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  1. Dotty Dumpling's Dowry in Madison, WI is pretty awesome for burgers and beers.
  2. Nebraska has like 8 guys who could either AA or go 2-2.
  3. I have a feeling Silva wouldn't have made a huge difference. Lovett is a special talent, improving with each match, and seems to be having a blast out there. He is going to be a bad draw in the post season for someone who has had enough wrestling/weight cutting. One of the better true freshmen this year for sure.
  4. They lost 1 point for Labriola spiking his headgear after winning. Then they lost another because Chad Red ran out and chest bumped Isaiah White after his win. FWIW Iowa also lost a team point on Friday night. You see it a lot for bench celebrating, which I am kind of torn about...I love that Nebraska and Iowa have guys standing matside and cheering on their "brothers". If I were a blue chip recruit, that would be the type of team I would want to wrestle for!
  5. This meet is going to come down to who wins tossups at 125, 133 and HWT. Whomever gets best 2 of those 3 weights wins the dual, IMHO. There is also the chance for a big cradle from a guy like Sasso to give a big swing. I am a Nebraska fan and I think OSU wins the dual by a point or two similar to what happened vs. PSU last weekend.
  6. Brands said in the the presser that he (Desanto) has not been injured much and didn't know how to deal with it in terms of emotional response and body language. The announcers were speculating that something happened to his face/eye because he was covering his face with his hands. He was crying and in a panic because he knew something was really wrong. Most people have that happen in practice at least a few times before they hit a #1 vs. #2 NCAA dual in one of the marquee matchups of the dual, but as Brands stated, DeSanto doesn't have experience with injuries. It's scary. I remember seeing the look on Nolf's face in his junior year when he had a bad knee injury and realized it: panic, terror, bewilderment. If you take a kid with well-documented emotional baggage and they get hurt under a spotlight in a pressure-cooker environment, you get what you saw last night.
  7. For the person implying that this shouldn't be discussed on here, go on the social media pages of top athletes in other sports (including wrestling) and see how many Kobe Bryant tributes you find. Real recognize real.
  8. That Jay Schwarm is kind of a one-trick pony, but man is he good at it. He's reminiscent of "The Snapper" from a few years back. He has to be leading the nation in pins or close to it.
  9. Red, and a lot of Nebraska wrestlers, are consolation bracket monsters. They pin, tech, and major guys on the backside of the NCAA brackets that have "HEW". I have no reason to think that Red won't pull a few more of these type of wins in March. Lee and Pletcher is looking like one of the most highly anticipated matches this season, though. Those two have separated from the pack. Back to Nebraska, though. Robb and Schultz (especially Robb) are underrated. In matches against Hidlay and Young, Robb was right there in position to win. He and Lovett are going to be a great nucleus. I just wonder how they are going to find room for Hardy and Davenport in the lineup as well.
  10. As a Nebraska fan, I agree with the sentiment that a team can wrestle really well and only take 2 matches from the Hawkeyes. They are a juggernaut this season.
  11. I am a Nebraska fan, but here's how I see it going: PSU 18 NU 12 Thomsen dec. Meredith 3-0 RBY dec. Lovett 3-3 Lee dec. Red 3-6 Purinton dec. Verkleeren 6-6 Robb dec. Pipher 9-6 Cenzo dec. White 9-9 Hall dec. Labs 9-12 Brooks dec. Venz 9-15 Schultz dec. Rasheed 12-15 Nevills dec. Lance 12-18 There are literally no huge mismatches in this dual where I'd be inclined to predict a bonus point win. There are a few home run hitters on both teams (Cenzo, Rasheed, Red, Venz) but all of those guys are going up against dudes who are VERY unlikely to get mixered or cradled and pinned.
  12. There is an inversely proportional relationship to the level of wrestling and the likelyhood of trashy parents assaulting kids and refs. That's why my friend, a well-respected HS and NCAA official, quit reffing kids' wrestling years ago. Look at the Bouzakis vs. Phipps beast final how a slam/injury situation was handled by all parties vs. some peewee tournament in palookaville as an example of this phenomenon.
  13. He might not even be the best freshman on that team! I expect a solid AA finish from Griffith as well, and Abas isn't too far behind in terms of results as a true frosh.
  14. If neither guy is doing anything to improve, either call it a stalemate and give a verbal warning to both guys, or just let the clock tick away. Ref in this situation chose the latter. It's so frustrating watching White...he is evenly matched with or even better than everyone on his feet, but loses matches on the mat to Cenzo and Marinelli every time.
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