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  1. Grand Canyon University (Now d1) & Arizona State University Wrestle Offs You can check out both of their wrestle offs on http://www.arizona-wrestling.com full matches. I recommend GCU first because of how they did it. It is out doors, had about 500 students come & go. It was really exciting to see that and hopefully get more wrestling fans. ASU did theirs in the student Rec center this year which was really cool too, but outdoors is where wrestling should be from time to time. (It just gets more fans this way) Duals for ASU & GCU will be coming once season get under way.
  2. Yeah I am not sure about that, I will see if I can get some verification on that or not. I can email Shawn Charles, or tweet to him. Hopefully he responds. Also the FreakShow finals for high school will be posted on that site too. (after their completion)
  3. Yeah every match from their wrestle offs are on that site. Freakshow finals for high school will be on there too after they are completed.
  4. You can watch ASU Wrestle offs & other wrestling videos on Arizona finals, or tournaments on www.Arizona-Wrestling.com ASU is looking pretty tough btw. Maybe the duel between them and Iowa State this year will be a better one than usual. But anyways check out the site if you want to watch the ASU Wrestle offs. GCU wrestle offs will be added soon too. Bookmark it!
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