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  1. I watched it, and I know that it had some issues, but overall I enjoyed it, and I really liked watching wrestling again.
  2. Well congrats to Sabrina and Spencer.
  3. Well 86 is pretty stacked, but unless DT, has lost a step, I think he’s the odds on favorite to be our rep at this weight. I know that if Bo were to come down to 86, that would be very interesting, but I just see it like this, Bo is a World Class wrestler without a weight class like DT and KD were for a number of years. I am not sure what Bo will do, but if he can’t make the Olympic team hopefully he sticks around and makes the team in the future. Unfortunately Bo is not the only guy in this position, we have ZV, MM, AD, and PD3, in the same boat.
  4. Well certainly we do not know who will win at any of our weights, but I think that Spencer looked very good at the Senior Nationals. So I guess the question is do I think he can beat Gilman and Fix, and I think that he can, because he is basically an offensive juggernaut both on his feet and on top. Meanwhile Gilman and Fix just aren’t always offensive enough. But as the other posters have started we have a lot of talent at 57 so it’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. At 65, I think we have a 3 way race between Zain, J.O. and Yianni, but who knows Eierman could also make the team, but I think Yianni is our best bet, based on his offense, his funky quirky style, which I think will frustrate and confuse his opponents.
  5. 57 Lee/DeSanto 65 Yianni/Vito 74 Dake/IMar ( no idea really). 86 Taylor/Nickal 97 Snyder/Kerk or Moore 125 Gable/Nelson
  6. Well huge shot in the arm for the Hawkeyes. And I think Kemerer will have a good shot at being a National Champ.
  7. Well Zahid has looked really good, but I think Bo has just a bit more experience, and funk, so I would think Bo would be the winner. But I wouldn’t be shocked if Zahid won.
  8. de4856


    Well congrats to Dan Dennis as the new HWC coach. Hopefully he and the club find great success.
  9. Big Ten Fanboy, I went with Terry over Tom because he had three World/Oly medals over Tom’s 2 World/Oly medals.
  10. Well are we judging on College performance only, or are we including Senior level accomplishments? So I am assuming Senior level accomplishments (1) Terry Brands (2) Tom Brands (3) Lincoln Mcilravy (4) Barry Davis (5) Joe Williams (6) Royce Alger
  11. de4856


    Well there’s an article on track Wrestling with Tom Brands by Andy Hamilton and Tom sounds very upbeat and positive, (if you can be positive about losing quality people), but it sounded like he was happy for Perry and Gilman getting to move on to new opportunities. So who knows, maybe it just a coincidence.
  12. de4856


    So I listened to the Brands/Bader interview. Terry clearly stated that the HWC isn’t short of cash, but I don’t think that he addressed if funding for the girls program was being cut, but he did repeatedly say that the girls are welcome to stay as long as they want and in fact where trying to recruit another gal to the HWC. So I am not sure what is going on, it could just be that since Mark Perry is their coach it just may be that they’re just following their coach to his new job. But that leads to the question why is Perry leaving in the first place. I think there’s something else going on, but Terry did say that they are looking for a replacement for Perry, so I guess we’ll see. As far as Gilman is concerned Terry said that Gilman’s GF is from PA., and she wants to go back home, and Gilman is just going with her. Now maybe that’s all there is to all of this, or maybe it has to do with money, and maybe it has something to do with Spencer Lee. But as I write this I have to wonder if the cancelled season has something to do with all of this, is the Covid -19 impacting the financial picture for the HWC.
  13. I have to think that JB will probably be hurt by this delay. Reason is Father Time, and KD will have additional time to get his body in tip top shape at 74.
  14. Speaking of Robles, I always wondered why he never went on to wrestle on the Senior level.
  15. Well congrats to Coach Pendleton, hopefully he can have a lot of success on his new endeavor.
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