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  1. is this match on flo ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. daved tailor will be back with a vengence...his super technique cannot be stopped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. when does he become "ripe"? anyone worth their tablesalt knows that a wrestler cant be treated like a box of froot loops - becoming ripe isn't a matter of time, its a matter of achieving super technique and conditioning (nobody starts in this sport as a world master - its something you earn]
  4. yea perhaps daved did not win this one but - correct me if im wrong - is tsargush not a 2x world master? daved put up one heck of a fight against a russian std, and, had that match not ended early, most certainly would have prevaled against tsargush in the finale minute with his super conditioning
  5. what does tsargush's controversial victory over daved have to do with this thread? this topic is about daved and kile, losing to tsargush (who, if you didn't know, was a WORLD MASTER at 74 kilos before Burroughs] has nothing to do with these two's rivalry
  6. Certainly, there's no denying that it's possible to turn opponents in World-level competition - but Tsargush's turn came off a trapped-arm transition from a takedown (as Taylor's turn on Howe in the WTT consi-finals did). At high level competition, the few turns on top that come about are those that are quick transitions from takedowns (ex: Burroughs leglace on Tsargush). Tripster here makes it sound as though a good "champion" (I have no idea how a champion can NOT be good, but hey, Tripster's words) should be able to turn the opponent often when on top, which most of the time is when the bottom man is bellied out and secure in his defense. In all honesty, how many times have we ever seen that happen in World level competition? Not many.
  7. tsargush took tailor by surprise with a trap arm, daved has super technique to tsargush but was out strengthened, daved has the better technique and the nxt time they meet when daved has matured physically things will be diffrent (i GARANTEE it]
  8. You should be able to turn your opponent often from parre terre? Have you EVER wrestled freestyle before? Given 10 seconds in par terre, it's hard to turn someone in the opening rounds of Fargo - and you think Burroughs should be able to turn world-caliber opponents the majority of the time he gets on top of them?
  9. What makes you say that? C'mon now, that's not really a fair assessment - I'm as big a Dake fan as any, but everyone will give Taylor due props if he overcomes a 2x SR World champ. Will it happen? Debatable (we'll find out tomorrow), but if it turns out to be so, I think most intelligent posters who are worth your time will credit him as such. Personally, I doubt that Taylor will be able to overcome a beast like Denis with such little international experience, but Taylor wrestles every second of the match, and you can never count out a guy like that. Plus, with Khubetzy showing that Tsargush is certainly vincible under these new rules...
  10. absolutely the daved haters are out of control, but they will learn their lesson come tomorrow (WHEN DAVED BEATS TSARGUSH
  11. Why is everyone giving Cael credit (or even going so far as to say it's a SHOW of integrity) for undercutting, ditching and altering the course of this kid's life as soon as a bigger prospect shows himself, forcing Haines into an embarrassing situation under the scrutiny of the mass wrestling media for being "scared", solely based on the fact that he drove an hour or two to the kid's house to tell him that he was about to do so - without even mentioning the real reason behind his actions, which the Haines family instead found out on social media the next day? I'm no Cael hater, nor a Penn State hater - in fact, I'm a fan of quite a few of Penn State's wrestlers and the program - but the focus of this story should NOT be on the fact that Cael went to see this kid face-to-face (as some are trying to make it).
  12. Show me a match where Burroughs hits a high crotch.
  13. taylor is the most dominant wrestler in the country, he barely had a match thats not a major decision his whole career, perhaps you should consider that first
  14. Doesn't know par terre very well? Haha. Try telling that to the Russian world champ who Burroughs leg laced. And perhaps Burroughs single and double legs are more effective and high percentage than throws, which is why he wins with them. But alas, I'm biting onto your troll too hard
  15. why do you say that, i'm not even of legal drinking age yet? explain further
  16. are you really saying that you think marsteller will beat daved for the spot at 165? listen i think chance is as good as anyone but he is just a high schooler, daved is a college stud. that's like comparing jerdon oliver to jordan Burroughs, sure they are both good and have the same first name but bburroughs is an Olympic champ
  17. why is chance going to psu? does he want to be behind daved taylor his whole career?
  18. he just gave birth to his newborn baby, congrats to QW take off the well deserved time
  19. taylor will beat dake cuz dake just staled in the allstar and the scuffle, next time will be different daved taylors technique is on another level
  20. gable is the best American wrestler in history how can you dispute that? he pinned his way thru the olympics call me the next time you do that
  21. Looks like Ruth has a tough path incoming - does anyone know what David Taylor's is looking like?
  22. Is this "projected to transfer" thing speculation or concrete? He's obviously committed to the sport if he went out for the Junior WTT, so one might think he'd be well suited for D1 athletics; then again, to each his own.
  23. david taylor is the best wrestler in the world he can beat anyone he techd his opnonent in the ncaa finals
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