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  1. Jim L

    Russian Nationals

    Agree, my point was that the selection process is not what makes the Russian teams great. They have so many great wrestlers, almost any process would pick the best team in the workd
  2. Jim L

    Russian Nationals

    When you have the amount of talent that Russia has, almost any system will end up with the best a team in the world.
  3. This whole thread shows why that whatever the final score is when the match is over it should never be changed, no matter how unfair. Once a hand has been raised, it is over. Bad calls are part of the sport, and pretty much every sport.
  4. Jim L


    Cox seems to be only wrestle who loses more hypotheticals than Dake.
  5. Jim L

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Same thing happens in folk, lots of matches end in controversy, see this year's finals and the wrestling is evolving so are the rules, look at the danger position rules, reaction time for a TD, not moving up being stalling a 5 count etc
  6. Jim L

    NCAA approves shorts

    If you don't think middle School kids are uncomfortable with their bodies go to a middle school track meet, almost all will wear a tee shirt under the standard tank top. I don't think this is a new thing. I remember wearing basketball uniforms and hating the tank top and wishing I could wear a tee shirt like Patrick Ewing did at Georgetown.
  7. Jim L

    NCAA approves shorts

    Do you need any more argument against the singlet?
  8. Jim L

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    Almost no European countries play baseball, but it is huge in the Far East (Korea,Japan, taiwan) Carribean, Central and South America, plus USA and Mexico Relatively few countries play softball
  9. Tie breakers don't seem that confusing to me. Baseball - tie goes to the runner (is this an actual rule?) Weightlifting - tie goes to the lighter competitor Judo (old rules) - Referee and two match judges vote I prefer OT, but to me there nothing confusing about tiebreakers. Modern Judo has the tiebreaker I like best, which is unlimited period, but the matches are one period 4 minutes long and the tiebreaker is often decided on a penalty, which in my opinion as easier to call than wrestling penalties Regulation ended in a tie score there has to be some way to pick the winner. Folkstyle rules are almost as bad, after all the tiebreakers are done, they go to criteria as well. If you remember in the 1970s/80s, referees would decide the winner, which I think gave way to a whole bunch of tiebreak criteria, the last of which was a coin flip.
  10. Jim L

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    If we are sticking only with FS, Fadzaev replaces Karelin
  11. The new USA official weigh in singlet
  12. When I was in HS one of the most shocking aspects to non wrestlers, was that you weighed-in naked with a whole bunch of dudes watching
  13. Do they have to weigh in with a singlet? Is it the one they will wrestle with? Can't they with nekkid? Or just have a special super light weight weigh in only singlet?
  14. Jim L

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    NCAA, international wrestling plus coaching: Gable Smith Cael Vacant Freestyle only: Smith Bruce JB Up for debate (Schultz, maybe about to be displaced by Snyder or Cox, based on 2019 & 2020 results)
  15. Jim L

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Gable and Carl do not belong on the Free Style Mount Rushmore. Snyder has surpassed their freestyle accomplishments