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  1. I havent had any luck either. For Dake vs Humphrey in the 2010 NCAA semi's, ESPN.com should have the 2010 NCAA semi's archived because they did broadcast those matches. You will have to pay to become a "insider" subscriber to access the archives. NCAA.com and Iowa Public Tv also have archives. I'm not sure if you have to pay to access their archives. As for Dake's losses to Bailey, Vinson, and Humphrey I'm sure footage exists somewhere out there. Somebody should have taped those matches and hopefully will upload them sooner or later. With Dake's popularity rising, hopefully it will be sooner! Sometimes you can find cell phone footage on youtube. You will have to sort through alot of video's usually. It can be time consuming. My last suggestion is to search for a DVD that might contain any of the matches. If you have any luck, please post the info. Happy hunting!!
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