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  1. So here’s another one to chew on, who had a better wrestling career Tom or Terry Brands ?
  2. Dake, has the edge in their college career. As for international, Dake has two World titles to DT’s one. However DT has an Olympic Gold to Dake’s Bronze. So I guess it’s about how much value you place on a Olympic Gold, compared to a World title and an Olympic Bronze. DT did beat Yazdani, ( one of the World’s premier wrestlers ), so maybe that may be a factor as well in one’s consideration. As for me, I think I would take a World title and an Olympic Bronze over an Olympic Gold. I know that an Olympic Gold is the ultimate prize, and this will probably meet with some disagreement with people on this forum.
  3. So this got me thinking, I know that we have a National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, and we have the Dan Gable museum. I have never been to either so I don’t know what they have there. I do know what you can run a person’s name in the Nat Hall of Fame and see if they are there, and when I ran Bobby Douglas it just showed a picture of his plaque and very little else. So, I thought who decides who’s in our out, and what criteria do they use? But the point that I am getting at is that I think USA Wrestling should have a page, or a section of Hall of Famers. Thoughts ?
  4. Well if we are going old era vs new, that may need it’s own thread. You can say a lot about what it was compared to what is. But I think the best way to look at it is, our wrestlers competed in their time, and regardless of the hardships or benefits, they did what they did.
  5. Another one might be Bill Scheer, an Olympic Bronze, a World Gold, two World Silvers, and a World Bronze.
  6. So here’s three, Rick Sanders. Three world medals, ( 1, Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze, along with two Olympic Silvers. Might have had more except that he was killed in a tragic automobile accident. Additionally Sanders like Bobby Douglas competed in Greco as well as Freestyle on the World team. Larry Kristoff winner of 5 World medals, ( 3 Silvers, 2 Bronze ). Plus a pretty good coaching career afterwards. Bobby Douglas as mentioned above Wrestled Freestyle and Greco, and won a World Silver and a Bronze. Like Kristoff, Douglas had a very significant coaching career afterwards.
  7. So now that we have Fix, Yianni, Green, JB, Cox, and Gwizz on our MFS, I think we should have a good chance at a very good performance in Oslo.
  8. Well I was thinking that Suriano was going to put on a better performance than what he did. So maybe Nick wrestles somewhere this upcoming season and we see him try for another World team spot. I have to hand it to both NaTo and Fix for their performances. NaTo handled Nick and Fix handled NaTo pretty well. So congrats to Fix. I hope that he can do well in Oslo.
  9. Well I would have liked to see Lee wrestle in this event. As far as J.O. and Zain are concerned, I think that the road forward for both of them is pretty cloudy. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if we saw them retire from competition.
  10. Well as a fan of USA Wrestling, I am disappointed that we don’t get to see Gable win more World and Olympic medals, but at least we got to see him win Gold in Tokyo. I wish him well in his new endeavor.
  11. Darn, I was hoping to see him compete. He might not have won it, but I believe that he would have been in the thick of it.
  12. Well, this is tough news. I was looking forward to seeing him compete. I think that Vito has made some significant strides over the past year, and he certainly gave Gilman all he could handle at the Olympic trials. Vito might be a little undersized in comparison to some of the other guys at 61, but I think that he would be right in the mix of things.
  13. Well both have very bright future, I think that it would be great to see the two of them wrestle. Maybe one day we might even see them making a World or Olympic team
  14. So does anyone have information on the Dutch Sterkenburg brothers? I don’t remember the last time I recall Dutch wrestlers even competing, let alone winning medals at a World Championship.
  15. Well I hope Rocky continues to improve, it will only help to make everyone get better
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