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  1. No. Wrestlers are trying much more throws now than before. There are actually other armthrows and stuff now, not just bearhugs and suplaes. And if you want to continue wrestling from a bad armthrow, you should learn how to catch the other wrestler during the throw.
  2. No-one cares about gut wrenches. No-one. Definitely not some random sports viewers. I get it, it the easiest move in (greco-roman)wrestling to get points. It's also the most boring. And judo is different, and it is also suffocating in it's rulebase. No attacks to the legs unless an immediate move is executed? Come on! It's almost like the people deciding wrestling rules are the same people who are ruining judo...
  3. Fantastic. Less gut wrenches for greco would be fantastic! No one cares about gut wrenches, not even the wrestlers. Definitely not the viewers. What compression shirts do help with is arm throws and the like. Pulling your hand away with a shirt is much harder than without a shirt. All wrestlers know this. And still, I am for a change of attire instead of making constant silly changes to the rules. I have over 30 years of wrestling (greco&freestyle)behind me, and even I am starting see the seams in greco. Some examples of some of the rules that have been tried and or are in use: - You have to wrestle chest to your opponent, and not side first. Because if your opponent sucks at attacking you at this position, he can't execute moves! - You have to put your arms into dangerous positions, because statistically more moves are executed like that (Doh!). - Your head has to be up at all times regardless of how your opponent is wrestling you because this helps him execute moves. - The most ridiculous rule change ever n. 1, the clinch. Because greco is all about wrestling like a drunken sailor in some habor. - Grabbing the wrist is fordbidden if you do not execute attack straight away. Because sure, greco is all about those quick, ankle-pick like moves. - The most ridiculous rule change ever n. 2, the Karelin killer: don't fix the lock, otherwise your opponent gets a point! - No overtime. Who cares about tiring out your opponent, since no opponent is going to tire in a few minutes? - Forced parterre. If you want your opponent to the mat, yous should PUT him there. - Defending lifts. You can only defend a lift this way, not this way. God forbid if you defend a lift this way!! - Rules in general are ridiculous. So many rules. No wonder the older wrestling fans have no idea what's happening on the mat. Even some top level wrestlers seem to be at loss during a match. All these stupidities could be avoided. Change the attire to actually make the sport better for the viewers and the wrestlers. Constant rule changes towards a smaller usable moveset is not a great way to enhance the sport.
  4. It was stupid as hell. Greco has always had a problem with wrestlers not being able to execute attacks because of sweat. The above just proves that no wrestlers are discussed with when they are deciding these things. Also: It's not a good thing that you have to change the rules constantly to get wrestlers execute more throws-especially when a shirt would fix pretty much everything. But no, because reasons.
  5. Okay. After checking the new greco rules and attending a few competitions using them, I'm now a firm believer in change. Greco-roman wrestling attire needs shirt-shorts -combination. Wrestlers all around the world have hoped that rules would be more open with less rules and referee deciding the outcome of the match. Now these "passive wrestling" -rules make greco even more referee maintained sport. Okay, there are more bodylock moves and throws, but arm throws are gone. Like totally gone. A simple fix to all of this is to change the attire. There are no longer any reasons not to change into technical shirts with short or long sleeves. These make throws easier to execute even in later in the match. At the same time there would be less skin diseases, it would help the sport look better on tv, and help sell more wrestling stuff. Greco lives and dies by it's throws. No casual viewer cares about mat rolls. Fix this before greco dies.
  6. Professional wrestling is pretty much dead outside the US. I guess this helps on the stateside, but it can only cause WTF:s outside the US.
  7. I don't get it. One reason wrestling went on decline during the 90s where I live was american professional wrestling shows on TV. There are still people where I live who think international wrestling is the same clown wrestling like you saw on the WWF. Well, at least the early 2000s MMA craze changed the view a bit. Now that MMA is finally on decline here, well see what's next.
  8. It doesn't matter. The rules are clear, you do NOT get points for pushing your opponent out. If your opponent steps out because he is trying to stop you from executing an attack, you get points. It's clear. Look, simple examples: 1) If you see your opponent is in the zone area, and you SHOVE your opponent out, you do not get a point. 2) If your opponent is in the zone area, and you try to execute a bear hug attack on his body and your opponent backs out of the ring, you get a point.
  9. Anatoli Antonov managed to make this about Russians. Again. Poor, tiny Russia is "threatened again". Oh, FFS.
  10. My opponent popped my knee when i stopped him from executing the second lace. And that pop was loud. Bang. Yeah, Im all for only one lace at a time. You can just give it up, if the opponent has a strong enough grip. It's the same as with greco. Lace defence is the most dangerous move in freestyle (knees). In greco, the most dangerous move is tilt defence (shoulders). I'm still hoping that normal wrestling styles would take mat-lock points to use. IE. If you have a "lock" that your opponent cannot break in due time, you get points. Also, points for keeping your opponent in pin situation should be awarded. This would make tilts less prominent (boring for most casual viewers), and help keep wrestlers intact.
  11. I'm ok with this, though i think 6 minutes is better. I have always though that the mat time should be timed. 25 seconds to execute a move, and stop clock when near pin. Continue if opponent escapes pin.
  12. If you have grabbed the opponent and you walk your opponent out, its not a point. If you attack and grab the leg and your opponent steps out because of this attack, it's a point. If you are trying to execute an attack from the leg and your opponent steps out, it's a point. Though in freestyle most stepouts seem to give points to the attacker if the defending wrestler steps out when his leg(s) is(are) in the opponents hands. It's more of a problem in greco, where the stretched-out-hands push-outs were common in the old rules.
  13. It's not subjective. You have to wrestle your opponent out to get points. 1. No points if a wrestler pushes the other wrestler out. 2. One point if a wrestler wrestles the other wrestler out. It's very easy to understand. If a wrestler "punches" the opponent out with stretched hands, he will not get points. Meaning the opponent steps out. Those stretched hand push-outs were a real problem in larger weight classes in the old rules. It was not wrestling.
  14. If you are a high class wrestler, you better learn the few words of english (and french) that wrestling internationally requires. It's not rocket science.
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