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  1. Well the more I think about this move by SnyderMan, the more I like it. I think this will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.
  2. From Twitter: We went into the lions den and came back with more than we showed up with. Congrats to @Gorillahulk149 on his championship finals appearance. We will get there. #Dagestan #Process2020 @USAWrestling @wrestdag @Ariptv @wrestling. GHulk got the Silver medal. And according to Seth Petra, so did IMar.
  3. This is from Coach Guerrero on Twitter: Frank to the finals of the Shamil Umakhanov Intercontinental Cup! Khasavyurt, Dagestan. Still looking for additional information on how our other guys did.
  4. This was in Twitter from Illini RTC, Update from Dagestan: @Imar165 moves up a weight but still punches his ticket to the final with a 12-2 tech-fall. He was 3-0 on the day and wrestles the #9 guy in the world tomorrow afternoon in the finals.
  5. Well, I like the points that Scramble makes about other wrestlers making changes and it working out for them. And when you read SnyderMan’s letter it sounds like that is exactly what he is thinking as well. A couple of years ago, I posted something sort of along these lines when Kyle lost his personal coach Lou Rosselli, to Oklahoma, and I wondered how this would affect him, and since SnyderMan continued winning Gold medals, I guess it didn’t all that much, ( but the truth is, how would I really know ). But to change gears a little, I also watched Kyle’s interview with Bader on Flowrestling this morning, and apparently this desire to move was being considered for some time with two different motivating factors, one to be near his wife, and the other to improve as a wrestler. But one thing that I heard him say in the interview, which made me think about, was the fact that Kyle said that he was considering going back to the OTC, and training with J’Den. Which opens lots of different avenues of thought there. Anyway, I hope that this will be a great move for Kyle, and I hope to see him win more Gold Medals.
  6. Well as far as Nickal is concerned, I think he stays put, improves, and tries to make the team at 92, in 2021. But who knows maybe he makes a run at 86, I know that might be far fetched at the moment, but it’s not like that would be unprecedented, I mean I believe we have to be looking at a clash between Spencer Lee and Tommy Gilman at some point in the not to distant future. Also what Bo does or doesn’t do, may all hinge on what happens this spring between SnyderMan and Cox. I don’t know what DT’s plans are after 2020, maybe with a kid on the way he calls it a career or maybe takes a year off. But one thing for sure is that there seem to be a lot of moving parts here, and it might be a while before we know how this is all going to fall into place.
  7. Well I see it like this, (1) Kyle probably feels dissatisfied with his performance at the last two Worlds. So right there I believe he feels that he needs to do something different. (2) I also I think he wants to train with Nickal and Taylor, because both of those guys are great scramblers and funk masters, and he probably feels that will give him an advantage when he faces off with J’den. (3) Getting knowledge from Carl, Casey and Varner, has to be a good thing. He will also get to roll with Varner and Cassar and whoever else is there or they bring in for him. Kyle will probably go to the Yarygin so perhaps we will get a glimpse of what will be then.
  8. Well, I believe that this is a good move, he probably realizes that he is headed for a showdown with J’Den, so he needs to wrestle people that can create the situations that J’den will create. I also like the idea of getting some new training partners and getting some new perspectives.
  9. Looking at Wikipedia, Rick Sanders has 2 Olympic Silvers, (1968, and 1972), a World Title, (1969), a World Silver, (1967), and a World Bronze. (1966). I had no idea he had 5 Olympic/World medals. So, I believe his total should be 62. Which if my math is right, and the totals for everyone else is correct, should rank Sanders in 6th place, behind SnyderMan, and in front of Leroy Kemp. Thinking about Sanders, I remember years ago, but maybe it was decades ago, I think there was a special done on him, but since it’s been so long ago, perhaps it’s time to find it and play it again, or maybe someone can produce another one. But going over this list and you see all the medals that JB and Dave Schultz have won, it really shows how great they were, (and in JB’s case still is). I would say that John Smith’s streak of 6 in a row may never be equaled by a US wrestler, but when you look at Baumgartner, you have to realize that his career spanned was more than a decade, and was in an era of the single Bronze as well less financial support. So in my book, Baumgartner, is our most successful wrestler. I understand that John Smith’s run of perfection will cause others to disagree with me, and I am fine with that.
  10. Well I hope all of our guys have a great tourney, and can build some momentum for themselves going into the last couple of months of the year. As far as Gilman is concerned, props to him for winning last week and trying to improve himself. I think he has decided that he is not going gentle into that good night.
  11. Well looking at David Taylor's Instagram posts, he looks like he's training and rehabbing well, so I have to think that he will be ready to go. My question is does he need to go to the US Open in December, or since he's a returning World medalist, does that automatically secure a spot for him at the OTT. But then as I type this I think that if he goes to the US Open, and wins that will he have a better position in the bracket or get to sit out until the finals at the OTT.
  12. nhs67, yes, this is all just guesswork on my part, I have no idea what J'den thinks or has planned for the upcoming year. I did see that SnyderMan say in his post Bronze medal match that he wants to go to a ranking tournament in January, which when you look at the UWW's calendar, is the Yarygin. So the reason I bring that up, is perhaps J'den can give this tourney a try, and perhaps give him an indication on what it's like to compete in 97. And since it's being held in January, J'den can make some revisions or new decisions on what he wants to do. If at that point he decides that he will go 86, he has four months to drop down. Or if it's 97, he has four months to get stronger. Then again, J'den might not even be focusing on SnyderMan, he might be thinking about Saduleav and Sharifov, and what it will take to win the Gold Medal in Tokyo.
  13. nhs67, What I was trying to say, is that Cox (when considering matching up against SnyderMan), is probably not a 100% confident that he can beat him. According to a interview I saw, SnyderMan said that he likes to spar with J'den so I would probably suspect that these sessions are not lopsided in one way or another, but highly competitive, which makes think that J'den is constantly reminded that taking on SnyderMan and beating him is an unknown factor.
  14. Now that the World's have been completed, I am very curious about what Spencer Lee's schedule. I have heard that Spencer isn't going to Red Shirt, so it leaves me to wonder what he is going to do, and when we will get a chance to see Spencer in a Freestyle meet. I know that we are having our US Open in December and I hope to see Spencer compete in this. Anyway, I can't wait to see all our top 57 guys hashing it out for the spot in Tokyo.
  15. Well in Kyle Snyder's post Bronze medal match he said that he wants to go to the ranking series tournament in January, and looking at UWW's schedule, the only ranking tourney in January is the Yarygin, (I have no idea why he didn't just say Yarygin ). But this may be a chance for Cox to try 97. But as I type this, I am of the opinion that Cox is going to go 86, the reason being I think he believes that he can beat David Taylor, where as SnyderMan is an unknown factor, as well as I believe SnyderMan has the seeding advantage in the OTT.
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