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    GranbyTroll got a reaction from Coach_J in JB will be in Siberia!   
    Biebler could for sure make 57kg scratch two  days in a row.
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Gantry in Yarygin 2019   
    Of course not, I didn't mean to imply that if I did.  More of what treep and misterc said
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    GranbyTroll reacted to wrestlingphish in Yarygin 2019   
    HWC is sending the following wrestlers as of right now:
    Thomas Gilman
    Cory Clark
    Sammy Brooks
    Forrest Molinari
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Gantry in Fix/Suriano - worst ncaa match of all time?   
    Seriously, I've been following wrestling for 20 years and it's always "if they just called stalling" as the fix to everything.  No it isn't, make hard and fast rules that don't involve ref discretion.  Because EVERY SINGLE RULE that involves ref discretion is a bad rule, because they don't/won't call it when the match is on the line. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to denger in Desanto Team Point   
    I think the unsportsmanlike call came from a face mush right after the whistle, which got the crowd to start booing him, so he carried on...
    Some people strive win and lose with grace. Other people are DeSanto. At least he's consistent. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to 2td3nf in Yarygin 2019   
    Looks like Sadulaev won't enter the Yarygin this year:
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    GranbyTroll reacted to wrestlingnerd in Nickal , Nolf,Lee   
    You forgot to slot in Nickal at 97 as well,   Teasdale and RBY at 57 and 61, and Cassar at heavy. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Housebuye in Nickal , Nolf,Lee   
    On this topic...
    There is a chance that this year PSU owns the world team lineup
    65 - Zain, Molinaro
    70 - Nolf
    74 - Hall, Cenzo
    79 - Hall
    86 - Taylor, Nickal
    92 - Nickal
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Housebuye in Nickal , Nolf,Lee   
    Nickal will have to go against a bunch of insane guys at 86kg (Taylor, Ringer, maybe Zahid, maybe Hall, maybe Dake, maybe Jden) or at 97kg (Snyder, maybe Cox, maybe Varner). He is amazing, but he would have to beat a world champ and maybe 2 to make the team. 
    Nolf I assume can’t make 65kg, so he would have to go to 74kg against Burroughs, maybe Dake, iMar, maybe James Green and be way undersized. 
    Both are amazing but both are tweeners in the strongest part of the USA lineup arguably in history. 74, 86 and 97 will possibly have at least 2 world champs each. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to lu_alum in So the refs just let Conan Jennings keep wrestling after he passed out midmatch   
    Can’t MED FFT if you take the mat. INJ DEF perhaps?

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    GranbyTroll reacted to scribe in Facility creep   
    I thought this thread was about a tbar level fan snooping around team gyms. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to BigTenFanboy in I really enjoyed the Spencer Lee is a going to be at 4 time National Champion era   
    I dont think Lee or Brands has ever come out publicly saying he had to Flu. Technically it would be illegal for Brands to do so considering health privacy laws.
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    GranbyTroll reacted to scribe in I really enjoyed the Spencer Lee is a going to be at 4 time National Champion era   
    I could conceivably win midlands 30-40 times before I die. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to lu_alum in I really enjoyed the Spencer Lee is a going to be at 4 time National Champion era   
    Four.  As a two-time Jr World champ, he would qualify for an Olympic RS next year.  Also has a standard RS, as you suggested.
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    GranbyTroll reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Thomas Haines   
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    GranbyTroll reacted to pennsyrules in Richard Perry accident   
    Thought this was worth re-visiting.  Very inspirational and amazing recovery!
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    GranbyTroll reacted to JasonBryant in Sloan vs Warner table screw up   
    Because it's a commonly misapplied point that even knowledgable wrestling fans sometimes don't realize is actually a rule. My friend Chris at Iowa State made this handy flow chart that I post each year. It's a big issue when it comes to duals, because it could impact criteria 3. 

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    GranbyTroll reacted to treep2000 in Flo is on fire w content!   
    ... this thread is brought to you by FloSports... 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Yellow_Medal in Flo is on fire w content!   
    Doesn't cost much more than Netflix and man do I use Flo a lot more. Best entertainment money I spend. 
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Housebuye in The match that made them a 3x Champ   
    Cenzo loss to Mekhi Lewis in the finals in 2020
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    GranbyTroll reacted to jchapman in The match that made them a 3x Champ   
    Lou Banach, Terry Brands, Metcalf, and McGinness are not 3Xers.
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    GranbyTroll reacted to jchapman in The match that made them a 3x Champ   
    Lee Kemp lost to the referee in the finals his freshman year, otherwise he would be a 4Xer.
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Ching in Rank the Rankers   
    Which ranking service is the most predictive?
    At the conclusion of the NCAA's this year, I'm going to score each of the ranking services with a very simple metric (result relative to rank) to determine which service is the best. The following table will be used to score each of the top 8 ranked wrestlers at each weight class based on their ranking and placement for each service:

    Each service will have a score per weight class and those will aggregate up to their total score.
    Initially, I considered looked at each head-to-head matchup and scoring points based on the ranker having the correct wrestler winning. I thought this would be a good way to deal with the seeding having an outsized impact on the final results. Unfortunately (or maybe good for me), this doesn't work very well. After looking at last year, there are not enough individual matches that actually test the rankings to be useful. See examples:
    Let's say Joe beats Bob in some round of the tournament
    Example 1) Ranking A has #13 Joe upsetting #7 Bob and Ranking B has #14 Joe upsetting #5 Bob
    Example 2): Ranking A has #5 Joe upsetting #4 Bob and Ranking B has #4 Joe beating #5 Bob
    Example 1 is common enough (basically any upset), but none of the rankings services differ enough to score that result differently. Directionally, all ranking services are going to have Bob ranked above Joe. Example 2 happens, but is not common enough to separate the ranking services.
    I plan to score the actual seedings as its own ranking system. If seeding has a significant effect, it should do better than the rankings services.
    The scoring grid I'm using (see graphic above) is non-linear. I've created some cutoffs to reward getting a ranking close to the result, and punish as you get further away. R12 through 0-2 have a bigger step down because those are shared places with other individuals (there are 4 R12's and 8 R16's, etc). I also had a rule for no positive points for 0-2.
    These are the ranking services I will include:
    Flowrestling Intermat The Open Mat WrestleStat NCAA Seedings
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    GranbyTroll reacted to Hotkarl712 in AA Threats that never won a state title in high school   
    Dhesi has 11 provincial titles but no state titles