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  1. DF needs to at least get an honorable mention
  2. jrod9


    I'm not a Lehigh guy, but my guess would be Parker shirts this year. Following year either Parker or Cruz goes 133 after Beckman leaves.
  3. SHP...how would answer the question above of who gets the #1 seed should Cox and Schiller both go undefeated?
  4. He bonused everyone except Retherford.
  5. Fwiw, Chance beat Penn State backup when he was in 8th grade at the Nittany Lion Open.
  6. I could be wrong, but I never saw one poster say he was sick in the Dake or Jenkins matches. Other excuses may have been given by some, but none of which apply to this topic of him being sick for the match in question. And Hatchett is no Dake or even Jenkins for that matter. Stay on point. Based upon everything known, it becomes apparent the sickness affected him. You can call that speculating, but it is the most reasonable conclusion based upon everything known that I think most would agree on. You'd seem to argue otherwise until Taylor himself came on here and posted that was the case. Maybe not, you might need him to expand on the level of sickness or doubt him because he wasn't diagnosed by a doctor...lmao.
  7. Super Old I'm done with Chance. You can infer whatever you want. In regards to Taylor, nobody said he was sick for Dake and Jenkins. Many commented he was sick in the first Hatchett match. If people were in the excuse making business wouldn't they do it for those national title matches instead of a meaningless dual? I said maybe he needed to figure him out as a joke that I guess you didn't get. Pretty sure he bonused everyone that year except the first Hatchett match and an Evans stallfest. Reported sick and has unusual close decision. Next match 22-7 thrashing. Are there other possible scenarios, sure. They are not likely though in my opinion. Your stretching to try and come to a conclusion other than the likely one.
  8. He clearly stated that he felt he shouldn't have competed because of his illness. The only logical inference was that it affected him. Regardless of what you believe about Taylor, it was widely posted on this site, amongst others of the illness. Again, I take logic into account. You have a close, not normal Taylor 8-5 decision when reportedly sick and a 22-7 tech fall the next meeting. I guess it took Taylor their first meeting to figure him out.
  9. His quoted statement was he shouldn't have competed with the way he felt. What more would there be to expand on? I've often felt like crap, but have not actually went to a doctor for a technical diagnosis. In regards to Taylor, I'm not in the know by any means. Many posted at the time he was sick. Would seem to be true when he trounced him in the next meeting.
  10. I don't know Chance or how sick he was. I just gave you what he said. I took him at face value. You can infer what you want. Taylor had a close match with Hatchett when he was sick. Teched him in the finals. It can affect you.
  11. The following was in a Q&A with Intermat back in June 2012. Others may interpret it differently, but I'll take him at his word that he shouldn't have been wrestling due to the sickness. You went two and out at the FILA Junior Nationals this year in Madison, Wisconsin. What did that do to you? Marsteller: Well, I was sick with some kind of pneumonia. I was upset that I let myself compete, and let myself compete at that level with the way I felt. Coming into FILA Cadets, it really gave me something to look forward to and reprove myself. I trained really hard for the FILA Cadets because of it. It kind of put fire in my stomach again.
  12. He lost to an Iowa backup, Patrick Rhodes, and a national qualifier from Penn Steve Robertson. Close matches with ball grabs deciding multiple periods, I believe. Take his sickness at the time however you want.
  13. To clarify, Chance has not lost to another high school athlete while in high school. He had pneumonia at Fila Jr where he lost to two college wrestlers.
  14. Your right. Nobody knows if he would have won or lost. But when comparing the two, I just don't think his inj def out of worlds should be a factor. Sorry if I made an assumption about your statement that was incorrect.
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