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  1. JB didn't need to flip Taylor's ankles, but there was clearly :03 left on the clock when Burroughs shoved Taylor (in the chest) twice. Taylor pushed JB back at least twice, which was after time was out. JB actually scored a point for the push out, so you it was productive. Go back and watch the match, Taylor's hand was on JB's head for a solid :03 after the whistle. JB chopped or snapped it off his head, he didn't slap it. Wrestling is a rough sport, and wrestling needs this rivalry between JB and DT.
  2. The B1G schedule is given to the coaches, they don't get to decide who they get to wrestle in duals. A B1G tournament team title is worth more than the "regular season dual meet champions".
  3. Huskers 125 - Tim Lambert 133 - Eric Montoya 141 - Anthony Abidin 149 - Jake Sueflohn 157 - James Green 165 - Austin Wilson 174 - Robert Kokesh 184 - TJ Dudley 197 - Aaron Studebaker/Derek White 285 - Collin Jensen
  4. Going back to the link and rewatching it, I was able to see every scoring action in the match. Here's what happened in my eyes: Not much action in the first period, but JB was a little more active, which put Marable on the shot clock at the 2:00 mark. Marable put a few decent attacks together toward the end of the :30 but couldn't convert. JB took a shot in the last :10 but couldn't score. JB leads 1-0 at the 3:00 mark. At the 5:00 mark, Marable shot a single when JB reached, and finished about 10 seconds later. Marable leads 2-1. At the 5:12 mark, JB hit a low ankle, converted it to a double and tried to run Marable out of bounds (away from the camera). It was hard to tell if Marable stepped out, or if JB stepped out, but Marable hit a reshot after sprawling and the TD was awarded to Marable. 4-1 Marable leads. At the 5:40 mark, JB got a pushout. 4-2 Marable leads. JB converts a shot to a TD with :14 left and the match ends with JB on top. JB gave Marable a tap on the back after time expired and both walked to the center with little to no emotion.
  5. Green's latest win does make you scratch your head, but he is still undefeated. Is it safe to say that more opponents are wrestling Green and the wrestlers named above to not get dominated instead of to win? It's hard to beat someone when they don't open up. Green can definitely do a better job of making his opponents wrestle him though. The wrestlers listed above have also had close matches to guys they should dominate. Like we all know, the post-season is where it matters. Green will likely be on the top half of the B1G bracket and won't have to face DSJ & Ness in order to win B1G's. It just didn't make sense to me to say he has no chance of winning B1G's or NCAA's.
  6. Green dominates the returning NCAA champ a few weeks ago and all of the sudden has NO chance to win a B1G title? How about Jesse Delgado, Tony Ramos, Kendrick Maple, Derek St. John, Chris Perry, Ed Ruth, and Tony Nelson? Because they all have a loss (some have more) on their records this year. Think of how many factors were in play for this dual and during other competitions this season.
  7. What's the common denominator for someone who keeps jumping from place to place? Eventually, they'll have to pass drug tests if they want to do something extraordinary. Both have loads of talent and great knowledge of the sport. They can do extraordinary things. The question is will they do what it takes?
  8. Have you ever heard of Mike Dolce? He's an MMA coach and helps plan the weight cuts for many top fighters in the UFC. He has worked with wrestlers such as Johny Hendricks and Chael Sonnen. He also puts out a TON of free information about how to lose (not cut) non functional weight (fat) while being as healthy as possible. His stuff works for people from all walks of life. At the very least, he is motivating, knowledgeable and pretty funny. Check him out on twitter: @TheDolceDiet, www.thedolcediet.com, facebook.com/TheDolceDiet If you're into podcasts, check out "The Mike Dolce Show."
  9. Pico can't train 12 hours a day, so obviously he'll have time to learn. Yes, a career ending injury could always happen, but why should he stick around high school to obliterate high schoolers, when he could be traveling the world training with the very best and mastering his craft? He is a great academic student, and is a student of wrestling. He'll also be able to learn from the great coaches and workout partners he encounters. In a high school classroom of 30 kids, he'll only get 1 on 1 attention from the teacher if he comes in before school, or stays after. Ask most college graduates whether they learned more from a class where 300 students are packed into an auditorium, or from mentors they've had. You basically have to teach yourself in college until you get further into your degree. Not all knowledge comes from a book. He's ridiculously good for his age, why not take an opportunity like this? It is easy to "over train" in a college wrestling room and cutting weight and making weight nearly every week for 4 months is a quicker route to burnout than his current opportunity.
  10. Per his twitter account, the injury was a dislocated hip.
  11. Per his twitter account, the injury was a dislocated hip.
  12. Remember that Logan has great workout partners at tOSU who push him every day. If not getting into the 3rd period very often in competition is to blame, it is more likely a mental obstacle, rather than a physical/conditioning obstacle.
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