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  1. Fantastic. You make a great proctor for the Eye Test exam. The JDC evocation of Jake Patacsil was gold. Love your work.
  2. It's far past time for a "I'm really enjoying the Wes Phipps era" meme
  3. Hey man! Minor quibble, as McCutcheon is 2-1 career vs Dudley. He beat him up and out of the Scuffle in January (Inj Def) and Majored him in the B1G consi semis 9-1 (in which he injured himself, forcing a MFF vs Brooks for 3rd), but the last time they met was Nationals R12 after that Courts loss, where Dudley beat him 5-2 and blocked him from what had looked like a very good AA possibility. I think the CKLV showed how wide open 184 is behind Dean. Zavatsky beat Stauffer up & out of the tourney & went on to finish 3rd, with additional wins over Christensen, Miller & Miklus. Three weeks ago, McCutcheon just missed Teching Zavatsky in Blacksburg. Miklus beat Zillmer & Courts and lost to Zavatsky & Dean. Miller beat Zillmer but got decked by both Courts & Zavatsky. And Abounader beat Courts & Zavatsky before getting majored by Dean. The Scuffle should be more of the same with Dean, Nate Brown, Abounader, Lorenzo, McCutcheon & Miller in the field. Unlike 133 where there's probably a pretty clear Top-3, 184's Tier 1 is probably only Dean; but very much like 133, 184 is crazy deep with parity, with perhaps 15-16 guys in Tier 2. I'd guess that most fans who have been paying attention understand that both Brooks AND McCutcheon are among those there with little separation so far. It's gonna be a super fun weight to watch resolve itself in the coming months--and there will still probably be fireworks at MSG.
  4. Awwwl man! Before reading about the ankle injury, this was my favorite result of the season so far. Dang injuries taking the fun out of things.
  5. OT, but is your screen name a reference to the Scott Turow character played by Harrison Ford in the movie Presumed Innocent, Rusty Sabich?
  6. jtothep


    Nah, it's just debate. And you can have the 'not Top-3 yet' point, b/c preseason rankings (in any sport really) are so flawed & yawny. It's the fact that you'd continue to rank Epperly above Nickal that's the worst of the assertions. You say last season still counts and I say for how long? What's the magic number of This Year matches that need to occur before Last Year matches fade into place behind it? And at what price? At the devaluation of the head-to-head matches this year? That's my biggest beef. We're taking a H2H win, a fairly dominant one, and chipping away it with a bunch of but buts around the edges--including bringing in results from a time when the winning wrestler didn't even have a chance to compete. It's hilarious. And it makes for poor debate strategy.
  7. jtothep


    Ha, yeah, I haven't gone this dorky to make a point on the internet in a long time. As always, it's all in good fun. Emoticon!
  8. jtothep


    Whoa, doubling down? Ok. Judge Ranking, considering the Resumes of Nickal & Epperly: "So what have you got to say for yourself, young man?" Bo Nickal's Resume: "I'm undefeated, Sir; 2 and 0" Judge Ranking: "I see, and you, son?" Zach Epperly's Resume: "I'm 1-1, Sir." Judge Ranking: "Oh? A loss. Interesting... [eyes the other resume] And what can you tell me about your two wins, son?" Bo Nickal's Resume: "Well, Sir. One of them was against Zach Epperly's Resume, just yesterday, Sir." Judge Ranking, turning to the other: "Now, is this true, Son?" Zach Epperly's Resume: [head lowered, answering quietly] "Yessir. It was rather solid, as well, Sir. He took me down twice, escaped once and rode me for a minute and 47 seconds; I only escaped twice." Judge Ranking: "There, there, Son, no need to regale me with the details. This court doesn't consider margin of victory or even bout scores, so don't you worry about that." [shuffles the papers, looks a little more closely, squints] "Now hold on just a minute!" [turns to glare at Bo Nickal's Resume] "It says here that you are just a freshman?" Bo Nickal's Resume: "Yessir." Judge Ranking: "Well I'm not sure how they do it where you come from, but we take things like Youth Asterisks very seriously around here." [slams gavel] Judge Ranking: "It is the decision of this court that Bo Nickal's Resume is insufficient for consideration to be more highly ranked than that of Zach Epperly's Resume."
  9. jtothep


    Vak, I've loved your work for a bunch of years, but this doesn't make any GD sense. I understand all the traditional offseason ranking methodologies about freshmen, but you're gonna hang onto them even after the season starts? I'm pretty sure I get the point you're trying to make: that a single good win remains too small a sample size, but I hope you realize that with this suggestion above, you're assigning a Youth Asterisk as a factor in your methodology and that trumps Head to Head factors. The concessions to future possibilities at the end don't mitigate the ridiculousness of the assertion at the beginning.
  10. Oh, gotcha. For my part, I rarely outright blame or accuse. And it's pretty well understood that most fans have zero 'proof.' But almost every single wrestling match I watch, I openly wonder about size and weight management by both wrestlers. With Chance, I'm not his dad and I obviously don't 'know' how much weight management is affecting his performance. But I do know other things, like his last couple years of performances and competition weights and I think they allow me to openly wonder and discuss. 2011 (9th grade): 152 most of the year, including state title (1 match at 160) 2012 (10th grade): 160 most of the year, including state title (13 matches at 170) 2013 (11th grade): 170 most of the year (11 matches at 160, including state title) 2014 (12th grade): 19 matches at 182; 22 matches at 170, including state title 2015 (TRFR): competed in 4 days / 4 events, two of which were largely vs non-D1 comp: - 11/2/14, mostly non-D1 comp, 157: 5-0 - 11/16/14, mostly non-D1 comp 157: 4-0 - 11/22/14, 157: 2-0 vs non-D1 comp; 1-2 vs D1 Comp - 1/1/15, 165: 4-2 vs D1 comp 2016 (RSFR): 157 for a whole year, presumably As fans, we're not at all out of line to look at that and say, hmmm, I wonder how much weight management will affect his performance.
  11. Seriously. To compete in D1 college wrestling, the two most fundamental requirements are 1) be academically eligible and 2) make weight. Not sure I understand any ridicule directed at fans discussing or openly wondering how performance might be affected by weight management.
  12. Yeah, I'm with you. When he walked into the interview room after nationals and apologized to fans for slowing down in the 3rd because he 'started to see the end of the tunnel,' he made a non-Sooner fan in me.
  13. I also liked: “Most coaches can’t believe the stuff that comes out of my mouth,” he said. “I like to keep them guessing. I like them to not really know what I’m thinking all the time.” And: "Still, Pariano’s intensity has its drawbacks. He said he’s not very pleasant when the team loses and that he sometimes can care too much." And: "Pariano’s favorite part of his job is how unpredictable it is. Even when he thinks his day is scripted, something unexpected will happen." And of course, the now ominous: "I think there’s a shelf life to everything,” he said. “I don’t like coaches that overstay their welcome.” I always thought dude sounded measured & reasonable & calm. Maybe I didn't know him. Most assuredly, I didn't know him. That article pointed me to a different dude than I'd had in my head. In my experience, I've learned to be wary of a person who woofs about his verbal candor or about whom 'cares too much' becomes a thing that's said. Anyway, that's just me woofin on a message board, so the irony's not lost on me. But as long as we're spelunking in the Speculation Cave, I'll throw my headlamp in the mix: sounds like dude probably blew up in some fashion, like in one singular incident that was either too massive in its intensity or the last straw in a series of previously tolerable smaller incidents.
  14. Oooh, link please! Will read! I love that you have a significant 717 stop in your history, JB. Gives you even more street cred imo ;) And I love, love, LOVE that both Altons have landed in such killer situations, Andrew at F&M and Dylan at West Point. Their histories remind us that not all wrestling paths take the same direction. A fact which is emphasized by this thread, actually. We all have our own ways to participate in and give back to the sport, and I'm very interested in watching both Altons find new ways to provide their own impact.
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