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    jtothep reacted to jstock in Dresser just set fire to the NWCA and Iowa   
    I think it is ironic that Va Tech wrestles in orange singlets sometimes.
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    jtothep reacted to akaoni in 2013 Captain Morgan Inagural Burnout Team   
    Great post mvattivo!  It's a shame we don't get more posts like yours around here.  Guess it's more fun to throw rocks.
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    jtothep reacted to mvattivo in 2013 Captain Morgan Inagural Burnout Team   
    I might get ripped for saying this, but, there are many Penn State fans that annoy the hell out of me too, and I'm a PSU fan.  However, you can't paint with a broad brush.  I will admit that I cringe at some of the comments while sitting at Rec Hall.  There is a large portion of fans who obviously jumped on board the bandwagon five years ago.  They annoy the "true" PSU fans just as much as they annoy other fan bases.  The ones that annoy me the most are the ones who expect everyone to go out and destroy their opponent to the level of Taylor, Ruth, Retherford & Nolf.  They throw out negative comments like "He's wrestling terrible" or "He should be embarrassed"  If I point out to them that the PSU wrestler is wrestling a returning All-American who is ranked higher, I usually get a "I don't care who he's wrestling response"
    It is quite easy to differentiate the true PSU fans from the bandwagon jumpers.  When I'm around the PSU fans, I do my best to ignore the bandwagoners and really enjoy my conversations with the true fans.  When I'm at Nationals and the Scuffle this year, this is my order of who I'm watching:
    1.  PSU wrestlers
    2.  Pennsylvania high school alumni
    3.  Wrestlers on teams in close competition with PSU
    4.  Wrestlers from other PA colleges
    5.  Wrestlers I enjoy watching
    6.  Anyone - It's D1 wrestling, and I love every damn second of it
    I've gone to PA states for 16 years straight now, and many other years.  I love watching the guys that I've followed since high school.  The ones who really fire me up are the ones who really had to work for it and improve every year from their freshman year of high school.  They may not all get to a Jason Nolf level, but, guys like James English and Jordan Conaway come to mind.  
    Of course I'm enjoying the PSU success, I've followed them since the days of Rich Lorenzo, and who wouldn't enjoy their favorite team having this kind of success.  I just wanted to point out and admit that their is a decent-sized portion of PSU wrestling fans who jumped on the bandwagon five years ago, but, there are also a LOT of great PSU fans out there who have been following PA wrestling and PSU wrestling for years and years.
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    jtothep reacted to headshuck in Short dec. Tsirtsis 7-4   
    Hold on... Short (no S) is the MASTER of getting a lead and holding on (well, actually giving up the lead in too many cases). This was probably a case of two guys standing around and saying "no, you take it" so Short did.
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    jtothep reacted to MSU158 in Seeding 184   
    Abounader has the inside track to the 2 seed.  Problem is he has to win a very strong B1G tournament to do so.  But for now he is 18-1 with his only loss being to Dean.
    For now:
    1.)Dean 25-1---1 bad loss but a bunch of quality wins.
    2.)Aboundader 18-1----only loss is to Dean.  B1Gs will be huge seeding this weight.
    3.)Stauffer 19-2-----Losses to Zavatsky and Avery are not bad and still has a very solid record.
    4.)Brown 15-2------Both losses were solid(Dudley and Dean).
    From here down B1G's will be very big, but as of now:
    5.)McCutcheon 13-2 Win over Dudley is big.  Courts is also nice win.
    6.)Dudley 16-3 Pin over Brooks looms large.
    7.)Miklus 13-3 Zillmer win, domination of Courts and close loss to Dean get him here.
    8.)Brooks-18-2 Loss by fall to Dudley hurts, 1-1 with Zillmer but better record gets him here.
    9.)Zillmer 25-3 1-1 with Brooks. However, Zavatsky is the only other quality win.
    10.)Dechow 12-2-Limited amount of matches and some close wins.
    11.)Thomas 23-4--1-1 with Miller.  Boyd is his only other real quality win.
    12.)Zavatsky 19-5  Has quality wins over Stauffer, Miklus, Avery and Miller.
    13.)Miller 24-7 Wins over Zillmer, Boyd, Thomas and Dechow.
    14.)Boyd-21-6(1 loss to Burak at 197)-Wins over Miklus and Dean are huge but only real quality wins.
    15.)Avery-6-1 Very limited body of work, still not sure who else deserves a rank above him.
    16.)Courts 14-7(one loss to DII Lefever) Every loss is to someone ranked above.  Has a win by fall over Miller.
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    jtothep reacted to madcat11 in Ohio State vs Penn State   
    Definitely can't be surprised when JDJ or Courts lose to anyone.
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    jtothep reacted to silver-medal in Ohio State vs Penn State   
    Chasden:  You're making way too much out of a single dual meet performance.  Credit to Youtsey for his excellent game plan but the entire Buckeye squad had a bad match while UM looked like they'd been preparing for weeks for that dual.  I once watched Logan Stieber "struggle" with Danny Sabatello from Purdue (he beat him 12-3 and worked very hard to do it).  There are countless examples of outstanding wrestlers struggling/losing to less skilled opponents in a dual setting.  
    Nico has the tools to defeat Nate.  He can stay low and limit his offense and look for one mistake.  But on balance Nate has been the more impressive wrestler this season.  We both know either guy can win....but you sound like an amateur when you keep referencing Nate's worst dual performance of the season as a justification for an outcome. 
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    jtothep reacted to jstock in Ohio State vs Penn State   
    Not all PSU fans are delusional, no way Nato will gas. The kid is a stud. Will be a great match. Nico needs to stay on his attacks, basically preventing Nato from getting his going.
    I also feel bad for Hunter. Unfortunately it looks like his career should be over. It must be painful to watch for DuhOSU fans.
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    jtothep reacted to AnklePicker in singlets - one kid's story   
    The shorts should be tighter than what flo used just not skin tight and a bit shorter with a longer slit on side. Like one of the UFC's newest shorts. The shirt should be what flo used.
    I watched the entire who's #1, I didn't notice any fingers getting caught.
    I get a kick out of folks who pound their manly chests in defense of the singlet.
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    jtothep reacted to olddirty in singlets - one kid's story   
    It takes a lot of guts to make the initial effort to join a wrestling team.  The singlet does not cause kids to quit, but it is a deterrent from them to take the initial leap to join the team.
    Imagine how many kids would not take general PE if the required uniform was a singlet instead of shorts and a t shirt.
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    jtothep reacted to Jim L in singlets - one kid's story   
    You can argue whether or not it it is a deterrent, but  there is no argument that it is a plus.  No one decides to wrestle because they like the singlet and no one will quit the sport if the singlet goes away.
    If you give the kids who are wrestling the choice, how many kids would choose the singlet?  Look at any practice room and you will get your answer.
    Why not give the actual wrestlers the choice instead of having old farts disparage them, saying it is just an excuse because they are not tough enough.
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    jtothep reacted to AnklePicker in singlets - one kid's story   
    What a ridiculous argument.   I never had to teach my kids to like ice cream, they just liked it because it tasted good.  Instead of having to teach a kid to like our uniform, why not just come up with something they'll like instinctively?  
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    jtothep reacted to mlbruem in singlets - one kid's story   
    Most of the OLD GUYS do not want to change! Well isn't that amazing.
    What the establishment thinks will keep the numbers going backward.
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    jtothep reacted to AnklePicker in singlets - one kid's story   
    Did you read the original post?  Nom's son was adamant that it isn't other reasons, it's the singlet.  Over the years I've taught thousands of middle school and high school kids...trust me the singlet is a deterrent.  Have you actually been around large groups of kids who aren't already wrestlers?  I think you might be surprised.  Not only do the boys make fun of singlets but even worse, the GIRLS make fun of singlets.  Are they homophobic?  
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    jtothep reacted to gimpeltf in singlets - one kid's story   
    Do you see that happen at practice?
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    jtothep reacted to AnklePicker in singlets - one kid's story   
    I think the change is happening.  UWW is on the verge on introducing a new uniform for international wrestling.  That will eventually trickle down.  Flo wrestling is using alternative uniforms in their competitions.  
    Anyone who has spent time with a large group of middle and high school students knows that singlets are a hinderance and they aren't easy to defend.  Can't hurt to try.   
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    jtothep reacted to denger in singlets - one kid's story   
    In my opinion, we're attached to the singlet mostly by nostalgia. We wore them, so should everyone else. From outside of the community it looked no less absurd in the past, and I'm pretty sure their appreciation has always been esoteric - a source of pride for we who wore them, and therefore part of the identity. 
    I'll miss them when they're gone, but I won't hate to see them go. 
    There's plenty of money to made in the production of shorts and tops that are likely to be worn more often than singlets - not only in competition, but practice, workout, maybe even casually as the new "wrestling identity" look emerges. I'm not the first to say that the change-over will probably be driven by the designers/manufacturers, as they're the ones with the immediate interest.
    What else is there, a rule describing what else qualifies as a competition uniform? Legislation is always daunting, but really only requires a few heads to come together and write a few sentences - it's not that big a deal. 
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    jtothep reacted to nom in singlets - one kid's story   
    My son was shown the South Park episode on 'wrastling' ... makes a ton of fun of singlets.  Caused me to check it out ... made me laugh. 
    But it prompted a discussion with him on how his friends look at wrestling.  He was adamant that the singlet is preventing friends from taking part.  Very much a vibe with some kids that it looks ridiculous.  Girls join in on the fun / disparagement.  
    I suggested that it is just an excuse for hiding other reasons for not wanting to do wrestling.  My son disagrees.  He was pretty adamant.  And he actually thinks the singlet is cool.
    I told him I'd add his voice and perspective onto this board.  He thinks we should give options to kids regarding the uniform.
    I think it is time for the community to be open to change on this --- it will help increase participation in the sport. 
    What does it take to drive change on this?
    p.s. I noticed a similar topic on freestyle board, reminded me of this, thought topic was better discussed on college board.  I don't really frequent the HS or youth boards.
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    jtothep reacted to AKHUNTER in Nolf vs IMar   
    I really don't like raw crow but that is what I am eating.
    Nolf admittedly surprised me... I have no problem saying Nolf absolutely out wrestled Imar.
    Some GREAT wrestling on both their parts. Nolf was simply... um.... GREATER.
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    jtothep reacted to wrestlingnerd in Nolf vs IMar   
    By that standard, who is not unsound? Dieringer? Gabe Dean? The list is extremely short....
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    jtothep reacted to LemonPie in Retherford   
    3/10 Granby Trolls. Would not read again.
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    jtothep reacted to Old_Marine_Wrestler in Wes Phipps to Heavyweight for Penn State? Does that make a difference?   
    Not to re-hash it, but as Hokie brought up the non-factual "offer being pulled" once again.  Haines chose to de-commit when Nevills verballed. He could have decided to go to Penn State.
    He elected to find a different school; and now may be in a worse spot. Where are the cries of Coach Ryan screwing him over by allowing Snyder to wrestle heavyweight?
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    jtothep reacted to Old_Marine_Wrestler in Wes Phipps to Heavyweight for Penn State? Does that make a difference?   
    At least it didn't matter against VA Tech.
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    jtothep reacted to conyewest in Wes Phipps to Heavyweight for Penn State? Does that make a difference?   
    So you are saying that if you need a RB and you are in excess of WRs no one in your league who has extra RBs and needs a WR would trade you? 
    The idea behind most any trade is to better yourself. Not ensure that you don't improve the other guy.
    That being said a trade in this case is crazy and Silver seems like he was just poking fun at the odd depth for PSU and OSUs needs.
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    jtothep reacted to denny in Bo Nickal loses to Nate Jackson   
    Well said…well thought out. We are bandying about- a subject that has been, and still is, widely misdiagnosed. Our sport must place more emphasis on training, and on the medical aspects of this important issue. We are talking about young athletes, young brains. Young brains that can take a measure of hard hits. A measure……..that may (even) be enough to 'show up' in later med. procedures, and scans.  
    Eight to ten years of back to back collision sports. I venture to say……that may be the case for a number of wrestlers. So yeah, it certainly does not surprise me when I hear about these concussion-like symptoms that are pop-in up in our sport. And it likely has always existed. We simply turned a blind eye to it all. 
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