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  1. I know that there was some other posts on another thread about DT never beating Yaz again, but looking at their last match in Oslo, it was tight and DT was in on a leg and had it up in the air when it looked like he slipped, causing that takedown and the match to go Yaz’s was. Anyway my point is that, I think that DT still has an excellent chance of beating Yaz in the future and I don’t see any reason why DT would go up to 92. Also DT is getting a little older, has a family, runs a business, and I really don’t think that he will be competing past 2024.
  2. Well I said this on another thread, but I think it was Flowrestling interviewing Dan Gable about Kyle’s match with Sads after the Olympics, and Gable’s response was that Kyle needs to take Sads into deep water early. I know that when I mentioned that, I got some push back by another poster who said that this is the only way Gable sees things, but it doesn’t make Gable wrong. I also wonder sometimes how much influence Kyle’s matches with Mohammadi and Sharifov have had on Kyle. I also wonder if that played a part in his matches with Goleij, and Sads at Oslo. Or was it just the strategy that they came up with for these World’s. Or was it just something Sads and Goleij were doing that prevented Kyle from scoring. I kind of think that Kyle can change things up a little and can add some things to his arsenal, but at the end of the day, he is what he is, and if he is a nothing more than a head snapping, mat gaining, remorseless attacking machine, then that’s what he needs to be.
  3. So here’s a question, does anyone know why Nick Lee didn’t compete at the World Team trials for Oslo?
  4. So speaking of Iranians and under hooks, I watched a match in the 2016 Olympics between Novachkov and the Iranian Nassiri. And throughout this match the Iranian dug the undertook and Boris just took a step to the side and completely nullified the Iranian’s underhook. And in doing so, the Iranian was left walking into numerous leg attacks by Novachkov. I always thought that this match should be required watching for USA wrestlers and coaches. ( I have no idea if it has been or hasn’t been ), but it was fascinating to watch.
  5. Well maybe Sads was right about SnyderMan being better prepared for the Olympics than he was for the World’s, even though when it comes to Snyder that really doesn’t really make sense, because he’s always prepared. But I guess you could point to Snyder’s match with Goleij, and his match with Sads as evidence. So if Sads assessment is true, what is the reason for this? My first thought would be that the Olympics and the World’s were to close together. The other might be that he is getting a little discouraged about not finding an answer for Sads. I know it could be any number of things, and it may be not true altogether.
  6. So does anyone know why KJ left USA Wrestling to go to Michigan?
  7. So according to the UWW event calendar, there are two ranking events in February the first being 03-06, and the other 24-27. So I am wondering how many of our number ones will be at one or both of these ranking tournaments. And if they are there who will be here, and likewise for the Iranian team.
  8. Well anything is possible, but with RBY, and Fix, and possibly Suriano, I think it will be a tough hill to climb.
  9. Hopefully this Bronze medal performance will help Hancock’s confidence going forward in World level events. Also maybe the other top Greco guys in the U.S. are saying to themselves, “ If G’Angelo can do it, so can I.”
  10. My top five: 1. Bruce Baumgartner 2. Jordan Burroughs 3. John Smith 4. Kyle Snyder 5. Dave Schultz
  11. Is Adeline Gray the all time Women’s GOAT ?
  12. Well for me I would say it’s Big Bruce Baumgartner. But if JB keeps having success, I think that he could be considered the Greatest of all time.
  13. Well, SnyderMan can always go to Minnesota and train with Gable from time to time, and he doesn’t need to leave the NLWC. I think that NLWC could bring in some guys for Kyle to train with. I do believe that the strategy for this last match against Sads, wasn’t the best.
  14. Clearly SnyderMan had a disappointing match, and the strategy of trying to wear down Sads by simply hand fighting didn’t work. So obviously Kyle and crew will need to go back and re-think and re-evaluate these last two matches of these championships, as well as re-examine his match with Sads in Tokyo. But as far as should Kyle leave the NLWC, I don’t think that would be a good idea. I mean where would he go, that could match what he’s getting at NLWC? As far as how we train and prepare for these championships, I think we could, and probably do emphasize and incorporate things into our training and preparation, but I think that overall we are doing very well. I mean we sent 5 guys to Tokyo, and we came back with 5 medals, two of which were Gold. Here at this championship we had 7 medals, three champions, and three finalists. Additionally with our style of training we also have seen a fair amount of success on the Junior and Cadet level. I am sure that our coaches are always looking for ways to improve and get better, and hopefully we will. Sometimes though, it just comes down to who the athlete is. I mean look at what Gable Steveson did at Tokyo, and he basically just came off a college season, with time to prepare afterwards.
  15. Dan Gable was interviewed after the Tokyo Olympics and he asked about the Sad/Snyder match. His response was that Kyle needs to take Sads into deep water early. After seeing this match today, I agree. I know that it’s easier said that done, but SnyderMan is going to have to figure something out if he wants to get back to the top of the mountain. Also it looks like that the Iranian Goleji, is going to be a real threat going forward, so SnyderMan will have to deal with that as well. However it’s not all bad news, I would like to say congratulations to SnyderMan on yet another World medal, which I believe ties him with the legendary Dave Schultz for the number of World/Olympic medals.
  16. Well I believe that Snyder may have baited the Iranian by being on the edge of the circle. And I think that the Iranian figured that he could get an extra point and seal the match. Fortunately whatever the Iranian was thinking, he moved into a position that Snyder was able to score off of. I think that the bigger issue was how the Iranian was to keep Snyder’s offense at bay for basically the entire match.
  17. Well the Cael mystic is so legendary that even though DT has more World medals than Cael, I think right now most people would say Cael. I think people would have a hard time trying to separate his wrestling career from his coaching career, But DT is still pretty young and if he continues his success I think people’s perspective could change. If you look at Dan Gable (1 Olympic Gold, and 1 World Gold, plus his incredible college career), doesn’t have near the amount of World/Oly medals that Bruce Baumgartner, John Smith, Dave Schultz, and Jordan Burroughs have, but pretty much everyone knows of the legendary Dan Gable. Jordan Burroughs in my opinion is practically of a similar stature. I think that Burroughs is incredibly popular with today’s fans, wrestlers and the media that covers our sport. I think Jordan Burroughs obviously helped his image with his analysis during these past Olympics.
  18. I was wondering why Iran has been able to turn things around so dramatically in these past eight weeks. Was it because the rest of the world is suffering from an Olympics hangover? Or did Iran use these eight weeks to get things fixed and get their team peaking at the right time?
  19. DT looks like he’s wrestling against Jr. High schoolers. I am very curious to see how his finals match will be. When I saw Dayton’s draw I thought that he would have a fairly tough road ahead of him, but gosh he was like a human buzzsaw. I know it’s kind of a head scratcher but in my opinion Dake looked the least dominant of our three finalists of today. Hopefully though all three can prevail in the finals. Hopefully Gwizz can be at the top of his game and wrestle great and get past Taha for the Bronze.
  20. So here’s another one to chew on, who had a better wrestling career Tom or Terry Brands ?
  21. Dake, has the edge in their college career. As for international, Dake has two World titles to DT’s one. However DT has an Olympic Gold to Dake’s Bronze. So I guess it’s about how much value you place on a Olympic Gold, compared to a World title and an Olympic Bronze. DT did beat Yazdani, ( one of the World’s premier wrestlers ), so maybe that may be a factor as well in one’s consideration. As for me, I think I would take a World title and an Olympic Bronze over an Olympic Gold. I know that an Olympic Gold is the ultimate prize, and this will probably meet with some disagreement with people on this forum.
  22. So this got me thinking, I know that we have a National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, and we have the Dan Gable museum. I have never been to either so I don’t know what they have there. I do know what you can run a person’s name in the Nat Hall of Fame and see if they are there, and when I ran Bobby Douglas it just showed a picture of his plaque and very little else. So, I thought who decides who’s in our out, and what criteria do they use? But the point that I am getting at is that I think USA Wrestling should have a page, or a section of Hall of Famers. Thoughts ?
  23. Well if we are going old era vs new, that may need it’s own thread. You can say a lot about what it was compared to what is. But I think the best way to look at it is, our wrestlers competed in their time, and regardless of the hardships or benefits, they did what they did.
  24. Another one might be Bill Scheer, an Olympic Bronze, a World Gold, two World Silvers, and a World Bronze.
  25. So here’s three, Rick Sanders. Three world medals, ( 1, Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze, along with two Olympic Silvers. Might have had more except that he was killed in a tragic automobile accident. Additionally Sanders like Bobby Douglas competed in Greco as well as Freestyle on the World team. Larry Kristoff winner of 5 World medals, ( 3 Silvers, 2 Bronze ). Plus a pretty good coaching career afterwards. Bobby Douglas as mentioned above Wrestled Freestyle and Greco, and won a World Silver and a Bronze. Like Kristoff, Douglas had a very significant coaching career afterwards.
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