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  1. Cletus -- Spencer Lee is the 113 lbs World Cadet Champ and he does attend Franklin Regional
  2. Devin Brown did not wrestle at Super 32. Not sure how things will shake out but Franklin Regional will most likely have Devin Brown at 113 and Spencer Lee will move up to 120. Franklin Regional is entered in the Saint Edwards Duals (Cleveland, OH)in early December. St Ed's is their first scheduled competition and I believe this is the week before the Ironman tournament.
  3. He cut very little if anything to wrestle 113 during high school season.
  4. Looks like a very solid team top to bottom. Just curious how many kids qualify for the CA state tournament?
  5. This is a very sad day for the Franklin Regional community. Most of the victims are in fair or good condition. Prayers are needed for 4 or 5 of the students who suffered the most serious injuries and are still in critical Condition, It is my understanding that none of the victims were on the wrestling team.
  6. Cougar After seeing Boykin at PA states I was sold on his potential. Yet, going into the DD, I was expecting Snyder to have a much easier time than he did. I've seen Snyder wrestle about 10 times before and he has absolutely dominated (including Haines). Hats off to Boykin. Boykin hung with him until he started to gas towards the end. If he can figure out how to drop 20+ lbs while extending his gas tank he will cause a lot of people problems over the next few years.
  7. paboom I was sitting on the other side of the arena and had a very good view of him running onto the mat as you described. I saw him facing the crowd after he left the mat. Was not able to tell what happened from there. I primarily follow AAA and attended every session for both AA and AAA with my son. The only matches we missed were the HWT AA QTR final Consy's. I watched everyone of the BECA matches. I wish I would have kept track of how many times the BECA kids called an injury time out. If an opposing wrestler gets a take down there is about a 50% chance that the BECA kid will call an injury time out.
  8. To bad Chishko was injured for PowerAde. Would have liked to have seen him matched against Nolf and Maruca from Franklin Regional. I think Nolf beat Maruca by about 6 in the finals. Looks like Chishko and Maruca may meet in finals.
  9. First night of WPIAL's and the night seemed to go as expected. A lot of Sections First placers against other Sections 4th and 5th placers. Some very good matches with a lot of TF's and Falls. Friday night should be very good. Unfortunately two very good kids did not wrestle tonight due to injury. McCoy from Latrobe (113) -- Not sure what the injury is. He has faced Spencer Lee about 5 or 6 times this year. I believe he is the only kid that Lee hasn't TF'd or Pinned each time he wrestled him. Of the six matches, I believe there were 2 matches that were decisions. Solomon from Franklin Regional (120) -- Reinjured shoulder last week in match for 3rd place. Solomon wrestled Pletcher very tough and wound up with 2 close losses. PIAA team finals (4-3) and last week at Sections (2-1). Rode Pletcher for about 3 minutes in each match. May have been a high Placer at states if healthy.
  10. Uronurback I agree on Coy. Kid is tough and will continue to grow and improve. He is much improved from PowerAde to now. Solomon is very light for a 120. Could easily be at 113 if it weren't for Lee holding down that weight. Had he not been hurt this year he would have been in the mix at 120 for Franklin Regional throughout the PIAA duals. I think he just started practicing the week of the PIAA tournament. Hope he stays healthy. Looked like he may have reinjured his shoulder in the match for 3rd place on Saturday. Allesandro has a tough road ahead. Kemmerer and Joseph are both tough. Hope the injury that caused him to default does not impact him the rest of the way.
  11. Uronurback Here are some others from Section (1) that looked great last weekend and I believe will be ranked after the PIAA tournament. I'm sure there are others that I am not as familiar with. Particularly from the other sections. Kiski Area -- Kuhn (Sr) at HWT -- Likely WPIAL winner and Dapper Dan wrestler (WPIAL). Likely multi time PIAA placer. IIRC he finished 3rd last year. Lost to Bradley by Fall in Semi's. Very atypical HWT with a ton of athleticism. Built more like Worthing (So) 220 -- Not sure where he finished as a (Fr). Looks dominant at this weight Penn Trafford -- Cameron Coy (Fr) 132 -- This kid is legit. Wrestled Krivus to two very close matches this year. Lost to Franklin Regional's returning state champ Smith at PowerAde. Wrestled him very tough last Saturday to a 2- 0 loss. Smith reversed him with about 45 seconds left in 3rd period. Was also ranked as one of the top incoming (Fr) by Flo. I think he was one of the highest rated incoming (Fr) in PA. Franklin Regional -- Gus Solomon (Fr) 120 -- Over the last 3 wks lost 2 very close matches to Latrobe's returning state champ Luke Pletcher. Lost (4 to 3) at PIAA team dual championship. Lost (2 to 0) last Saturday at sections. In both matches he dominated Pletcher while on top. Over 3 minutes of riding time in each match. Was also ranked as a top incoming Freshman by Flo. Has been injured a few times this year and has missed most of season. Norwin -- Allesandro - 132 - Advanced to finals and looked very strong. Injury forfeit and did not wrestle Franklin Regional's Kemmerer in finals. Not sure the extent of his injury.
  12. Uronurback District 7 (WPIAL) is a tough grind for these kids to get to states. Particularly from 126 to 152. They have all faced each other numerous times over the years. Kemerer and Joseph faced each other at PowerAde finals, likely to face again at WPIAL finals and possibly again the following week at states. 126 is going to be fun to watch at WPIAL's next Saturday. Historically it looks like Krivus, Forys and Macri and then Headlee as the odd man out. I think Headlee could knock any of them out. I'm not predicting it but he is very close. Also a group of other tough kids that are a step behind Headlee and could play spoiler to the whole bracket. Guys to watch are Mary from Peters Township, Gianangelli from Franklin Regional and Hardaway from Kiski Area. Again, I'm not predicting an upset but with a little luck these three are capable of making this even more interesting.
  13. Headlee was in the State Semifinals last year losing to Fuentes in OT. He ended up up placing 6th in the state. Lowrider At most weight classes there are usually several multi year returning state place holders who have more than likely faced each other multiple times throughout their wrestling careers. This year with some wrestlers bumping up weight classes there are now 4 former state placers all competing together in District 7 at 126 lbs. Only three can advance to the state tournament. Of the four, all of them won their section yesterday with the exception of Headlee (lost to Macri). Headlee still has a chance next weekend to qualify for states by finishing in the top 3 at the District 7 (WPIAL) championship.
  14. Tough to pick but here goes: Krivus, Forys, Macri, Headlee Unfortunately one of these will not be able to compete at the state Championship.
  15. Wire Wow!! I count 24 mats, Impressive. I'm tired just watching them set up the mats
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