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  1. My “guess” is that it was some sort of penalty, maybe Gilman got a little to rough while he was trying to force his opponent out of bounds. But this is only a guess.
  2. Wow, Nicky Pullups looked very impressive. The trials are just going to be insanely great.
  3. Well I thought the undercard had some very good performances, especially Cody Chittum, he put on quite a performance.
  4. Finally the schedule is out, I was getting a little worried. I am looking forward to seeing some great matches and duals.
  5. Well I loved the event, I would have liked to see Yianni and Zain in this event as well
  6. Well I can’t wait to see Lee in action again.
  7. Great event. Nice to get to see a lot of our young stars getting after it.
  8. Well I am looking forward to seeing this
  9. Well these last 7 plus years we have a lot to be grateful for, I mean we have JB, KS, KD, DT, J’den, Gwizz, JG, Gilman, and probably quite a few more that I didn’t mention.
  10. Anyone have a SnyderMan update?
  11. If Gable can make 97, and be at his best, this could be absolutely wild. With him, J’den, SnyderMan, and others, what a demolition derby.
  12. So the above post about Kyle Snyder is from Wrestling TV, it’s a couple of days old, so I don’t know about any new information. As far as Jordan Burroughs goes, being able to earn a Bronze while recovering from a broken ankle, is just another example of his greatness.
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