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  1. Anyone have a SnyderMan update?
  2. If Gable can make 97, and be at his best, this could be absolutely wild. With him, J’den, SnyderMan, and others, what a demolition derby.
  3. So the above post about Kyle Snyder is from Wrestling TV, it’s a couple of days old, so I don’t know about any new information. As far as Jordan Burroughs goes, being able to earn a Bronze while recovering from a broken ankle, is just another example of his greatness.
  4. Olympic champion Snyder out of Worlds due to injury By WrestlingTV Desk - 12/10/2020
  5. Any confirmation about this ? If Kyle needs or has had surgery this will obviously put him out of action for weeks ? Months ? Tough news.
  6. David Taylor is a World Champ, so if he is still at the top of his game, I would be inclined to believe that DT would be heavily favored. And if you go back and watch his match with Yazdani (one of the world’s best), at the 2018 World’s DT’s scrambling abilities seem pretty formidable. But different styles do make for Interesting matchups.
  7. Well I sure hope that we go, I mean we are wrestling and we have college football and pro sports and they’re playing soccer in Europe, so I have to think that they will follow some sort of protocol, but I think that people and organizations should feel that it’s relatively safe.
  8. And I guess my 2nd question is when are we choosing our team? I didn’t see anything on our schedule, so does anyone have an idea?
  9. So, my first question Is, does anyone have any info on SnyderMan’s injury?
  10. So, who will replace PD3? I don’t know if Zahid is available and or even eligible, but I think that would be an interesting matchup.
  11. I watched it, and I know that it had some issues, but overall I enjoyed it, and I really liked watching wrestling again.
  12. Well congrats to Sabrina and Spencer.
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