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  1. You sure? By weight.... The #3 at 57 would be one of Bogomev, Lebedev, Otarsultamov, Israpilov, or one of the young guys that are starting to beat the aforementioned 65: one of Ramonov, Bekbulatov, Kurbanaliev 74: one of Geduev, Tsabelov, Tsargush 84: not really sure who's #3 but the world runner up is ex-Russian. Pretty sure the guy here would be a top contender. 97: Gadidov, Gatsalov or Boltukaev. 125: yeah, the # 3 would be very good. In 5 of 6 weighs the #3 is a very strong medal threat. This team would have a great shot to win the Olympics.
  2. Did he wrestle off with Lazbanov? The Lazbanov beat him recently, although with some odd officiating.
  3. Pretty sure others have been preselected as well. Didn't Kududov get voted in at least once? Same with Vlasov?
  4. Kudi was noticeably undersized at this weight when he made the world team. I imagine he made a deliberate choice to lack on mass. Wasn't there rumours he beat Jordan Burroughs in a practise room match? Good wrestler, but like s few other Russians (Israpilov, Bogomev come to mind) who seem to wrestle better at home than abroad.
  5. The semis are what matters. Win and you're in.
  6. Aliyev at 65? That sucks. So many great wrestlers having their careers hurt be these stupid 6 weight rules.
  7. He lost to Goygeerev at 61, very close bout. Who else beat him? Seems like every year he and Lebedev both bump up and take some losses. No big deal. I wish more wrestlers would compete up a weight, good way to improve skills sbd get mat time without having to cut. Bonne does the same, up at 65.
  8. Khinegashvilli had the easier side of the bracket at the last Olympics too. He's one of my favorites but I can't deny he's had done luck. Should be one hell of a tournament in Rio. Khinegashvilli, Rahimi, Bonne, whoever Russia and PRK send are all gold medal hopes. Not sure who Azerbayjan and Georgia will have here but they're usually tough at this weight too.
  9. Not an expert on Pliev but he wrestled for Canada for a while, including the Olympics. Apparently had some personal problems and was homeless for a while, but turned things around. Unfortunately failed a drug test recently and suspended from competition.
  10. Bonne cuts to 57 so he was certainly undersized. Still he's beaten some good 65s do it's a nice win. I'm assuming all the Cubans will be down to regular weight for the qualifiers. Lopez and Salas were up a weight here as well.
  11. Apparently former Canadian champ and Tristar fighter James Mancini is a citizen. He won 57.
  12. Didn't UWW try to get everyone to show up to the Grand Pric but most guys didn't show up? Best chance might be to revamp the sr worlds. Seperate locations for each style. Add an 80 kg fs and 54 kg Greco weight. Each country can enter one athlete, plus everyone else ranked in the top 20 (or whatever). It would take a lot of money and motivation but I don't see why it couldn't be done.
  13. Bonne at 65. The man is a machine.
  14. Bonnie at 65. The man is hard core.
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