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  1. de4856

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Hopefully the tourney will have a multitude of the nation's top talent in every weight class which may indicate how thing's may play out in April at the U.S. Open.
  2. de4856

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    For Minnesota 125, I think Russell ( a former AA from Edinboro, ), has a very good chance at being an AA. 133, Lizak aka the back pack, is a gamer, and even though he did not look great against DeSanto, I wouldn't count him out in March, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the top 8. 141, Mitch McKee is looking good thus far and with his number 5 ranking, I feel very confident that he will AA. 149, Thorn, I think he will need to make some major strides between now and March if he is going to get a spot on the podium. 157, Bleise, I think he is closer than Thorn in his podium chances, but he, like Thorn, will need to make some big strides to get to AA. 165, Brolsma, has had success this year, but didn't look great against Marinelli, which could be due to the Bull just having a great year, so hard it's to say how Carson will do come March. 174, Skatzka, started fast against Bowman, but barely escaped with the win. Devin, has a number 12 ranking, but I think he is kind of a long shot to reach AA. 184, Krone, a fighter, but I think he's going to have to have the tourney of a lifetime to AA. 197, Streifel, new to this weight, might have an outside chance, hard to say. Hwt. Steveson, I am sure he will AA, I guess the real question, is will he win it all. I think he has a very good chance to do it.
  3. de4856

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Well, whatever Lee is dealing with, I hope that he is able to get past it.
  4. de4856

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Okay, I believe something is going on with Lee, he just does not look like his usual juggernaut self. A couple of weeks ago at the Midlands he gets beat by the Sea Bass, and today, with no real offense and he gets an unusually low scoring ( by Lee standard's ), win over Russell. I am getting worried. I have to say as a side note I did not like DeSanto's antics, but it as far as the Hawkeye squad is concerned, they looked pretty good, for a team that has had a lot of their leaders graduate and in Kem Dog's case injured. ( Not really sure about Stoll's situation ), and they will probably not look so good against Penn St. and a few others, but I think they should be able to get some of these young guys on the podium in March.
  5. Well after watching both parts of the video, as well as other things I've seen him post about his diet, I will have to say that perhaps this isn't all that wacky. Particularly watching some of the exercises he was doing I began to think that perhaps someone like SnyderMan should look into that. I know that SnyderMan post videos of him lifting massive amounts of weight, but at the last World's he, (SnyderMan) looked slow, and did not in anyway shape or form look like the remorseless head snapping ground gaining scoring machine that we all have come to know and love. Now maybe the last World's was a one off for SnyderMan, but if you look at Dake's performance at the World's I don't know how you can't come away from his performance and not say it was extremely impressive. So my point is maybe there is something to Dake's training methods, and maybe Coach Tervel, and SnyderMan should review this.
  6. de4856

    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    Well, I believe that 65, it probably the weight class that faces the most uncertainty this year. Basically due to the number of highly talented challengers that Logiebear will have to face. Logiebear is really going to find himself in a gauntlet. At 61, I would suspect that Colon would be the next guy who is the most vulnerable, basically because I see him and Garrett being so close. I do think that Mega, and Gross, will also be there to make a serious challenge as well. As far as our other weights go, I think that our Senior guys will no doubt face a tough challenge, but I think they will all pull through. Now when 2020 rolls around we will obviously some guys change weight classes, and we will probably see some stand pat waiting to go to the World Championships for the weights that weren't contested at the Olympics. Now the big question is for 2020, is who's going to make the Olympic team and who isn't. I see that all our six Olympic weight classes will be heavily contested. But even though they will be a lot of pressure and competition, I still see that JB, DT, SnyderMan, and Gwiz, will prevail to be our reps. As far as 57, and 65, goes, It's anybody's guess.
  7. de4856

    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    Well, after thinking about this a little more, and even though we have a lot of great stars waiting in the wings, I don't think we see much of a change in our Senior team line up until after the 2020 Olympics.
  8. de4856

    Nickal , Nolf,Lee

    Well, there is a lot to cover here, So starting with Lee, I am not 100% sure that he will compete this year. I actually think we see a replay of 2018, with Fix and Gilman at 57. 61, I think Mega will be a force, but unless something happens like an injury, I will sound like a broken record and say that it will come down to Colon and Garrett. 65, should be very intriguing, especially with Zain, J.O. Logiebear, Joey Mac, Eierman, Yanni D, and others will all have their hats in the ring. I don't know where GHulk will land, but since he was at 70 last year, I am think we will see him at 70 again. 70, I expect to see Nolf at this weight, but also GHulk, Pantaleo, Deakin, Hidlay, and of course, James Green. I am not sure what Jason Chamberlain is going to do. 74, IMar, Kulchyskyy, Wick, The Bull, and of course JB. 79, Mark Hall, Zahid, Dieringer, and Kid Dynamite are going to be the top contenders. 86, Well, Nick Reenan, was the last guy standing vying to challenge DT last year, I am not sure who will emerge this year. Maybe MyMar, maybe Sammy Brooks, but I don't think anyone is going to dethrone DT. 92, Well, if Heflin has fully recovered I think we see him, and Zillmer, being the guys that come out of the tourney to challenge J'Den, but maybe we see Nickal, or Kollin Moore. I know Nickal was DT's training partner last year, so he might be a guy who snatches the challenge tourney title. 97, well the last two years we've seen SnyderMan Gadson battling, and right now I think it will be more of the same, but it's possible that someone takes out Gadson to challenge Kyle. I think Kyle's biggest challenge will come in the following year when J'Den comes up from 92. 125, I think the two questions are, does Adam Coon, try to go both styles again, and the other is how much improvement has Gable made. Anthony Nelson and Jake Varner, ( if he wrestles ), will be the other top guys.
  9. de4856

    Brandon Sorenson w/o Retherford

    Well if the Zain Train was in another weight, I would expect that Sorenson would've captured a least one title. Probably the year he made the finals.
  10. Well, wherever GHulk goes, I hope he finds what he needs, so he can be at his best for this run.
  11. Well if J.O., Zain, GHulk, and Logiebear are all at 65, that will be worth the price of admission right there, but imagine if Joey Mac and Eierman are there as well, could be lots of fireworks just in that weight class alone. But getting back to the question at hand, I would have to figure Logie gets the top seed as he is our current rep, after that, it's anybody's guess, but perhaps they will use the team rankings, which would put Joey Mac in the number 2 seed, and Eierman at the third seed. J.O., Zain, and GHulk will probably round out the other three seeds. I guess it wouldn't be a stretch to say that some of the higher seeds may get upset by the lower seeds. But who knows, remember last year Logie got beat by Eierman, so who knows. Anyway this will be another event to look forward to.
  12. Well, I am hopeful that someday Spencer will bring home the Gold at the World's and Olympics.
  13. de4856

    #1 vs #2

    Well, the match that really stands out for me, is the Yanni McKenna match, not just for the season implications, but also for the potential freestyle match ups. Both of these two could very well end up being or vying to be our representative at 65.
  14. Well I am curious to see if GHulk goes 65, or 70. But I am glad to see that he will be trying to make the team in 2019. As a former Olympian, I feel that even if he doesn't make the team, he will help us put forth the best representative.
  15. de4856

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Well I am a huge Varner fan, and I actually I think his style is more suited for 125. But I believe Jake's issue at 125, is that he is just undersized, in comparison to some of the larger heavyweights around the world. But I do hope that he does decide to compete in 2020, just so that it helps us put the best representative out there.