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  1. Is it me or does everything KJ is involved in coaching wise hugely disappoint? I thought J'Den was at the Ohio RTC.
  2. What top instate talent got away that would have helped this team, maybe Marinelli?
  3. You sure that wasn't Mike Evans in a Buckeye singlet?
  4. That ref is a current NCAA assignor and also teaches officiating mechanics classes.
  5. Somewhat agree but Pyles is arrogant and comes off like a band geek so he won't be able to carry the show now. In fact, the remaining cast all comes off as nerdy frat boys and the show has lost what little personality it had in the form of Willie despite the flaws you correctly point out above.
  6. Isn't listening to Bader punishment enough? OH HIS SHOE CAME UNTIED........OH HE ALMOST TRIED A SHOT....seems like a nice guy but Bader=mute button for me.
  7. Tervel to Maryland and Logie Bear on staff at tOSU.......I like the sound of that!
  8. Wrestling is absolutely killing itself...........and to boot we have to listen to Bader for an entire dual. Somebody hates wrestling fans.......
  9. Why does it seem that the promoters of this sport continue to **** on wrestling fans? Getting harder and harder to have any confidence that anybody can deliver and promote this sport.
  10. Fu*k track. Wake up at 4:30 AM on a Saturday, pay a ridiculous $30 fee, forced to mute because Shane Sparks is annoying enough in prime time but a definite no no at 4:30 AM and get NOTHING to watch because of streaming issue. Total bullsh*t.
  11. I think hiring Zeb Miller and/or Jason Bryant would go a long way in improving Flo's announcing. Both are top notch and enjoyable to hear.
  12. He's probably a really nice guy but I can't take Bader's commentary. He simply screams into the mic at every movement and it really comes off as fake and hokey pokey. I've learned just to turn the sound off.
  13. You're right there were no mismatches last night. Care to recap the third round results for me?
  14. Admittedly I may have missed the exciting third round matches and the high scoring competitive early round match ups.
  15. All and all what a boring night of wrestling.
  16. My take is the top 5 walkout songs: 5). DT - Taylor Gang 4). JB - All I See Is Gold 3). TG- Back in Black 2). KD- All I Do Is Win 1). KM- Lion King
  17. The World Cup teams had some awesome gear. Does anybody know where you can buy wrestling merchandise from some of the other countries?
  18. What is getting lost in all this is the question if the wrestler is 100% or not at the NCAAs? Did Suriano's condition warrant his seed last year? His yearly body of work did, but once you saw him limp onto the mat it should have been a no brainer not to give him the high seed. What about Nolf? He looked good to me this weekend but they felt the need to cautiously protect/prevent him from further injury. So realistically can we say he's about 75% of his normal self then seed a 75% Nolf? Ditto Suriano? If Nolf at 75% is unlikely to beat say Pantelo, then why should they seed him ahead of Pantelo based on his current 75% condition? If you want to factor in 2 weeks more of recovery then just consider say a 85% Nolf etc.....
  19. Felipe Martinez and Jordan Crace type crappy?
  20. ......" hes more of a gymnastics type gent with wingnut ears like a space alien". I so enjoy reading Flap.
  21. It must have been an accident as OHSAA rarely does anything wisely. You are talking about an organization that runs its state semi final matches for 3 divisions simultaneously on NINE mats. Who in the hell can follow semi finals on 9 mats?
  22. I think FLO stands for "Forget Live Observation"
  23. And just how many outside the Top 3 would NOT get trounced by a top 3 school?
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