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  1. Not really, but if they are fully funded I am not sure how anybody can be happy with the direction of the program. If funding isn't the issue what is?
  2. I am watching the Ohio State vs Maryland match and wondering is Maryland fully funded with 9.9 scholarships?
  3. I just don't get it. A January win or loss versus Suriano is meaningless because the result will be irrelevant until the March matchup. When is wrestling going to become fan friendly again? Ryan also pulled Bojo against Hall last year. This from the guy that preaches the need and importance of duals for fans. Give me a break...
  4. Duane Goldman because it is obvious that nobody cares at Indiana. As pressure free as a job can get.
  5. Not sure why he was tired. He did little to nothing offensively the whole match. Every scoring situation was initiated by Meredith.
  6. An entire state boycotting because one kid didn't pass a skin check? Sounds like cutting off your head to fix a tooth ache.
  7. Not really sure they will have the luxury of time to redshirt him. They really don't have a foreseeable option to compete at that weight in the Big Ten unless they get another surprise transfer in.
  8. Keaton has decommitted and committed to D2 Wheeling Jesuit.
  9. Believe it or not, after well over a dozen calls I got through. Of course, the first 17 calls asked me to leave a message and then hung up on me.
  10. Turns out they had the wrong email attached to my account. No idea where they got the email they had. Sounds like others are having the same issue. Just keep calling like I did.
  11. The log in link is locked up. It won't even open the link to log in once I put the information in the email and password areas. I am really beginning to really hate Flo.
  12. Anybody else having trouble logging on to Flo with their new "upgrade"? Yes, I know I have to use my email. I have left one message and two emails. Crickets.......The only positive is that since I can't log on and apparently nobody cares about customer service, I may never have to listen to that outrageously obnoxious Christian Pyles opening for his show...... I am just about to the point of no return with Flo. It is always something and I get that, but their customer service flat out sucks!
  13. You're right but Rutgers was just as irrelevant before he got there as the programs mentioned at least now they have kids that are in the national discussions.
  14. Goodale...over rated if anything Did Rutgers even have a wrestling team before Goodale got there? He has done a great job building an awful program into a very respectable one. It would equate into somebody taking Franklin and Marshall, Bucknell or Bloomsburg and doing the same thing. Give the guy credit.
  15. I can't even imagine how awkward the first day of practice will be for all involved.
  16. According to the Daily Illini, Perry is making $97,157. I would say Jeremy Hunter is in for a large raise. The same source has Hunter's salary at $48,550.
  17. Not really. They will have names for the lineup but nobody that can win in the Big Ten.
  18. Can't wait to see how Christian and Willie will defend this one...........
  19. Golden opportunity to make a splash but only a small ripple.
  20. I love Goodale and think he has done an amazing job at Rutgers!
  21. Or you could say that the incoming upper weight talent pool is thinner because more bigger kids decide to focus on other options-ie, football. Simple math, less talent to draw from.
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