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  1. Actually, The Olympic Training Center, Regional Training Sites, and USAW itself receive no federal money. Unlike most countries worldwide, in our great country the Olympic Movement (National Governing Bodies along with the USOC itself) receives no money from Uncle Sam. There used to be a federal scholarship (Stupak) that was given to athletes training at one of the Olympic Training Centers, but that was cut by the Obama administration. This money was vital to the USOEC and OTC in that it supported athletes continuing their education while training/competing. This lack of government funding is why it makes it so difficult for our country to have the necessary amount of wrestlers training/competing at the senior level. Club funding, small stipends and small bonus $ from USAW are the only funding that is available. In strong wrestling countries such as RUS, AZE, and European countries, the national teams and training centers are supported partially or fully by their governments. Our government is far too dysfunctional and corrupt to consider funding sports programs. American college programs should provide us with plenty of top notch wrestlers/asst. coaches that are ready to compete at the world level, however those wrestlers are spending the majority of their time training in folkstyle and not FS/GR
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