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  1. You guys don't think Bergman will be around next year? And what about Snyder... winning a Junior World's Gold while still in high school seems pretty solid, or has he already peaked?
  2. USA Wrestling has videos up for any matches Americans are in, are the matches with two non-Americans up as videos anywhere?
  3. Really insightful post... but even in the UFC they don't just celebrate the champions, they celebrate solid, aggressive, technical fights, and after well-fought matches the two guys embrace almost more often then not - something rarely seen in wrestling. There's an enormous amount of competitive respect between fighters who both know through competition how much the other has sacrificed to get where they each are. One of the only notable moments I can think of when wrestlers even came close to embracing was when Burroughs put his arm around his Iranian opponent on the podium, and immortalized the role wrestling can play in diplomacy and geopolitics. And even for fans of college wrestling, dynamic of not having a push-out rule changes the sport drastically and allows for strategic and intelligent stalling and for milking positions for stalemates - something freestyle doesn't have. I don't think it's a coincidence that freestyle has the raucous fans it does internationally, while our college duals can often be cricket symphonies.
  4. Does having a bunch of post-grads entered in effect the rankings of the college kids who wrestle at all?
  5. Is there any chance a high school wrestler could ever compete in the open collegiate tournaments? What exactly is keeping high schoolers from entering or being allowed to wrestle now?
  6. After watching Snyder wrestle in the Junior Worlds this weekend, and previously wrestle against Haines in the Powerade finals: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... es-Solanco ...and at Beast: http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/24 ... h-Chakonis Does anyone know when a young big man has been this slick and technical? McMullen maybe, what did he look like in high school? Or like Hahn or McCoy, anyone see them at this age?
  7. Here's a google search that shows all Snyder's matches: http://www.google.com/#bav=on.2,or.&fp= ... yder+jr+fs And how is there even a P4P debate after the kid wins Junior Worlds as a rising senior? Since at such different weights you basically have to go on accomplishments there isn't really a debate anymore is there?
  8. Snyder is still 17, he's a true high school senior in that sense. But Iowa's Jeff McGinness won Junior Worlds as a rising high school senior too, back in ninety-two, so Kyle's just the youngest champ in 20 years. Just.
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