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  1. I'm a Daton homer, but I just think Gilman is turning into a consistent winner... I'm eager to see how he looks against Ravi/Uguev next year He was about 5 seconds from beating Uguev a couple months ago, and after his repechage tear at the Olympics, I wouldn't fault anyone for saying that Gilman is the 2nd best 57kg wrestler in the world right now, and might be the best.
  2. "Why do I keep getting randomly searched by TSA?"
  3. 1. Minimizes skin abrasions on the face which can lead to infections/medical DQ 2. Cultural thing in the Islamic world where many of the great wrestlers in the world are from.
  4. True. I'd never say it to their faces, but the great USA wrestlers back in the day only had to face one Russian to win WC/Olympics and now there are brackets with like 5 guys from Dagestan in them.
  5. I am obviously rooting for team USA, but if one of our stars has to go down, it's a little easier to swallow when it's to a great champ and warrior like HYC. The Persian fanbase has great knowledge and respect for our wrestlers (it was heartwarming when they counted down the clock, IN ENGLISH, at the end of JB's semifinal match), and it is time we return the favor. HYC is probably my favorite non-American wrestler. No one comes harder with those underhooks!
  6. Wisconsin Badgers add Braxton Amos, Austin Gomez, and Andrew McNally.
  7. Ryan Goodman at Nebraska
  8. To me, the guys who really stood out at the event were Rocco Welsh and Nate Jesuroga. Both are rock solid, mistake free wrestlers who don't get rattled, and both have put on good weight.
  9. There was some chatter that Blades wasn't going to be able to wrestle today and had to do some concussion tests after her semis. Unfortunately looks to be true. Hope she gets some rest and recovers as her and Welker seem to be the future for team USA in the upper weights. Concussions are nothing to mess around with...ask Helen.
  10. According to his Instagram, Burroughs brought Mark Hall to Miami to train with him while he's not busy at the NBC studios. He has been vlogging a lot of behind the scenes stuff throughout his time with this strange Olympic broadcasting situation.
  11. The way this is shaking out, we're going to see 4 Japanese women win gold at 50, 53, 57, 62 and 4 ROC men win gold at 57, 65, 74, 97. Total domination.
  12. Dake got thrown/stepped over for 4 and then lost his composure and the dude picked him apart. To be fair, losing big to a savvy Russian, the only real option is to try to gas him out.
  13. Albert Ferrari Jr. is a name that immediately came to mind.
  14. It's pretty well documented on these forums that Cornell isn't as tough to get into as you might think, depending on the school program, and definitely not as hard to get into as Stanford. I honestly have no idea, but every time the subject comes up, people talk about how strings get pulled for acceptance into certain programs at Cornell for the blue chip recruits who don't fit the Ivy League profile. That being said, anyone who wrestles at a high level for schools like Stanford, Northwestern, or an Ivy is a beast on the mats and in the classroom.
  15. Observations: -Davision at HWT could and probably will be trouble for all but the very best guys. -Peyton Robb has an incredible gut wrench. Most dominant on top of anyone in the field. It has to be just miserable defending that. -Who is this Saenz guy? What an incredible tournament! -86 and 97 were pretty weak. Brooks, Hoagie, Keckeisen would have cruised at 86 and the top AA guys at 97 would have as well. -Glory is probably the 2nd best 125 lb. in college by a wide margin, assuming Vito Arujau is 133.
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