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  1. Your constant disparaging of a wrestling style is really annoying. Let it go and your posts would be readable and worthwhile. I agree with your general assessment that the folkstyle rules don't do enough to encourage action You clearly never competed. Most wrestlers have a favorite style, but do not disrespect the other styles. There is no one "real" style.Having trained and competed in lots of grappling sports, I see them all as the same sport on a continuation. Some styles are much better for spectators, it does not mean any other style is sh!t
  2. Not sure how someone with lots of pure wrestling experience and zero cage experience is best to prepare for an MMA fight. Tactics and techniques change greatly, once you can get punched and kicked or submitted. I could see having Bo as a training partner to finetune any wrestling technique alongside an experience coach who can guide them toward techniques that will work in MMA.
  3. Bryce Meredith gave a great interview after his finals loss to Yianni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1tillz8qXM
  4. I feel that Caldwell doing back flips was bad sportsmanship as well. Metcalf shoving was worse. I never liked seeing the winner doing his big celebrations before the handshake and getting his hand raised and giving his opponent a chance to leave the mat. Let him leave and then go crazy
  5. Terry lost to Kelber from Nebraska and wouldn't shake his hand after the match costing Iowa a team point and the team points record
  6. Yeah, but I like to hear myself "talk". It makes me feel important, especially if I get a like
  7. I like the idea, but it almost the exact same as Judo, minus the gi and submissions. The gi makes throwing so much more common. Watching high level judo, most matches have well executed techniques from the feet for scores, maybe 30% ending with spectacular throws. How often do you see this in high level Greco? Watching Greco highlight clips in great, watching lots of full Greco matches, not so much. There have been a ton of judo rule changes to promote this and as a former competitor, I do not like tha they have gamed the rules so much to take away effective but less spectacular techniques, but it is a better product for the spectators.
  8. Private college tutition has not been affordable for a very long time. It just has steadier become more obscene over the few decades.
  9. But no Hawkeyes? You cant love it that much ;)
  10. It looks like 1951 only had 6 nations competing so Turkey gets an asterisk as well
  11. Sure not quite as big as the 1904 *.. I looked at the results from the 1983 and 1985 would championships and by my count 22-23 of the 30 medalists were not at the 1984 games, it was not just the Soviets that did not show, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cuba and more boycotted.
  12. I don't think so. I think even the most rabid US fan would say at best they might have been equal to the Soviets. They were not by far the best at team in the world. The competition did not show up.
  13. Maybe the best non Soviet/Russian team ever? Any other contenders?
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