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  1. Jim L

    One time champ / one time AA

    I think Mark Kerr from Syracuse only placed once, 1st as a Senior. Many matches with Ruppel
  2. Jim L

    Non Wrestling Fans

    This is absolutely the only realistic path to growing wrestling's fanbase. How many of us are interested in becoming fans of other minor Olympic sports? If there is a high level track and field meet, table tennis tournament, weightlifting meet, etc. on TV next week, who is going to watch?
  3. Jim L

    Chance's Chances

    I think if Marsteller is healthy and on the mat there is always a Chance
  4. Agreed, he has taken down everyone in the world with his leg attacks, including Chamizo whose defense is at another level higher than Joseph. I don't see anyone stopping his doubles for a whole match. To win you need to be able to score on him as well as stop his attacks
  5. Jim L

    How hard is seeding?

    Penn State wrestlers don't get bad draws, they are the bad draw
  6. Jim L

    Russian from FS in collegiate wrestling!

    Small state runner-up who is wrestling at DIII New England college, nice story, but probably does not really merit a mention on the international forum. I like it though, because I live in the area!
  7. Jim L

    Flaws of Our Top Wrestlers

    Hitting turns against higher level guys is incredibly difficult. The wrestler with the best par terre (the Russian Tank) in the world could not turn Kyle and he has proven he can win with TDs and not getting turned. It would be nice, but wildly unrealistic, to think that in his next match against Sadulaev he is going to be able to win by turning him.
  8. Jim L

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    I think the World Team might sweep, I would like to see the last three matches, especially Cox v. Nickal
  9. Jim L

    Nolf = 'The Creator' with a GPA of 4.5 ?

    MIT an A isn't 5, B is 4, C is 3, D is 2, F is 0. The broadcast made it seem like Nolf won the best physic student award at PSU, which would be super impressive, physic award in HS still nice, but hardly compares. I guess he is not even a physics major.
  10. Jim L

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    Memory and cognitive dissonance are tricky things. I personally can't stand Jordans politics, but believe that his memory has no recollection of wrestlers complaining about Strauss. That many years ago, sex abuse was never talked about. A doctor's being a sexual predator toward male Athletes was practically inconceivable. A wrestler reporting a creepy doctor's behavior in vague terms would have not really registered in a coach's mind. I wish Jordan could just honestly say that this might have happened and it might have been reported to me, but he has no recollection and he is sorry for any abuse that might have occurred.
  11. Jim L

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/02/us/politics/ohio-state-wrestlers-abuse-me-too.html For all the tough guys who can't understand how a big tough wrestler could be abused by a skinny older man, this article gives a great perspective
  12. Jim L

    Pan-Ams shock!

    Do wrestlers from other countries besides US, Cuba and maybe Canada train full time? I can't believe that a country like, for instance, El Salvador, has money to support a full time wrestling program
  13. Great match. At first I felt like I was seeing a US v Russia match of 10 years ago. With Aliev taking all the shots and then Russia scoring when he was unable to finish cleanly. The epic collapse from the Russian feels like something that happens all the time now
  14. Jim L

    Now that we are the best in the world...

    Maybe we can stop complaining about the rules.
  15. Over all including coaching, NCAA results, international 1. Cael 2. Gable 3. John Smith 4. Bruce First three are obvious, Bruce a little bit off for coaching and NCAA dominance. Just considering wrestling accomplishments where Worlds count much more than NCAAs 1. John Smith 2. JB 3. Kyle Snyder 4. Bruce