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  1. Well Vito will be in the mix, but he did lose to Gilman in January at the Henri Deglane. I know that was a few months ago, but I think that a heck of a lot would have to go in Vito’s favor to get by Gilman in Fort Worth. Now I don’t remember how Fix and Vito match up, but Fix is a former World Team member, so my feeling is that like Gilman, Vito would have to have a lot to go right for him to get by Fix. Now Suriano has come off a great performance at the Henri Deglane, and a pretty good one at the Matteo Pellicone, earlier in March. So I have to believe that Suriano has the hot hand right now. I believe that Vito’s last action was in February where he beat a couple of good wrestlers in Sanders, and Russell. Now I know someone will point out that Saunders pinned Gilman at this event, but I believe it was a case of Gilman trying for a gut wrench and getting stepped over by Zach. So I wouldn’t count on that happening again. And the reason I mentioned RBY, look at his recent performance at the NCAA’s. He looked quick and formidable.
  2. Well, I wonder if RBY can make 57 and still be able to complete at his optimum level. If he can, I think it’s probably going to come down to him, Gilman, Nicky Pull-ups and Fix.
  3. Well I am disappointed that Spencer won’t be going to the trials but hopefully he can get healed up and we can all see him on the mat soon.
  4. Well, my thoughts are that DeSanto has had some issues in the past, and until last night I thought that they were in the past. Unfortunately it appears that they aren’t. So I guess the question is, what do the Brands Bros do about it. I guess it depends on what they have already done and tried. I mean have the sent him to counseling? Have they got him other types of mental/psychological assistance? I don’t know, but clearly I think that this issue is not just what happens on the mat, but what will happen in life.
  5. Well Penn St. may have won the day, but other programs did very well for themselves as well. Look at Okla St. they had a freshmen Champ at 197, a finalist at 133, and four other AA’s. Arizona St., had a great performance as well, they had a finalist and four other AA’s. Others in my opinion were Stanford, Pitt, NC State, Utah Valley, and Rider, Northern Illinois, Cal Poly. Obviously there are others, but some of these programs can get a tremendous boost when they have a Champ, finalist, or an AA.
  6. Well I don’t know Spencer, and I think we all know of his potential beyond college, but it might just be that in Spencer’s case, that the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe Spencer decided that he will put the entire program on his back in order bring the title back to Iowa city.
  7. So was this the year of the Freshmen? Sure seemed like it.
  8. I saw the interview as well, and it is my feeling that Spencer will not be wrestling in Texas at the trials. My thought is that he will do whatever he needs to do medically to get ready for next season.
  9. 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Taylor 97 SnyderMan 125 Gable
  10. My “guess” is that it was some sort of penalty, maybe Gilman got a little to rough while he was trying to force his opponent out of bounds. But this is only a guess.
  11. Wow, Nicky Pullups looked very impressive. The trials are just going to be insanely great.
  12. Well I thought the undercard had some very good performances, especially Cody Chittum, he put on quite a performance.
  13. Finally the schedule is out, I was getting a little worried. I am looking forward to seeing some great matches and duals.
  14. Well I loved the event, I would have liked to see Yianni and Zain in this event as well
  15. Well I can’t wait to see Lee in action again.
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