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  1. It's pretty cool that he's reached the pinnacle of wrestling broadcasting yet he still knows all about these high school kids here in Wisconsin. He came from livestreaming duals on "Badger State Wrestling" website all the way to being THE guy for broadcasting wrestling nation (potentially world) wide. I also think it's awesome how he has a "stage name" that references how stoked he is when on the mic. It's like something that you'd see a rapper do, LOL. Also, at the beginning when Shane talks about comedian Kevin Bozeman (who was a basketball player at UW Whitewater), you need to check that guy out. My wife and I saw him at a comedy club in Florida and he had us dead.
  2. As heartbreaking as it might be, you don't mess around with concussions. One doesn't need to look far to find tragic examples of why repeated head injuries are not something to be taken lightly.
  3. Braunagel at 165 is really good. He's a tough out for anyone. He was impressive vs. Wick in Freestyle.
  4. I said this on facebook and I'll say it here: He made the right choice re: concussions but he was one of the most exciting "home run hitters" in the NCAA. NEVER out of a match. He has the family tree in coaching, and I think he'll be a really popular clinician until he starts his own club or takes over his pops. If more kids wrestled like Austin Gomez, the sport would grow in popularity!
  5. Nazar is one of the most ridiculous athletes. He posts these "Nazar Challenge" videos on his Instagram that have the attention of a lot of top US wrestlers. He does stuff on there that make me think he's got gorilla DNA or something.
  6. Snyder vs. Gwiz was a great match. Marianetti beating McIllravy was absolutely stunning at the time. Another great IL vs. IA NCAA final was Joe Williams over Ernest Benion 9-8. That is an underrated match in terms of down to the wire matches with two NCAA champs. Those don't happen too often.
  7. Win Win is probably the best "wrestling" movie that is pretty harmless in terms of family viewing. There is a TON of stuff in Vision Quest that hasn't aged well at all, to put it mildly. It's still a classic and there isn't a wrestler alive who doesn't get jacked up when they hear "Only the Young" or "Lunatic Fringe", but man, that movie is problematic.
  8. Tim Hartung is a wrestling (and football) coach. Stillwater HS in Minnesota. As you might expect, they are really good, too.
  9. It looks that way because he has a huge head. And I say this with the complete acknowledgement that he could end my life 50 different ways with his bare hands.
  10. Franek and Devos are not bad losses for a freshman (and yes, I know that Franek and Devos are also young wrestlers). Those are two bad dudes.
  11. In the last couple weeks, the wrestler in question PUBLICLY, on social media 1. Reignited a beef with a former HS star at Blair Academy that basically confirmed rumors re: his departure 2. Told THE Jordan Burroughs to "stick to wrestling" and told JB that he "knew nothing and was 'misinformed'" re: JB's political views 3. Got in a giant back and forth with Gable Steveson and alluded to going up in weight to challenge him. People can behave any way they want, but as we saw with a high profile US wrestler who was basically "cancelled" for social media (among other things), there are consequences. Especially when one is representing a university.
  12. I don't know...talking trash to Jordan Burroughs on social media before you've even wrestled a college match might be the kind of thing I would talk about with a freshman wrestler if I were John Smith.
  13. Brock Mauller's name is Harold Yianni Diakomihalis' name is John G'Angelo Hancock's name is Tracey
  14. Little Ferrari had himself a weekend as well. Forgot to mention: Ragusin has always been good, but he is really coming into his own this Fall. He is going to be a fan favorite for the Maize and Blue.
  15. Stock up: Ramazan Attasuov, Keegan O'Toole, Bernie Truax, Josh Edmond, Mizzou in general, Angelo Rini, Danny Braunagel, Jesse Mendez
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