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  1. Well I am hoping to see Spencer look to dominate his way to a victory and avenge his dual meet loss from last year.
  2. Well I hope that they can get a handle on this, but if it turns into a worldwide pandemic, who knows what well happen.
  3. Well there’s a ton of stuff that Treep2000 said about SnyderMan that I agree with. If J’den has one advantage over Kyle it’s defense, and funk. So we’ll see.
  4. Well J’den could take out Kyle, but I don’t think he will. At 57, I think it’s going to be Lee. I thought that he was very impressive at the US Nationals 65, Yianni, I think he handles JO and finds a way to get by Zain. 74, I think it’s Dake, I think the young Lion finally beats the old Lion. 86, David Taylor, beats a tough and crowded field. 97, SnyderMan 125, This one isn’t clear in my mind, although Gwizz is our rep, I don’t know if Steveson has caught him, and there is Mason Parris also looming out there.
  5. Well I would love to see Bo go down to 86, but I haven’t heard anything yet.
  6. Well I think it’s David Taylor vs Zahid Valencia or Myles Martin. I guess it will come down to how the brackets are seeded. I know that this weight is loaded like they all are. Now it could very well be that we see Dieringer in there against Taylor. And our last year’s rep PD3, has a punchers chance with his throws.
  7. Huge win for the KemDog, congrats to him.
  8. sstark 46, my bad, I thought this dual was at Happy Valley.
  9. 125 Lee tech fall. Iowa 5, PSU 0 133 DeSanto dec. Iowa 8, PSU 0 141 Lee dec. Iowa 8, PSU 3 149 Lugo dec. Iowa 11, PSU 3 157 Young dec. Iowa 14, PSU 3 165 Joseph dec. Iowa 14, PSU 6 174 Hall dec. Iowa 14, PSU 9 184 Brooks dec. Iowa 14, PSU 12 197 Warner dec. Iowa 17, PSU 12 285 Cass dec. Iowa 20, PSU 12
  10. Well both are great, but I would be go with Nickal at this point in time. But I do have to say that I was very impressed with Valencia’s win over Dieringer in Rome.
  11. Well Spencer Lee, is a very accomplished wrestler and as we all know some of his accomplishments are, 2 time NCAA Champ, a World Cadet Champ and a 2 time Junior World Champ. And even though he hasn’t wrestled Freestyle in quite some time, he just won the Senior Nationals against a very talented field. I hope that Spencer can become an Olympian and he can win a Gold medal in Tokyo.
  12. Well I was pretty impressed with Assad, he took on a really good guy in Venz, and came away with the victory. I guess the back story on Assad would be what are the Brands Bros, going to do with Cash Wilcke, and Nelson Brands. Eric Schultz knocking off Jacob Warner has to be a big feather in his cap, where as a source of heartburn for Coach Brands. However, even though the Cornhuskers lost this dual, I like the guys that they have, I think Ridge Lovett might be able to make some headway at the Big Ten's, and maybe the NCAA's. Chad Red, I think has an excellent chance at becoming an AA again. Then you have a stretch in the Husker's line up that all have quality people that are ranked, Purinton, Robb, White, Labriola, Venz, Schultz, and Lance. So my point is that even though the Huskers lost last night, I expect to see quite a few of these guys to AA at the end of the year.
  13. Pat Downey posted on Instagram that "next stop is Krasnoyarsk." With the accompanying video of him standing at airport, so I have to believe that he will be there.
  14. Well I have worried about Kyle's coaching and training environment since Lou Rosselli left, Lol, I know, but things seemed to go well under Dlagnev. So my concerns about that faded. Anyway, as we all know, Kyle felt a change was necessary after failing to win the Gold in these last two World's. And as I sit here typing this I am beginning to wonder if PSU/Nittany Lion Club, (although very good place, and maybe the best in the country), is it the right place for Kyle. Meaning that, is Cael, and company splitting time between the team and the club, are going to be able to give Kyle enough time and attention that he will need to get back on top of the mountain. Another issue could be that Kyle who has been going pretty much full tilt for seven years now and could be a little run down. However, he did just win the Alan's last month and he looked pretty good in doing so, and he did face and bunch of really good guys and beat Baitseav in the finals, who is/was Russia's number 2. So I don't know if he's really run down physically, if anything he might be mentally exhausted. It could be that some wrestlers ( the first being Sharipov ), have figured out how to game plan for Kyle. And perhaps his Iranian opponent who looked suspiciously strong and fast, may have also followed this plan as well. Anyway, I hope that Kyle can find success at the NLWC, and I hope that we see him back atop the podium.
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