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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to pamela in NCAA FINALS   
    Uh yah, the key to victory for Perry is "if you've got it, flaunt it". Wth?
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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to BigTenFanboy in Spencer Lee - a Hawkeye you can root for.   
    Brands is at the mercy of Spencer Lee. Its a different dynamic from any other hes had before.  
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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to GoNotQuietly in Tsirtsis   
    Bump for 3x AA, Jason Tsirtis !
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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to Billyhoyle in I really enjoyed the "Nick Lee is gonna make a difference" Era...   
    You're right.  Cael would never allow a former finalist to transfer into his program. That is not something he will ever do, no matter how Long he coaches wrestling. It would be an assault on his values.
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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to RoadrunnerPride in First Session Thread   
    Fear the turtle lol
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    dj_mikey_mons reacted to Perry in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Reminds me of what Zain tried doing to Pico in several of their freestyle matches. I will never forget Pico's comments about Zain clubbing him and roughly saying "if you want to wrestle me, let's wrestle. If you want to box, well, we can do that too buddy..". Penn State fans didn't comment on any of that but seem quick to call it when others do it to them. I suppose that's how biases work, though...
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