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  1. What does this really indicate? Is it a precursor to 285 being dreadfully awful in the coming years once the upper classmen clear out? Open opportunities for young 285s for early success? Are the current upperclassmen exceptionally deep with talent or that the incoming class was just incredibly soft? I guess it is all a matter of prospective.
  2. Don't forget that JB was one of only two Americans to go 4-0 this week so a step slower or not he is still one of our best. The thing that struck me the most about JB this week is that he seemed to be constantly complaining to the ref. Justified or not, it just didn't look good and something that I don't recall seeing him do in the past. I can't imagine he was any more frustrated than the other 7 guys who just kept on wrestling.
  3. I am continually impressed with Goodale and the program he is creating at Rutgers. Seems like a great guy and in his interviews he seems genuine and sincere without canned answers.
  4. Carey Kolat please come home!
  5. Curious to hear what select schools you reserve for this description.
  6. I wonder what kind of odds a guy could get in Vegas that Molinaro gets put on the shot clock EVERY match AND gives up the point?
  7. I never said he was the best to represent us. I said he earned the right to but I could live with him deciding his own fate. He caught lighting in a bottle for one day. Hopefully he can do it overseas or we won't be qualified at the weight.
  8. This is silly. Although I hate his style and think he has zero chance to ever medal with it, if he wins tonight he absolutely deserves to represent us in the Olympics if we qualify the weight. Any argument otherwise goes against the very core of our sport and that is that the winner is determined on the mat. Interesting question is who do we now send to try and qualify the weight?
  9. His style is the very reason we have a shot clock.
  10. He is doing it with smoke and mirrors. He does absolutely nothing offensively and is boring to watch.
  11. Lost in all this Myles Martin talk about redshirting and doing what is best for the team or doing what is best for the individual and who should have the say so is the forgotten Kyle Snyder redshirt. I wonder why the Snyder redshirt isn't talked about in the same regard? Clearly, Snyder in the lineup is best for the team.
  12. Did you ever consider that Jake Ryan can beat Micah and he is dropping in order to make the lineup?
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