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  1. It probably doesn't count as an "up and coming" program, but UNI graduated all their top guys, including a Gorrarian award winner, and replaced pretty much all of them with guys who are ranked at worst with some being AA contenders. There are highly ranked Big Ten teams that have new starters that are taking lumps every dual and here is UNI with new starters who are "in" every match.
  2. Recruiting the tough kids from Iowa is more of a Schwab thing.
  3. Whatever was hampering Venz throughout this season so far seems to have gone away. That was terrifying.
  4. You aren't wrong, but savvy brick throwing is a part of the game. Manning saved that one for the perfect moment.
  5. Cronin should lock up the 2 seed. Either him or Heinselman. This dual has so many toss-ups.
  6. Nicky and Vito aren't wrestling in NCAA this year. I am saying, right now, with one exception, there aren't any ranked 125 lb. wrestlers who could go up and be competitive with guys like Fix, DeSanto, and RBY. The main reason I say this is because it seemed as though young Dylan Ragusin's performance against Bravo-Young was being cited as indicative of a flaw in his game. This might be true, but it doesn't really have anything to do with how he'll do at 125 this season vs. everyone but Lee.
  7. Really? There isn't a heavyweight wrestler that you'd consider a bigger lock than Myles Amine up 2 weights?
  8. With the exception of you-know-who, what 125 lb. wrestler could go up a weight and not get destroyed by Bravo-Young?
  9. I included some darkhorse finalists (not unranked wrestlers, but tough guys who could wrestle well and make a run, top guy get injured/sick, etc.) Lee over Teske (Ragusin) Fix over DeSanto (Cannon) Eierman over Nick Lee (Parker) AOC over Sasso (Alirez) Hidlay over Carr (Brayton Lee) Marinelli over Griffith (O'Toole/ Braunagel) Kemmerer over Labriola (Starocci/Hastings) Brooks over Bolen (Keckeisen) Norfleet over Schultz (Ferrari) Steveson over Parris (Colton Schultz)
  10. I know freestyle isn't always relevant, however this season guys were wrestling freestyle events when college tournament season is usually happening. Keckeisen lost a 30 point barnburner to Poznanski at U23 back around Thanksgiving time, but TF'd Malczewski in the first period with 5 takedowns. Hoagie was a revelation at Clubs Cup on the senior level around that same time. 1. Brooks 2. Bolen 3. Hoagie 4. DePrez 5. Keckeisen 6. Geer 7. Kent
  11. Sam Sasso is another current guy who is starting to develop the whole, "You know what's coming but there is nothing you can do to stop it" mystique.
  12. Askren in his last 2 years of college wrestling (like Lee) was similar in terms of a guy who didn't look intimidating pinning everyone with relatively basic holds. We are talking equally seasoned, AA-type college wrestlers just rolling over like he was drilling or something. I have got to assume that there is some freakish grip strength involved as well as knowing the exact sweet spots of how to manipulate the opponent's joints. Both guys would hit their stuff and it'd look like the opponent isn't even resisting. 10,000 hour rule.
  13. Seeing a generous donation from Tyler Berger put a smile on my face. We have a great community.
  14. He hasn't looked himself all season. He isn't always the most consistent to begin with, but anyone can see that something is up physically. I am glad this is a "free" year and hope he can get back to 100%.
  15. Yeah he does well with far ankle/scramble defense when someone is on his legs. Re: the Brit Wilson match: riding must've been a point of emphasis lately because he's usually a 2 for 1 kind of wrestler. If he develops a turn to go with the leg attacks and gas tank he'll be terrifying.
  16. Keckeisen 8-5 with about 3 minutes of riding time.
  17. Brit Wilson and Parker Keckeisen is a low key huge match this weekend. Parker is dominant on his feet and is what you'd call a "volume shooter". Definitely a freestyler.
  18. Nolf falls into the "devoutly religious" category. Marinelli and his wife, too (homeschooled religious). tOSU is known for being a wrestling program that has some pretty hardcore conservative Christian athletes. It is not a "Midwestern" thing, it's a "religious" thing to be married or engaged as a +/- 20 year old.
  19. Keep in mind that some of these kids that get married in college are hardcore evangelical homeschool kids and/or Mormons. Not uncommon among those denominations.
  20. It's pretty cool that he's reached the pinnacle of wrestling broadcasting yet he still knows all about these high school kids here in Wisconsin. He came from livestreaming duals on "Badger State Wrestling" website all the way to being THE guy for broadcasting wrestling nation (potentially world) wide. I also think it's awesome how he has a "stage name" that references how stoked he is when on the mic. It's like something that you'd see a rapper do, LOL. Also, at the beginning when Shane talks about comedian Kevin Bozeman (who was a basketball player at UW Whitewater), you need to check that guy out. My wife and I saw him at a comedy club in Florida and he had us dead.
  21. As heartbreaking as it might be, you don't mess around with concussions. One doesn't need to look far to find tragic examples of why repeated head injuries are not something to be taken lightly.
  22. Braunagel at 165 is really good. He's a tough out for anyone. He was impressive vs. Wick in Freestyle.
  23. I said this on facebook and I'll say it here: He made the right choice re: concussions but he was one of the most exciting "home run hitters" in the NCAA. NEVER out of a match. He has the family tree in coaching, and I think he'll be a really popular clinician until he starts his own club or takes over his pops. If more kids wrestled like Austin Gomez, the sport would grow in popularity!
  24. Nazar is one of the most ridiculous athletes. He posts these "Nazar Challenge" videos on his Instagram that have the attention of a lot of top US wrestlers. He does stuff on there that make me think he's got gorilla DNA or something.
  25. Snyder vs. Gwiz was a great match. Marianetti beating McIllravy was absolutely stunning at the time. Another great IL vs. IA NCAA final was Joe Williams over Ernest Benion 9-8. That is an underrated match in terms of down to the wire matches with two NCAA champs. Those don't happen too often.
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