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  1. I remember after he won NCAA's as a senior and they asked him what he was going to do to celebrate, and he was just like, "Well, I am going to go run with my dogs and train, and watch TV/movies and focus on it instead of thinking about wrestling." Then he said something like, "I'm not going to have 15 beers and eat an entire pizza, that's not the type of guy I am." So after that, a couple friends of mine who were wrestling fans would call wolfing down an entire pizza after a night of heavy beer drinking, a "Metcalf", LOL.
  2. People get butthurt when someone (albeit not a respected journalist, but whatever) reports on a health scare of an assistant for the #1 team in the country? If the OC/DC for a top SEC football team had a stroke, you better believe it would be a topic of discussion. This is why wrestling is a second class niche sport. It might not be nice to have your personal health issues blasted online, but if we want our sport to be high-profile, that is part of the job.
  3. I guess my judgement of the original post has to do with how the young wrestler said that he wanted to get his hands on the grad assistant. If I were a coach and I knew that a freshman wanted to train right away with a grad assistant as a "measuring stick" to see what areas he needs to improve, I would be impressed with that kid . On the other hand, if he said it in a condescending way, like, "I don't think he's as tough as everyone is making him out to be"...then that is a different story. A good friend of mine who was a great high school and college wrestler had an assistant who was on the Senior-level ladder for GR, and my friend would make it a mission to try to learn to stop that coach from gutting/lifting him in little par terre challenges after regular workouts (and didn't have much luck), but that friendly competitiveness raised his level for sure and wasn't looked at as him being cocky or anything.
  4. Re: Wisconsin HS wrestling and West Bend East Considering their best wrestler (coaches' son) is probably the most famous wrestling Youtuber/vlogger in the country (Cayden Henschel), you should have no problem doing your homework on what the team culture and training situation is like, although he's off to college now. Watch his vlogs, introduce yourself, etc. I coach with a middle school program that feeds into one of the schools in your conference (North Shore) that "crossface21" positively referenced in the above post (Thanks, man!). WBE is very respected in the area and wrestles a good schedule. As previously mentioned, everyone who isn't a multi-sport athlete these days works out with a club at Askren's North Shore (Max is the coach) or Ringers club. Both are maybe 30 minutes from West Bend. Unless you transfer to a national power-type team in Wisconsin like Stoughton or Kaukauna that travels all over the midwest, you'll mostly be wrestling in-state competition against different sized WI high schools, with some tournaments having IL or MN teams. You'll have a dual or two during the week (usually Thursday nights in the NSC), and a tournament every weekend where you'll probably get 5 matches. Over the Winter break you'll go to a HUGE tournament that lasts 2-3 days and are usually held at colleges. The big ones are "On the Water", "Mid-States", "Bi-State", "The Clash", and "Cheesehead" (which is probably one of the top 5 toughest high school tournaments in the country). If you go to WBE, there will be a conference individual tournament, and then regionals (top 4 advance), sectionals (top 2 advance) and then State. The State tournament in WI is really, really great. Sold out every year, 15k fans at the finals, etc. You'll probably have between 40-50 matches if healthy, and there usually aren't too many undefeated wrestlers in a bracket at the state tournament, which speaks to the depth of the state. I would put us as a top 15 state, that happens to be bordered by a top 5 state (Illinois) and 2 top 10 states (Iowa and Minnesota).
  5. By the title I was expecting this thread to be about Sidakov's wife...
  6. Scott Winston was kind of an example of what I was talking about years ago on this very thread. A guy who had a college physique in high school who was dominant until guys caught up to him physically. These "specimens" are usually the guys who wind up with a big learning curve in college and don't live up to their HS reputations. It has to be mentally as well as physically frustrating when you're used to just rag-dolling everyone and all of a sudden those finishes don't work.
  7. I wonder if the new rules allow for college wrestlers to make ad money off of online activities like vlogs and podcasts. If that is the case, an incoming Division 2 wrestler (Wisconsin-Parkside) by the name of Cayden Henschel, and/or Chase Saldate from Gilroy, CA (Michigan State) might wind up being the pioneers of that kind of model.
  8. He's a great athlete and kids love him. If he is opening a gym or coaching at an existing club in MN or WI he ought to be successful. He is definitely a model of the "American Dream" in terms of his back story.
  9. Konquest


    Joe and TJ Williams immediately come to mind.
  10. Most of Cornell's wrestlers are "JC transfers" (Finger Lakes Community College) IIRC. That's how they skirt the redshirt rules in the Ivy League.
  11. In recent years, IMAR and Gilman come to mind, the latter being somewhat surprising given his penchant for talk and whatnot.
  12. I like Gibbons. He's low key, has nice things to say about guys from both squads, and his little catchphrases and mannerisms are kind of charming. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that when he's announcing, I go ahead and point my belt buckle towards the television.
  13. James Green was a natural freestyler. He was probably the best neutral position wrestler at his weight, but that riding time and mat scrambling stuff would get him every once in a while.
  14. Not at this time. People in my house with auto immune diseases would make it irresponsible.
  15. That coaching staff is living proof that any "body" can wrestle: Beanpole, bowling ball of muscle, ripped athlete, and the "Dad Bod God".
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