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  1. I'm more curious to see how Echemendia does with an elite rider in a folkstyle match than to see him trounce HS kids in freestyle. IMHO O'Toole was the OW of the event. When he gets some man-muscles, he is going to be very difficult to beat if he can keep his style going. I see him as a 174 or even a 184 by the time he's done growing.
  2. One thing I've learned in all my years following this sport is that when two evenly sized men are wrestling on a large mat under the right lighting, they will look big and jacked no matter the weight class. Then you'll see them in the hallway at NCAA's and realize that the wrestlers who strike fear into everyone's souls have the body size and proportions of horse jockey midgets. David Taylor 6'2" LOL. He's probably not even 6 feet tall, but next to all the no neck muscle trolls he looks tall and skinny. These densely muscled wrestlers are, for the most part, way shorter and smaller than they appear on TV, especially when you're used to watching football which is completely the opposite.
  3. Yeah, they're tested, but it's what they do in the rest of the year that matters.
  4. Dude the worst NCAA finals match was Daryl Weber (Iowa) vs. Mark Branch (OSU). Branch blew out his knee and couldn't finish the match. That is/was a huge bummer and I can't recall it happening since.
  5. Joe Williams (Iowa) 9-8 over Ernest Benion (Illinois) in a match of defending NCAA champs from the Chicago area.
  6. I see her and Shilson, and (a few years younger) Blades and Elor as future stars of WFS for team USA. Jayden Laurent is also just a year out of high school and super tough as well. Hopefully Macey, Jayden, and Amit spread out in weight a little so they can all represent rather than it being a logjam like the men's squad between 74-79-86kg.
  7. Wisconsin had an excellent 197 lb. wrestler named Dallas Herbst that had to have been 6'6" or so. Tallest college wrestler I've seen in many years. He beat Jake Varner at Midlands one year and was an AA for the Badgers. Mark Branch was an all-time great for OSU, 4x finalist with two titles (lost one by injury default). He was super tall and skinny. Probably 6'2"-6'3" ish at 168 lbs.
  8. Vito in the semis but is not favored, Sloan alive if the Turk can make the finals. Lee, Thomas, and Brooks are eliminated. Tough day for team USA...
  9. I was impressed with Maxx Mayfield from Nebraska and Dajun Johnson from Wisconsin. AFAIK both are uncommitted.
  10. He is reportedly a pretty chill guy off the mat and around town but he has absolutely no chill or sense of humor whatsoever when it comes to his sport. He has a super cringey, mean spirited, confrontational sense of humor and tends to say dumb stuff in interviews. I'm speculating, but I think the issue is that he hasn't let go of the college wrestling mentality of "Iowa vs. Everyone". I think he's aware of this perception, but it has become his schtick by now. Yesterday Burroughs even took the piss out of him a little at the Final X presser imitating him: "My mom told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all....hahaha, love you, Thomas." I agree that the "Jap" comment wasn't "racist", per se, but a super, super dumb thing to say while officially representing Team USA. He needs to watch his lip a little bit while on the international stage vs. among domestic rivals who understand what he's like. For all his defenders in this particular episode, would you go on the record in an interview while representing your employer and use what could be construed as ethnic slurs? Yeah, didn't think so...
  11. This tournament highlighted what a "level-up" it is to spend a year in a D1 room. Any high school kid who placed at this tournament is very, very good.
  12. Watched a nice scrap today between Nelson Brands and David Carr. As a fan of the old days of the ISU/Iowa rivalry this was cool to see.
  13. A couple of 2018 AA's to add: Venz from Nebraska was 4th as a Freshman at 184, and Holschlag from UNI should be back at 197.
  14. Alan Fried is usually at the top of these lists. More recently Andrew Howe is a good choice.
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