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  1. I am pretty sure this was the case at the last winter olympics. It made zero bit of difference and is essentially zero punishment. Everyone knew they were Russian athletes, representing Russia.
  2. Agreed on Tennis and Golf should not be Oly sports. Those athletes would much rather win a major than a Olympic gold. Soccer and Baseball have the same problem. For some reason Basketball and Hockey do belong in my mind, at least the have the years of tradition.
  3. So David Hirsch won 116 matches without a single fall? I am assuming the other three are just did not have accurate records.
  4. It is fair to factor in that Smith wrestled at a time were there were10 weight classes and only one Soviet/Russian per weight class. JB not placing in Rio, and Smith's 6 for 6 does seal the deal for me.
  5. Expecting someone to be a world team member based on HS results is not a wise move. I don't think Pat Smith, with 4X NCAA titles, ever made a world team. not sure if Alan Fried did either
  6. This guy tells JB to stay out of politics, while getting political
  7. Do I understand this right then, that you set the time and place and you get dinged only if you are not there for the time place you chose?
  8. Not sure the people who donated to the stanford would be ok with that. And every school that really wants wrestling all ready has a program.. and most of them dont "really want" wrestling
  9. I think the biggest danger to D1 wrestling will be administrators questioning what the point of spending lots of money on any "minor" sports. What are they really adding to the student body as a whole?
  10. This guy always makes fantastic highlight clips. Needless to say the wrestlers are fantastic.
  11. Seems like a really bad idea for JB to take on a full sized DT. They were close to even years ago at the same weight. Now DT wrestles at a 25lb heavier weight. Hard to see a JB win, an injury seems much more likely. Maybe he is retiring and looking for a final payday? I would hate to see our greatest wrestler tarnish his legacy, but if he earns enough money I wont criticize
  12. There are also more than a handful "Russian" wrestlers who have won for non-ex-Soviet countries as well. Batirov for Bahrain and Shahin for Turkey come to mind
  13. I am pretty sure he placed at Senior Nationals while in HS.
  14. Just to add a little. Morris was an D1 AA at Syracuse and Pedro was an EIWA champ at Brown
  15. Mocco placed at judo nationals while in high school. His sister, Katie, was also a national judo champ and I think was and olympian as well
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