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    de4856 reacted to Uwwdoc in 92 Kg   
    This won't happen.
    He's the reigning 86kg olympic champ. Why move up to a non Olympic weight with a tough stylistic match up domestically and a guy that could usurp him potentially in Kamran.
    At 86kg he owns the weight domestically and currently is pretty much guaranteed a final position with him and Yaz. And the one loss to Yaz won't push him out. It will motivate him to try and beat him. Momentum is with Yaz of course.
    So yeah. Not happening haha. I imagine his main goal now is to be double olympic champ
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    de4856 reacted to The Genius in 92 Kg   
    Why would he move to 92kg? 
    Tougher path to being the national rep (Cox v ... no one really at 86kg), he's 3-1 against the only guy that can beat him at 86kg (an Olympic weight) and there's no guarantee he'd have a better shot at beating Ghasempour than Yazdani (to the contrary, Ghasempour is clearly elite and could be a worse stylistic match up for him). 
    Just doesn't make sense and hard to see it ever happening. 
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    de4856 got a reaction from Eagle26 in Sadulaev Interview Post Worlds   
    Well I said this on another thread, but I think it was Flowrestling interviewing Dan Gable about Kyle’s match with Sads after the Olympics, and Gable’s response was that Kyle needs to take Sads into deep water early. I know that when I mentioned that, I got some push back by another poster who said that this is the only way Gable sees things, but it doesn’t make Gable wrong. 
    I also wonder sometimes how much influence Kyle’s matches with Mohammadi and Sharifov have had on Kyle. I also wonder if that played a part in his matches with Goleij, and Sads at Oslo. Or was it just the strategy that they came up with for these World’s. Or was it just something Sads and Goleij were doing that prevented Kyle from scoring. 
    I kind of think that Kyle can change things up a little and can add some things to his arsenal, but at the end of the day, he is what he is, and if he is a nothing more than a head snapping, mat gaining, remorseless attacking machine, then that’s what he needs to be. 
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    de4856 reacted to wrestlingnerd in Sadulaev Interview Post Worlds   
    Or maybe he’s just not going to beat Sadulaev again. Sadualev appeared to have more gas because Snyder tried a completely different, more passive approach. After the last 3 encounters, I don’t begrudge that decision. He needed to try something different. Holding position and then hoping for a last minute pushout or bumrush style TD against a more tired Sadulaev was worth a shot. Unfortunately, Sadulaev wasn’t going to wait for that and scored with surprising ease after a period of feeling Snyder out. 
    I think Snyder needs to go back to the only way he won: try to wear him out. Otherwise it becomes a “wrestling contest”, and I don’t see him ever winning that way. As Cael told Varner at the Olympics: make it about conditioning. It’s probably the only edge Snyder has, if he even has that anymore. I don’t like the chances either way and am with the guys who say Sadulaev runs the table from now on. 
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    de4856 reacted to Konquest in This is a 1/3 real world championship   
    True.  I'd never say it to their faces, but the great USA wrestlers back in the day only had to face one Russian to win WC/Olympics and now there are brackets with like 5 guys from Dagestan in them.
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    de4856 reacted to jp157 in Greco Worlds Thread ;)   
    3 years so not the longest but not great. Greco basically held serve for what it dies every 1-2 years. Bleh overall. 1 medal. 
    Im more worried about long term with WCAP getting cut the trickle down effects
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    de4856 reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Greco Worlds Thread ;)   
    Congrats to the USA greco program on their first medal in quit a while. 
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    de4856 reacted to ShakaAloha in Greco Worlds Thread ;)   
    He did it!!
    Congrats to Hancock!!
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    de4856 reacted to The Genius in Greco Worlds Thread ;)   
    Hancock won Bronze at 97kg. Congrats
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    de4856 reacted to denger in Snyder/Sad Strategy Predictions   
    When Kyle was winning Golds, he was the relentless one. He gave zero $#!†s about the accomplishments of his opponents while out pacing them until they slowed down enough for him to attack their legs or push them out. It wasn't slick or pretty. It didn't appear to be a thoughtful strategy, but he was eventually going to run them over. 
    Sadulaev isn't those guys Snyder beat in 2015. Based on recent performances, I doubt there's a strategy that will beat him. I would like to see Snyder wrestle like he has nothing to lose again. But, when Sad comes out pulling his head down and forcing KS to stay in his reach, I'm not sure that KS has an answer. 
    I probably agree with @HawkY, all KS can do is get back to what he does well. 
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    de4856 reacted to NJDan in DT bar/half   
    It seems that the international guys have no idea what's happening when DT puts in a half. They go over so easily. Makes me wonder why other US guys don't use it.
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    de4856 reacted to Amplitude7 in Iran is on fire   
    I think the latter. They got 5-7 days of rest after olympics. New coach brought new perspective. Fixed a lot of small issues.
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    de4856 reacted to Return of Aztec in Bold Prediction: Keep this until 2024   
    I regret nothing.

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    de4856 got a reaction from GockeS in Amercian freestyle Mt. Rushmore without Olympic gold?   
    So here’s three,
    Rick Sanders. Three world medals, ( 1, Gold, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze, along with two Olympic Silvers. Might have had more except that he was killed in a tragic automobile accident. Additionally Sanders like Bobby Douglas competed in Greco as well as Freestyle on the World team. 
    Larry Kristoff winner of 5 World medals, ( 3 Silvers, 2 Bronze ). Plus a pretty good coaching career afterwards. 
    Bobby Douglas as mentioned above Wrestled Freestyle and Greco, and won a World Silver and a Bronze. Like Kristoff, Douglas had a very significant coaching career afterwards. 
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    de4856 reacted to LJB in I want Cox vs Sadulaev   
    i am not going to bother to listen to that interview...
    the new heel cox does not interest me at all...
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    de4856 reacted to hammerlockthree in WTT Predictions, Upsets and Updates   
    how on earth did JO not get shot clocked
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    de4856 reacted to Lunaticfringe in Men's Freestyle All-World Team for the 2000s   
    A couple athletes here should be disqualified from the list for using PEDs in Taymazov and Kudukhov and Rodriguez should be as well for taking dives.
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    de4856 reacted to Aviator12 in The upside case for Snyder   
    I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this, at least as far as I know and have seen/read.
    Was I the only person who noticed Saduluev gasping for air, taking deep, labored breaths while laying on his back on the mat with his fists lying on his forehead? 
    Not only was it labored breathing, he was grimacing like he was completely spent.
    Now one can say who cares how spent he is if he wins the match and has enough energy during the match to win. I get that. 
    But this falls in line with the brutally obvious blueprint for Snyder to beat Saduluev again… the same way he did the first time. Wear him out.
    Cael was screaming at Kyle to get going in the 1st period, let alone the last 30 secs when the camera caught Cael up close relaying the same to Snyder.
    Now I’m not suggesting Snyder shoots aimlessly on arguably the best defensive wrestler in the world.. but what I am saying is Kyle needs to convince himself that he is the larger, stronger wrestler OVER AN ENTIRE 2 PERIODS. In the 3 matches I’ve watched, Kyle has shown to me he has the better tank than Saduluev. Saduluev may and can match Snyder’s strength in burst throughout the match, but I absolutely convinced that Kyle can beat Saduluev again if he Gilman’s or even better Desanto’s Saduluev for 2 full periods straight.
    Saduluev has mentioned Snyder’s size and strength multiple times in interviews as being tops at 97 KG he has wrestled, he actually described Snyder as the much bigger and stronger wrestler than J’Den Cox when asked to compare the two. (Which I don’t agree w at all btw).
    Saduluev without question has the psychological advantage with Snyder, and he even has cautioned Snyder in interviews in the past to basically slow his roll.. Snyder hypes the meeting between the 2 and Saduluev downplays them. This is important because Saduluev knows Snyder will be impatient and try to score and it plays right into his strength.
    Instead if trying to score on Saduluev right away, I would like to see him harass and horse Saduluev with heavy hands and snaps, look for early pushouts but the main objective being wear Saduluev down and keep the score low and close. Saduluev has shown twice now his cardio is spent at the end of the 2nd after Snyder goes on an offensive barrage.
    Freestyle rewards commanding the center of the mat and active forward moving hand fighting more so than offensive shots and moves altogether so this approach also plays into avoiding being put on caution clock1st period as well.
    So again, I’d like to see Kyle hirse Saduluev and look to score like he has and does … defensively and push outs for the first period and an half. Then with a minute and an half to go, give Saduluev the same offensive onslaught hes been given when Kyle was down and needed to score. I truly believe the key the key to beating him again. Don’t wrestle to his strength, use his size and strength to wear him down, then crush his cardio that Kyle has proven to have the better tank.
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    de4856 reacted to dmm53 in Gilman   
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    de4856 reacted to Bozak2018 in Will Spencer Lee ever win Olympic gold?   
    You keep saying Lee's dream of olympic glory was crushed.  It hasn't been crushed, just delayed.  It's not like Tokyo was his only hope for olympic glory.  He will win his 4th title in March, likely a 2nd team title as well.  Then I suspect he will get the knees taken care of surgically and be all in for 2024.
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    de4856 reacted to 77again in NLWC   
    No doubt about it. Nittany Lion WC is the place to be for post collegiate glory.
    I've never seen Thomas Gilman wrestle better. Seconds away from a probable gold medal. 
    Snyder looked great and was probably a minute away from beating the world's best wrestler for gold.
    Taylor, who is arguably the world's second best FS wrestler, beats the world's third best wrestler for the third time.
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    de4856 reacted to buckeyehomer in American wrestlers with 3 or more world medals   
    Don't ask, I got really bored. List is probably not quite complete I was just using wikipedia. feel free to add!
    Bruce Baumgartner 130kg - 2x Olympic Champ, 3x World Champ, 13 Medals overall (13)
    Jordan Burroughs 74 kg - Olympic Champ, 4x World Champ, 3x Bronze (8)
    Dave Schultz 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, 3x World Silver 2x Bronze (7)
    John Smith 62kg - 2x Olympic Champ, 4x World Champ (6)
    Kyle Snyder 97kg - Olympic Champion, 2x World Champ, Olympic Silver, 2 more world medals (6)
    Rick Sanders 52 kg - World Champ, 2x Olympic Silver, +2 More World Medals (5)
    Larry Kristoff 97kg+ - 3x World Silver, 2x Bronze (5)
    Bill Scherr 100 kg - World Champ, Olympic Bronze, 3 other world medals (5)
    John Peterson 82kg - Olympic Champ, Olympic Silver, 2x World Medalist (4)
    Greg Gibson 100kg - World Silver 2x, World Bronze, Olympic Silver (4)
    Lee Kemp 74kg - 3x World Champion, 1 bronze (4)
    Kenny Monday 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, World Silver, Olympic Silver (4)
    Melvin Douglas 90kg/82 - World Champ, 4x Medalist (4)
    J'den Cox 86/92kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze, World Bronze (4)
    Wayne Wells 74kg - Olympic Champ, World Champ, World Silver (3)
    Don Behm 57kg - Olympic Silver, 2x World Silver (3)
    Ben Peterson 90kg - Olympic Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3)
    Russ Hellickson 100kg - Olympic Silver, World Silver, World Bronze (3)
    Chris Campbell 90kg - World Champ, World Silver, Olympic Bronze (3)
    Barry Davis 57kg - Olympic Silver, 2x World Medalist (3)
    Mark Schultz 82kg - Olympic Champ, 2x World Champ (3)
    Jim Scherr 90kg- 3x World Medalist (3)
    Zeke Jones 52kg - World Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3)
    Kevin Jackson 82kg - Olympic Champ, 2x World Champ (3)
    Terry Brands 57kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze (3)
    Sammie Henson 54kg - World Champ, Olympic Silver, World Bronze (3)
    Lincoln Mcllravy 69kg - Olympic Bronze, 2x World Medalist (3)
    Tervel Dlagnev 125kg - Olympic Bronze, 2x World Bronze (3)
    Kyle Dake 74/79kg - 2x World Champ, Olympic Bronze (3)
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    de4856 reacted to Uwwdoc in Congratulations Team USA   
    You guys have been mega impressive overall and even with 1 day left every 5 of your wrestlers are going to be on the podium. A massive improvement from 1 gold and 1 bronze in 2016. Gilman looked mighty improved. Taylor managed to make a last second gold medal winning takedown against one of the best wrestlers in the world.  Snyder is in the final. Stevenson at his age took out Akgul and if he takes out Geno for gold it may be even more impressive than Taylor. I know Dake messed up. But he just beat Chamizo for bronze. Still great.
    5 out of 5 medalists. Big applause.
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    de4856 reacted to uncle bernard in Discussion thread for 57kg (m), 57kg (w), and 86kg (m)   
    Amine stole Micic's life force to have the best 90 seconds of his career.
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    de4856 reacted to bnwtwg in Draws are out for 57kg and 86kg!   
    Carl sacrificed Gilman to the bracket gods in order to get his protegé Taylor the optimal draw. 
    Micic got a heck of a reward earning the #1 seed. Absolutely brutal.
    86 is going to get a rando undeserving medalist again.
    Helen needs to run the gauntlet.
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