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  1. Divide the qualifiers into 4 equally balanced regions based on coaches national rankings and the Top 8 from each region qualify. Let's face it, the coaches are making a mockery of the conference tournaments anyway so why hold on to an ancient format that they obviously disrespect.
  2. Pieces for this run were in place long before Jackson got there. I am going to predict that this post doesn't age well in the future.
  3. Listen to Terry Brands coach like an adolescent teenager from the corner.
  4. Some find it entertaining. I find it embarrassing. Terry Brands behavior while in the corner is never a good look for the sport. Completely classless. Is it really that hard to just sit in the corner and coach your kids?
  5. Tough to give him the credit for that success when the Regional Training Centers got funded and kept most of those athletes training on campuses. Hard to deny the impact of the Regional Training Centers influence. At one time not long ago there was talk of Cox being our p4p best, unseating Kyle Snyder and being the only person on the planet with a chance to beat Sadulaev. Do you think there is a possible argument that Cox has not gotten better?
  6. I am sure he is a great guy but I would be more worried about the loss of Russell than excited about his hire. National coach for 2 cycles and we sucked the entire time. Iowa State got progressively worse each year he was the head coach. Maybe some guys are more suited to be assistant coaches. Hopefully this is the case but his track record really isn't that impressive.
  7. Does Brands refusing to wrestle VT giving birth to the infamous Dresser "orange" quote count?
  8. Two days is more than enough and in truth they would be better served going 45 minutes or less. I wish they would just deliver the wrestling news, results and on air interviews. Too much self opinionating and non wrestling bullcrap.
  9. Is it me or does everything KJ is involved in coaching wise hugely disappoint? I thought J'Den was at the Ohio RTC.
  10. What top instate talent got away that would have helped this team, maybe Marinelli?
  11. You sure that wasn't Mike Evans in a Buckeye singlet?
  12. That ref is a current NCAA assignor and also teaches officiating mechanics classes.
  13. Somewhat agree but Pyles is arrogant and comes off like a band geek so he won't be able to carry the show now. In fact, the remaining cast all comes off as nerdy frat boys and the show has lost what little personality it had in the form of Willie despite the flaws you correctly point out above.
  14. Isn't listening to Bader punishment enough? OH HIS SHOE CAME UNTIED........OH HE ALMOST TRIED A SHOT....seems like a nice guy but Bader=mute button for me.
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