree, this will be fire.
  12. I love Ben, listened to every episode of both versions of his old podcast, but he monopolizes the airtime. It seems like the Skype delay makes it hard for everyone to get their $0.02 in, but I want to here more from Bratke and Nomad.
  13. I don't think that's true. The rule is that if it's 0-0 with 1:00 left in the 1st half then one wrester has to be put on the clock. Matches can and do end 1-0. Kyle Dake won in the 2018 world finals 2-0. They put Hasanov on the clock in the 1st, but never put Dake on the clock in the 2nd.
  14. Thank god. I have a tournament Saturday, and it would have been really hard for me to coach in the corner if I was watching Dake/Chamizo.
  15. I donated to Sorenson, but not Richard Perry. What does that say about me lol?
  16. TBar with the classic reverse jinx?
  17. I dunno. I'm a big butt slapper for my own guys, but I would never slap the opposing guy's butt when he comes over for a hand shake.
  18. I think Slay gave him the ole "good game" when Yianni came over to slap hands after the match. It's 2019, is that still allowed from the opposing coach??
  19. San Diego isn't the Southern Section, and Poway is in San Diego. Bosco and Santiago are in the Southern Section, but are closer to UCLA than to San Diego. Cavalry hasn't been good in 10+ years. Selma is in the Central Section and they were ranked in the country last year.
  20. San Diego is practically another state from the Central Valley, where the wrestling talent is.
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