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  1. Gfeller has looked like a top contender in this wide open weight class . Boo, and frankly Sasso and Teemer (if they weren't in redshirt) also look just as good. Frankly, I'd go with Gfeller's teammate Fix for my bold Okie state individual title prediction. Gross's effectiveness at 133 this year has to be in question at this point, and Daton looks as good or better than the competition so far.
  2. Yianni D is a 2020 contender at 65 I would think (Oliver would know).
  3. Logan was one and out this year but he does have many wins over senior world medalists, far more than the others mentioned here. True Zain upset Stieber in folkstyle five years ago; since then Logan has beaten him 5 straight times (3-0 in freestyle matches). Rumors of Logan's demise are premature.
  4. 125 Corey Clark (Iowa) vs. Jesse Delgado II Can the (maybe) Iowa start beat Delgado again as returning NCAA champ? 133 Ryan Mango (Stanford) vs. Tony Ramos (Iowa) Possible upper body fireworks 141 Logan Steiber vs. Kendrick Maple (OK) Likely 2014 finals and much anticipated match 149 Destin McCauley (Neb) vs. James Green (Neb) For starting position and #1 rank at weight 157 Alex Dieringer (OK St.) vs. Derek St. John (Iowa) Another likely 2014 final 165 David Taylor (Penn St) vs. Bo Jordan (OSU) DT will tech anyone else so why not pass the torch to the likely RS freshman and compare the Graham HS stars? 174 Andrew Howe (OK) vs. Matt Brown (Penn St) Two mashers in a crowded 2014 weight class. 184 Ed Ruth (Penn St) vs. Chris Perry (OK St) ER will tech anyone else so why not bump up an NCAA champ with freestyle cred at the weight? 197 Kyle Snyder vs. Taylor Meeks (Oregon St) KS is junior world champ and skipping last year of high school so why not pair him against highest returning AA at the weight? HWT Tony Nelson (Minn) vs. Nick Gwiadzowski (NC St) II If memory serves Gwiad recently beat the 2x NCAA champ in freestyle
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