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  1. Boy New Jersey is a tough one to choose between Mocco and Hahn. Both IMHO would have been top 5 Division 1 AA's as high school seniors. The best HS wrestlers that I saw compete from my day (I am 42 so my HS "era" is mid to late 90's) were Hahn, Joe Williams, and David Kjeldgaard from Council Bluffs, IA. Those 3 had a mystique and "un-beatable" reputation. Only one of those was a 4x state champ (Williams), and none were undefeated through high school. In the state that I now live in, Wisconsin, our GOAT HS wrestler is probably Garrett Lowney, who was kind of like Kyle Snyder version 1.0. A tweener who was a world medalist as a college freshman and smoking guys who outweighed him by 50 lb. He won Fargo both styles every year I think.
  2. I think either in the finals or the semis, Levesseur majored Ben Askren at that tournament, if my memory serves me correctly.
  3. Mena was 4x undefeated. Joey Gilbert was the first large school 4x champ and Joe Williams became the second the next year. Tony Cassioppi was pretty freaking dominant in high school. Mikey Benefiel was another outstanding HS wrestler in the last decade + in Illinois.
  4. I think the "Prestige" for the program isn't when they meet expectations with a surefire blue-chipper (like a 3/4x state champ, Fargo champ, etc.), but when they develop under-the-radar recruits into AA's and national champs ala Drew Foster or Jesse Delavecchia.
  5. I don't see any of the teenagers (Braxton Amos, Kennedy Blades, Kylie Welker) winning the spot, but they have really bright futures.
  6. Kennedy Blades and Kylie Welker are high schoolers and they are both in the challenge tournament finals. FWIW Blades beat Welker 16-6 last weekend but they went different weights for the actual trials.
  7. This could be a David Taylor in the making. A guy who probably won't hit his physical maturity until his mid 20's but is so technically good that he wins anyway. After how he did at nationals up at 165 I have to think he would have been a title threat at 157. I could also see him being even heavier and making a Kemerer/Hidlay/Realbuto move from 157-174 in the next few years. He obviously hasn't had the same kind of results, but Ridge Lovett is another guy who I think falls into this category.
  8. To the original post, I coach at a middle school in the Milwaukee area that is predominantly African-American and I can tell you that wrestling is a tough sell to these boys and their families. There is definitely an inaccurate perception that "wrasslin" is for rural white farmboys. I 100% plan on leveraging the image of 5 black/biracial men winning NCAA championships to show my prospective wrestlers that people who look like them can win at the highest levels. Representation matters! The caption "for the culture" is significant. It is icing on the cake that the ringleader of that group, David Carr, is an absolute model of a student-athlete. As was mentioned above, the kind of guy you'd want your daughter to marry. 184 lb. Parker Keckeisen comes from the program that I am involved with, and through his (kind of one-sided) rivalry with Brooks over the years, I can also tell you that he (Brooks) is a champion's champion and a real class act/gentleman. WIth the exception of some of Steveson's "antics", all the guys in that photo are top notch kids.
  9. I'm biased but I really like Parker Keckeisen. He shoots nonstop, never gets tired, and you have to go through hell to beat him.
  10. Right now I like Andonian, O'Toole, Eierman, Valencia, Teemer, Donnell Washington, and Venz as guys who, no matter what, you are going to see something crazy happen in their matches.
  11. It probably doesn't count as an "up and coming" program, but UNI graduated all their top guys, including a Gorrarian award winner, and replaced pretty much all of them with guys who are ranked at worst with some being AA contenders. There are highly ranked Big Ten teams that have new starters that are taking lumps every dual and here is UNI with new starters who are "in" every match.
  12. Recruiting the tough kids from Iowa is more of a Schwab thing.
  13. Whatever was hampering Venz throughout this season so far seems to have gone away. That was terrifying.
  14. You aren't wrong, but savvy brick throwing is a part of the game. Manning saved that one for the perfect moment.
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