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  1. Downey is really, really good. I would not sell him short. Like all freshman, he may have his issues on the mat, but he is a thrower, pinner, and funky and he has thd skills to not just place but win the whole darn thing.
  2. He was still on crutches as recently as two weeks ago
  3. He was still on crutches two weeks ago
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    Huskers (might as well have one more guess...) 25- montoya (nq, transfer) 33- lambert 41- abidin 49- mcauley (sueflohn redshirts) 57- green 65- wilson (went 3-2 at ncaa's, wilbourn is tough but if he couldn't take the spot last year he won't take it this year after wilson got in nearly 50 matches last season) 74- kokesh 84- dudley (downey redshirts) 97- kolb 285- jensen
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    Word is that Lambert outgrew 25 last spring. Kolb beat Johnson 9-2 in a tournament and something like 15-2 in the room prior to that tournament...what makes you think Johnson has closed that big of a gap?
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    BIG newcomers

    Dudley redshirted last year. Both Dudley & Downey are tough but still unproven in the B1G. Downey had some big freestyle wins- including over Storley & a jr world freestyle silver- but he hasn't had to worry about mat wrestling since 2010 (only wrestled nhsca sr nationals in 11, was at OTC in 12 & 13). Kolb was a 84 at 97 last year but still had close matches with schiller (3-1) and other top 10 guys.
  7. I believe you may owe an apology to the 2009 duo of Donahoe & Nickerson
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