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  1. I like Gibbons. He's low key, has nice things to say about guys from both squads, and his little catchphrases and mannerisms are kind of charming. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and say that when he's announcing, I go ahead and point my belt buckle towards the television.
  2. James Green was a natural freestyler. He was probably the best neutral position wrestler at his weight, but that riding time and mat scrambling stuff would get him every once in a while.
  3. Not at this time. People in my house with auto immune diseases would make it irresponsible.
  4. That coaching staff is living proof that any "body" can wrestle: Beanpole, bowling ball of muscle, ripped athlete, and the "Dad Bod God".
  5. I just saw a picture with Askren (just got an extension as RTC coach), Reader (Associate) and Bono (HC). Do the math.
  6. One of my buddies coaches Bud Crawford's kids in a youth wrestling club in Omaha. Obviously everything is on hold right now but when practices and tournaments resume, I could have him ask the champ his thoughts on the subject. I know that there is definitely a ton of mutual respect between athletes in these combat sports, otherwise a man who is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world probably wouldn't be dragging his kids to wrestling practices and kids' tournaments on Sundays (and yes, he does go to the tournaments).
  7. It's almost like an Antonio Brown situation. I've got to imagine he is pretty CTE'd up as well. Surrounding himself with hangers-on, gold-diggers, and yes-men instead of people who really want him to succeed. It's sad.
  8. Felipe Martinez and Israel Martinez are a couple of good ones. When someone posted Felipe, I immediately thought about Izzy.
  9. David Kjeldgaard Chris Phillips Brian Burrows Sean Hage Josh McLay Collin Palmer Devin Peterson Eric Swick Ben Whitford Jered Cortez
  10. I'd nominate Bobby Lashley, Barry Weldon, Brock Lesnar, and Kevin Randleman as the GOAT's in terms of bodybuilder physiques. In the last couple years, Jacobe Smith (Ok St) and Patrick Brucki (Princeton), and Timmy McCall (Wisconsin) as the most swole dudes in college. Two of the all time strongest college wrestlers, Mark Johnson (former IL coach) and Les Gutches have actually competed in high level bodybuilding competitions. Kolat, Pletcher, and Marstellar must be distant cousins or something because they all have wide backs and long torso with stump legs and arms. Gorilla Physiques. Joe Williams had bird legs but his V taper was ridiculous. Dude had a back a yard wide with a tiny waist. Chris Campbell, NATO, and Frank Molinaro are all legendarily strong but have huge disparity between upper and lower body mass.
  11. Dotty Dumpling's Dowry in Madison, WI is pretty awesome for burgers and beers.
  12. Nebraska has like 8 guys who could either AA or go 2-2.
  13. I have a feeling Silva wouldn't have made a huge difference. Lovett is a special talent, improving with each match, and seems to be having a blast out there. He is going to be a bad draw in the post season for someone who has had enough wrestling/weight cutting. One of the better true freshmen this year for sure.
  14. They lost 1 point for Labriola spiking his headgear after winning. Then they lost another because Chad Red ran out and chest bumped Isaiah White after his win. FWIW Iowa also lost a team point on Friday night. You see it a lot for bench celebrating, which I am kind of torn about...I love that Nebraska and Iowa have guys standing matside and cheering on their "brothers". If I were a blue chip recruit, that would be the type of team I would want to wrestle for!
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