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  1. de4856

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    Well, I am hopeful that whatever is going on with Thielke, Hancock, and whatever else can be rectified. I hope that our Greco program can improve to the point that we are in a position where it's very probably that we can win a number of medals at the World Championships.
  2. de4856


    Well, with the 2019 WTT's in mind, I very much want to see Zain train vs J.O. Additionally, I am very curious about Branden Sorenson, I hope to see him do well and I believe he may become a factor at this year's upcoming WTT's.
  3. de4856

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Well after thinking about it, I was wondering if Carver-Hawkeye or the Devaney Center ( Lincoln Neb ), would be suitable sites. I picked those two places because on the wrestling fan base. And I know that Carver Hawkeye just held the World Cup there, and the place seemed pretty packed to me. I know that leading up to the World Cup, there was a lot of talk beforehand on this forum, about airport locations and other accommodations, and how difficult it would be, but I attended and I didn't recall any real issues. I know the World Championships will probably be another matter altogether because on the massively increased number of athletes and everything associated with them. I guess someone like Jason Bryant could probably weigh in and say with his knowledge and perspective if either of those locations would be able to support a World Championship and be able to accommodate everyone. But as I type this, I realize that Vegas will always probably be better suited even though there isn't a large local fan base, like you would find in Iowa for example, but the fans that do show up, will be able to get a two-fer, (1) attend the World Championships, and (2), go to Vegas. As nice as Lincoln or Iowa City are, I think more people would rather go to Vegas.
  4. de4856


    Well I hope this works, I know that it was like thirteen or fourteen years or so that they had a wrestling league ( Real Pro Wrestling ), and I watched it on television, but I think it fizzled out pretty quick. There is an article on InterMat authored by Mark Palmer that gives a good in depth description of that venture. If I had any computer skills I would be able to post the link to that article, but alas, my efforts failed. I guess if you're that curious you'll have to look it up yourself, or perhaps someone can find it and copy and paste the link on this thread.
  5. de4856

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Well, I went to the 15 World's at the Orleans, and I loved it. I saw many many stars, and even got to meet Dan Gable and one morning I got to walk to the arena with Coach Zeke Jones where we had a conversation about Brent Metcalf and our MFS team. But even though this was probably the best sporting event I have ever been to, I do know that during the Greco and Women's events the arena was basically empty. The benefit to that was I got to move around and get into seats that was very close to the action. It wasn't until MFS got underway that the place filled up and had to stay in my assigned seat. But watching SnyderMan win the World's over Gadisov, and JB winning another Gold was simply the best. I know that we may have some attendance and cost issues, but I sure would like to see the World's come back to the good ole USA. Heck, I would even like to see Juniors or Cadets being held here.
  6. Well, I have to admit that I did not think Joe would medal at these World's, I predicted on one of these other threads that he would top out at 5th place. But Joe trained hard, and put in a good summer of work, as well as going overseas and doing well there, and when Garrett got hurt, Joe was able to step right in. But I believe what helped Joe get over the hump was his gritty and hard nosed mentality. And now that he is a World Medal winner, I am sure that this will embolden and reinforce that attitude and mentality. Next year Joe will be sitting in the finals of Final X, awaiting the winner of the WTT, and I may be in the minority here, but I believe Joe with a full year of being our number one guy, will only improve, and will hang on to his spot.
  7. de4856

    Coon takes Silver

    Well, even though Adam lost, this is still a great accomplishment. Hopefully Adam can learn from this and get better. And as Silvermedal said, hopefully this is the first of many.
  8. de4856

    Yarygin 2019

    I saw a video from not to long ago of SnyderMan saying that he was planning on going to the Yarygin. He has gone to the last three, so I don't see any reason why he wouldn't go.
  9. de4856

    Yarygin 2019

    I doubt we see any college kids at this event. I would expect to see the same basic group as we did last year, with maybe a Zain or a J.O.
  10. de4856

    Adam Coon in the finals!!!!

    Congrats to Adam, bring home the Gold.
  11. de4856

    Adam Coon has a great draw

    Well, I hope that Adam can string some wins together and get in a position to battle for the title and or a medal. If he can, this would be a very good accomplishment for Adam, and provide a little bit of energy for our Greco team.
  12. Well as I have said on other threads, I don't think SnyderMan looked like his old self at this event. I'm not sure what was the cause(s). But until I see the old SnyderMan, I will have to say that Sadulaev has the overwhelming advantage. I know Kyle said that he plans on going to Yarygin, so maybe we will get some indication then.
  13. de4856

    It's that time yet again.

    If Yanni goes 149, and is a good sized 149'er, I would pick him over Micah, but we can't forget about Matt Kolodzik who is also at this weight. Also there is Pat Lugo who has had a year of banging heads with Sorenson in the Hawkeye mat room, and I wonder if that will be enough to put him into the national picture as well.
  14. de4856

    65kg Meh...

    Well if Logiebear is our representative next year, I obviously do hope that he can be successful, but until someone comes along and takes his spot, he has my full support.
  15. de4856

    Maroulis gets smashed.

    Well I was really irritated when I first saw this shorter version of this video posted by Flo on Instagram. I'm a little calmer now, but I still don't like to see the video. As I said in my Instagram post, I did not think the video was appropriate because it did not serve any real purpose other than let a bunch of people watch a young woman break down because what she has had to go through this past year, (struggling to get right with this issue of her brain injury, and choices she had to make regarding her training, and lastly feeling terrible about her performance). I know some will say, it shows the raw emotion, I bet most of us have seen raw emotion before, so I'm not buying that. Some may say oh, the video creates sympathy for Helen, please we already have sympathy for her, everyone that has been following her knows at least something of her situation, and we all know how much these wrestlers have invested in an event like this. Anyway, I don't really know it this tournament was an outlier or not, what I do know is that a lot of top wrestlers did not place or do well in this event, and the reasons are probably numerous. But as far as Helen goes, I obviously wish she would've done better for her own piece of mind, but I also know that she has a life after competition, and if this is her final time we see her compete, I wish her well, and I will know that she was one of the best.