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  1. Great job by Pico, but isn't he in the wrong international division. I thought kids old enough to vote were in the Junior Worlds division.
  2. Not sure why you guys are getting all bent out of shape. Marstellar will be the next 4 time NCAA Champion on 4 straight PSU National Title Teams and the echoes of "Kyle who?" will be heard everywhere. The only difference is Marstellar will actually score points and turn opponents instead of clinging/crab riding/ stalling that Dake perfected in College :D
  3. Kyle Dake wins National Title as a true freshman. That's a real huge gap and leap from elite high school wrestler to elite college wrestler. Great argument. And, for the record, Marstellar is a much better high school wrestler than Dake was.
  4. The first question posed by another poster was : how would Marstellar fare against Dieringer. I think that Chance has taken a little flack for resting this Summer. I have competed and watched PA wrestling for 30 plus years and Chance is one of the best I have ever seen in folkstyle. Just like Kyle Snyder, Chance is relentless on his leg attacks, can ride at will, and has yet to have anyone on any level ride him for more than 10 seconds. Could Kyle Snyder hang with Morgan Mcintosh. In my opinion, the answer is yes. Just like I think Chance would challenge Dieringer in a folkstyle match. Dieringer is very tough in freestyle but Marstellar is college ready in folkstyle now.
  5. Marstellar would handle Dieringer. An 8th grade Marstellar pounded Nick Hodgkins the same year Hodkins beat Dieringer at the Dapper Dan. When it comes to Chance, believe the hype.
  6. To answer how would Marstellar do against Dieringer? Here is a little historical perspective. About 3 yrs ago, Nick Hodgkins beat Dieringer in the Dapper Dan. Earlier that same wrestling season, an 8th grade Chance Marstellar manhandled 3 x PA state champ and senior Nick Hodgkins in an exhibition match. You do the math.
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