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  1. Konquest

    Battle of the Italians

    NY for Pizza, Chicago for Italian beef
  2. Konquest

    113 pounders in College

    The current undefeated #1 at 125, Sebastian Rivera, was one of those guys. Hell, there was talk that Spencer Lee would also be undersized...
  3. Konquest

    Desanto vs Teasdale

    I was surprised the music didn't go right over people's heads...
  4. Konquest

    Oldest Wrestler in NCAAs

    It's gotta be a Mormon kid who took a mission and then a redshirt. I'd look at UVU's roster...
  5. Konquest

    Is taunting legal now?

    Desanto and Berger are the two worst offenders. You knew some crap was going to go down in a dual between their respective teams.
  6. Konquest

    Wisconsin going forward

    Eric Barnett is really good and a 125 for life which is rare. Losing O'Toole and Keckeisen, one wonders if they would have committed to UW had Askren been involved when they chose schools. A lot of the future success depends on the Askren Wrestling Academy and St. Paris Graham pipelines they have.
  7. Konquest

    Top 10 Match-up!! #3 Iowa @ #6 Nebraska

    If Brands doesn't wrestle Lee, Young, and Stoll, Nebraska can win this even if Murin beats Red and Warner beats Schultz. If Iowa is at full strength they should win. I say this as a big Nebraska fan. 141-165-197 are big matches with seeding implications so you never know.
  8. Konquest

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Very encouraging that these falls for Berger and Venz, against very tough opponents, were initiated from their own top wrestling and not counters or "catching" their opponents from the neutral position. It stings that Red lost again like that (dude should practice nonstop mat returns everyday until B1G's), and Moisey gassed, but overall the Skers looked good this afternoon.
  9. Konquest

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Old fashioned half nelson. 1st: Parker got the first takedown, then Venz escaped and got one of his own. 2nd: Parker rode Venz for the first 1:30, then Venz hit a Peterson and hung on to go up 5-2 3rd: Venz rides and sticks him with a half nelson.
  10. Konquest

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Venz just pinned Parker. Was up 5-2 going into the 3rd. Venz, when he's on, is the clear #2, just like Berger at 157.
  11. The only person who gets called for stalling in that position is Chad Red.
  12. Konquest

    Illinois @ Nebraska

    Once again Red loses a match against a highly ranked opponent due to stall calls from the top position. Shearer won 7-3 Berger pinned Barone in what was a close match up to the 3rd. Ran the ol chicken wing right over.
  13. Konquest

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Huskers in general are game, but overmatched. Nebraska is wrestling PSU's stars as well as anyone else will this season. PSU is just better.
  14. Konquest

    Nebraska - Northwestern (results inside)

    Berger's last two wins have been convincing wins over Hidlay and Deakin. Clear #2 at 157 now.