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  1. The problem with the way NJWC posts is there almost always seems to be an agenda. Yet if you read his last response and do not take into account the author, there are some very good points being made.
  2. Illinois hopes to break even with Fargo but never does. They are no where near covering their costs when it comes to the dual teams. Like NJ the money used to cover these trips is in the selling of the USAW athlete, coaches and officials cards.
  3. Teams entered in the All-Star division are up on Track but you can not see the rosters. The top 4 from last year are all returning. Young Guns (PA) Kong (NY) Michigan Blue & Mid Atlantic Blue. There will be 6 pools with 12 teams advancing to the championship bracket. Without seeing line-ups, based on past results these squads have a good chance of getting into the bracket with the top 4. OH Prodigy- they made the bracket last year OH Mafia- same 2 other OH teams made it last year but are not returning. Maybe they changed names but this makes me think at least 1 of the new OH teams (Grapplers or Raptors) will be tough. Brawlers- made it last yr. With the absence of Diesel this will either make the 3 already mentioned PA teams tougher or another PA team will benefit. Iowa- had a nice run last year. There are a few NC teams, which ever is the best could advance. There are 2 MO teams, the better of the 2 could advance. MI Gold Pit Bulls could make it 2 for the Wolverine State. If newcomer VA Phenom is the same core of guys that were the VA team in VA Beach they will be very tough. IL returns after a 2 year absence and it looks to be the same group from NWCA & NHSCA Duals with the name change from Inferno to Outsiders. That would make them a possible top 8 team.
  4. Some of the line-ups are up on Track. IL should have the most seeding pts. based on history, but they will not be clear cut favorites on paper. I am hearing through the grape vine they are having the same trouble most States have each year putting their line-up together. This should even the playing field considerably. Utah looks good, but I do not think they will be top 4. Still waiting for CA & PA line-ups. Even though PA does not get their top guys usually they are still always competitive. The top 4 to me right now and their being no clear cut favorite are IL, MN, OK, & NJ. This year there will be more tight duals than usual once they get to the Gold pools. Should be fun.
  5. Some of the line-ups have been released on Track. As no surprise IL has the most seeding pts. It does not look like an unbeatable IL team though. Utah looks tough, the host OK looks very tough and my pick to give IL all they can handle is MN.
  6. Z is a year younger and he was double promoted so that they only had to have one graduation party.
  7. It looks like they have over 100 teams in H.S division and over 200 total teams in the 3 age groups. After dominating last year and entering numerous teams I do not see the Young Guns registered. Is there a back story to this? Could they be concentrating on FILA Cadets? If so does this mean PA will be a force at the Cadet & JR. Duals and Fargo?
  8. Exactly what high school did Spencer Lee transfer from?
  9. This info just hit the Illinois board. 113- Brian Rossi 132- Josh Alber 152- Bryce Brill received invites to the Dapper Dan.
  10. We don't just give away State titles here in Illinois. As far as Murph's previous coaching he went to one of the top schools in IL. Same school as Tony Ramos. Jared Cortez is currently there. He has trained at Overtime with Bormet since he entered H.S.
  11. I heard Hatchett was sick the 2nd time he wrestled Taylor. Otherwise it would have been just as close as the 1st time.
  12. I am sure Flo's rankings as well as the other reputable outlets will have plenty of changes after this past weekend. I am only going to address Flo P4P right now. #1Chance wins in dominant fashion & must stay here. He has beaten the #1 182 and IMO could win vs. #1 195 2. Snyder is at the OTC, BUT TO BE #1 P4P you should be able to win your wt. class and at least 1 above. Would Snyder beat Nevills? 3. Pico also at OTC. Could he bump up and beat Chisko? 4. Nickal is not even #1 at his weight. He should drop. 5. Brill did not wrestle. Could he bump up and beat Hall. I say yes since Hall just lost to the #11 at Brill's weight. 6. Nevills. Did not wrestle (Football). If Snyder can beat him he must drop. If you can't beat the guy the weight below you how can you be top P4P. If NN can beat Kyle then KS should drop. 7. Chisko. DNW Can he bump up and beat Brill? If so he should move way up. I have Brill winning a weight up, so if Chisko can beat him he gets mad props. Of course we are not even sure if he can beat the guy the weight below him. Some might believe Pico can beat Chisko, Chisko, can beat Brill, Brill can beat Hall. That makes Pico a 4 wt. class P4P best. But I do not beleive Chisko (or Pico) could beat Brill. 8. Haines. DNW # 2 at his weight and it is already proven he can not beat the guy the weight below him. Stop it already. He is not even the #2 at this weight. 9. Cortez-DID NOT WRESTLE. But..... White who finished 3rd behind Cortez in State after losing twice to Northrup in not close matches and Northrup losing to Cortez in a non competitive match did wrestle. He defeated the #1 ranked wrestler at the weight above Cortez which leads me to believe Cortez is more than capable of being #1 at that weight. He needs to move up.
  13. I got beat in the bout for 3rd to qualify for State. Got pinned actually, only time all year. My moms consoled me the next day saying she had a dream someone got hurt and I was going to be able to wrestle. She made me keep my weight close. Sure enough 2 days later my coach got the call and due to an injury I was in. In the 1st round after I got beat and the ref started to raise the other kids hand he noticed ringworm on his armpit. He was DQ'ed and I advanced to the quarters. I was taken down pretty quickly but I was ready for my opponents fatal near side cradle. As he hit it I pushed into him and posted and the ref called the fall. Everyone in the arena (except me) was shocked when the ref raised my hand. The semi's is the best I ever wrestled in my life. I was still down by 4 with 5.8 seconds left and the guys coach was telling him to let me up, but his father was yelling from the 1st row to ride me. He took so long to decide who to listen to the ref called delay of the match and awarded me a point. So now he does cover me and I hit him with a granby for 2 & 2 and a ticket to the finals. Right before the march of finalists the injured sectional champion came up to me and wished me good luck. I asked how his foot was and he said the doctor took the cast off the day before because after looking at the x-rays again she realized she had made a mistake and he was fine. That march was the greatest thing ever. I tried so hard to stay focused, even when I tripped and fell going to shake hands, it did'nt rattle me. It just was'nt meant to be. I am in the record books for the quickest tech fall in finals history. Still 2nd in State finish was the greatest weekend of my life. Not so much for Mom, she got in trouble at the hospital where she was a doctor for some mis-diagnosis of a patient.
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