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  1. So I got bored and decided to update the numbers for Jordan Burroughs and I have it figured to come out to 59.5. Kyle Snyder now sits at 49. Kyle Dake is 38. David Taylor is 29. Thomas Gilman is at 21. So with these revised numbers Big Bruce is still in the lead with 70, but John Smith (43) has been overtaken by Jordan Burroughs, and Kyle Snyder. Kyle Dake has also passed David Schultz (36.5). David Taylor is now in a three way tie with Rick Sanders and Leeroy Kemp at (29).
  2. Since it’s been a while, and there is a lot of talk about who is the Greatest of all time on other threads, I was wondering if anyone has plugged in the new numbers for Burroughs, Snyder, Dake, Taylor, and Gilman.
  3. Well if you watch Zillmer’s post World tournament interview that’s on Flo, he said that he was trying to eat a quite a bit to gain. He also went on to say that he’s going to try and get better at that, ( size & strength), in the upcoming year.
  4. So what if J’den decides to go to 125 and spends the year bulking to 125, I mean Zillmer did it, and did pretty darn well at the Worlds.
  5. If J’den vacates 92, I think my favorite would be Kollin Moore. Or maybe Bo Nicks, takes a mini break from MMA, who knows
  6. Reece was good, but I really liked John Smith
  7. Well maybe, but you can’t ignore the fact that this is the 2nd year Yianni has made the Senior team, which gives him some consistency at 65. He has also medaled this year that shows that he has made some significant strides over the past year. While Nick Lee hasn’t made it to the top of the pack at 65 domestically. Add in the fact that Yianni gets to sit all the way to Final X also gives him an advantage. Now Nick Lee may have one advantage though, in the fact he is at NLWC, and gets the benefit of the training partners and coaching. But I guess this was a long way to say that Yianni seems to have gotten over the hump and Nick Lee hasn’t even made it to the crest of the hill. But we’ll see.
  8. There was a time when I thought that Nick Lee was going to be the guy, but with Yianni medaling, I’m not so sure anymore. But strange things happen, especially this year, who knew that Zillmer would get by Gwizz, Gross, get would get by Fix, Green would call it a career, (like Hancock), a couple of other guys leave for whatever the reason, and all of a sudden you have some new faces on your team.
  9. Nolf: I am not sure what will happen with him. I do think that when he made that trip over to Russia with SnyderMan, he was able to jump up a level. But even so, I don’t know if he will be able to surpass Dake anytime soon. So does Jason just sit and wait behind Dake, or does he change weights, or does he leave and go to MMA.
  10. Well Penn St. is probably the center of the college wrestling universe, and it looks like the NLWC is heading in that direction as well. So I think that SnyderMan’s membership in the NLWC gives him another advantage over Cox.
  11. I agree, I do believe that our future is very very bright.
  12. Congrats to all involved that made these World Championships a fantastic success for our Men’s and Women’s Freestyle teams.
  13. Well, I am not really sure if John Smith’s 6 for 6 is the greatest feat, or if it’s Big Bruce’s 13 medals, or if it’s Jordan Burroughs 7 World/Olympic titles. I would say that in Big Bruce’s era things weren’t as lucrative as they are today, which might make what Baumgartner did the most impressive. But Burroughs came onto the scene in 2011, and over a decade later, he’s still winning World titles. So many people will have an opinion on who they think is the greatest, and I know many would disagree me but I would rank JB over John Smith, and I think Bruce’s 13 medals still keeps him on top. And if someone else disagrees with me, I could certainly understand.
  14. I believe that Dake wins the whole thing
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