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  1. Mohammadian tech'd ruth at university worlds Anyone know what happened at 65kg? did ahmadi wrestle? Because surely even though Nasiri won, ahmadi has been on a tear tech'd emeev it what seemed like a few minutes of wrestling, then went on to tech everyone at the asian championships where nasiri looked nowhere near as impressive in his world cup matches. I think esmaeilpour will win 61kg, rahimi imo will beat lebedev this time a lapse in concentration cost him at the world cup, yazdani and gadisov rematch should be interesting, depends heavily on yazdani's physical health and gadisov's mental health. Hosseinkhani should be the 70kg favourate, but he too has had problems mentally in big competitions but he looks solid at 70kg. Hadi might medal i'm not sure, Mohammadian could win it, he is still fairly young but very talented, at 74 a medal will do Burroughs has looked more human recently but not enough to lose I don't believe. If Ahmadi gets the shot at 65kg I say he wins it.
  2. Yadav is awkward one of my training partners beat him years back, bad match for khubezhty i felt he should've had a 3 off that double as well, bet the russians are seriously regretting shunning geduev who is there best at 74 currently imo.
  3. Mostly this, americans are the best for gas tank, but iranians use better hand/head positioning and forward motion, slapping the head moving forward dragging opponents, forcing their strength on their opponent counteracting the fitness of their opponent wearing them out, one thing i would say is they are probably physically the strongest wrestlers, looking at greco over the last few years it can be seen, it comes from centuries of strength worshipping being passed on through generations, look up pahlevans and zurkanneh(house of strength aka like a strength church), they have a lot of respect for strength in Iran. Basically the classic iranian style is to slap, drag opponents and attack the leg, similar to americans really but more technical and stronger, but not as well prepared out of the mat, diet, fitness, preparation, mentality etc. I remember a former national team member telling me the iranian style requires too much effort through the whole tournament, too much attacking having to go for the leg and pressure will wear you out and takes years to master, he said the russian way is easier, wait for your opponent then put the hips on them and counter, or get exposure. But I'm glad now it seems to have changed, the russian gas tank and strategy can't last as well under these rules.
  4. Not sure if serious... As for someone mentioning America and British having no involvement in the latter revolution, they did, they froze billions in resources and money, which has never been payed back, not the 53 coupe where the CIA were involved nationalizing the oil, but i'd rather not talk about that and talk about the current situation.
  5. Thankyou to the gentlemen in this thread that used logic and reason, not ignorance like some posts in this thread, good to see logical responses, as for the situation it just makes me sad for the wrestler who could have won gold, coming from nothing in life working hard every day sacrificing much, in Iran parents often deter their kids from wrestling to either work or go to school, lower classes want their kids to work, higher classes look down on wrestling as a peasant sport, so for young iranian wrestlers to make it as a senior they have to medal at these competitions for funding and support, and they took it from this kid.
  6. So an Iranian Jew hates himself? Your ignorance and lack of knowledge is astounding. They do not hate jews, they do not like the Israeli government for the atrocities they commit on the Palestinians, plain and simple. However their stance forcing wrestlers to forfeit is terrible, the Iranian government is a place full of morons, whom were put into power by the British and Americans, we're not here to discuss politics lets keep it to the wrestling, I hope you know more about that than international relations.
  7. As an iranian, they should kick the whole team out, you can't go in and mess around, beat a guy then forfeit ruining your dreams and the guy you just beat who could've gone on to medal instead he's nearly in last place, i say throw them all out and it might change things.
  8. In 2011 the future olympic champ forfeited against the israeli in the first round of the 2011 world championships
  9. I feel for the iranian wrestler, killing himself in the gym everyday to have lost before he's even began. Whats better to go out and beat the israeli or to forfeit so he gets a higher medal than your own wrestler, whats more ridiculous if iran wrestles and if they win bronze the government probably won't let the kid stand on the podium with an israeli above him, disgusting, lazy clowns that have never had to strive a day in the life and they're forcing a guy to not wrestle, who works harder in a day than they do in their whole life.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGijXx-fyFw heres the match, missing the start, but watching it back to me gatsalov got robbed a bit in this match.
  11. Gatsalov looked the stronger wrestler, just made silly mistakes in my eyes, hit 2 big moves one was given a 2 but could've been easily a 3, should've been really at least a 2 and a 1 for the exposure for near fall, also gatsalov hit a push out so my calculations had gatsalov at, 2 for exposure at the start, 3 for throw, 1 for push out and 2 for another exposure, tervel prob got 2 for exposure at the start off a crotch lift which gatsalov trap armed, then he hit 6 straight points at the end, low outside shot, then gatsalov with 10-15 seconds left hit a lazy double basically gave up the 2, with seconds left tervel got an exposure off a near gut to snatch the win in the dying seconds. My conclusion is they probably just gave tervel 2 for the crotch lift which was trap armed and gatsalov got nothing which makes the score 8-7 to tervel, gatsalov was 7-4 up with 30 seconds or so left. I scored it 2-2 or 2-0 gatsalov at the start for the trap arm, then 5-2 for the shoulder throw for gatsalov, then 6-2 for the push out, then 9-2 for the 3 pointer, tervel got in on the leg gatsalov reached over over hooked the far leg then trapped an arm stood up and jumped to expose tervels back (match over or at least a 2+1 for near fall), tervel then gets 6 points back making it 9-8 gatsalov. Either way imo gatsalov looked like the stronger wrestler for 90% of the match but such a mental mistake for him is shocking, tervel was conditioned goin hard for the full 6, and did a great job to get to the legs of gatsalov.
  12. Dlagnev wins , gatsalov looked the stonger wrestler imo and tervel had some good ref calls, they gave 2-2 for a trap arm crotch lift counter, which i felt should've just been 2 for gatsalov, then gatsalov hit a big arm throw for 3, 5-2, then they decided to show a damn commercial, during that time tervel must have scored , when the match resumed gatsalov scored a pushout, then tervel got in on a leg tried to circle round gatsalov reached round to the far side overhooked a leg then stood up with tervel and slammed him to his back nearly getting a fall they gave 2 i felt the throw itself was a 3. then tervel scored of a low shot, then with seconds left gatsalov took a sloppy shot gave up the 2 almost on purpose, then tervel got an exposure off a gut attempt to win the match at the wire, i don't know how the hell they scored the match.
  13. Gatsalov and tervel will wrestle soon both won 1st round the match won't get shown because instead they're showing women's wrestling...
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