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  1. A large part of Africa boycotted the 1976 Olympics because the New Zealand team was admitted that did not honor the world wide athletic boycott of South Africa.
  2. Well even if they do apply, US and the Soviet Bloc did a one and down boycott of the other's event and so any sanctions that could have been levied would have been rescinded as soon as they played each other.
  3. #1 and #2 do not apply. After the boycott those countries stop boycotting and competed against each other, and it is slightly different that they boycotted an event not a country. As soon as Iran stops forbidding competitions against Israel any restriction placed on them will be removed. #3 is very valid. I am a little hazy on the details, but recall the incident. Didn't the same thing happen for the world cup in the US? The US should have been investigated and unless there was strong reason prove for the visa issues, I think it would be fair to sanction the US Wrestling with something like not allowing them to host World Championships/ World Cups for a number of years.
  4. Greater number of participants in world championship show that Greco is more widespread not more popular.
  5. Until colleges start offering women's wrestling scholarships and most HS have girls teams, the US will be far behind Japan. If this happens and they stick with women's wrestling being FS the US wonan will compete for gold every year
  6. This thread will probably be locked soon, and maybe it should be, but to bring back to sports and Iran's policy. This confrontation is more likely to happen in Judo, where Iran has some decent players, at least one World Gold, but Israel has a better and deeper team. Would a default by an Irani judoka bring sanctions across sports to wrestling?
  7. I thought this positives are coming up now because the tests have become more sensitive and are detecting PEDs at levels that were undetectable a few years ago. I think this is great that they are still trying to find cheaters years after the competition has ended and the medals have been awarded.
  8. Agree, my point was that the selection process is not what makes the Russian teams great. They have so many great wrestlers, almost any process would pick the best team in the workd
  9. When you have the amount of talent that Russia has, almost any system will end up with the best a team in the world.
  10. This whole thread shows why that whatever the final score is when the match is over it should never be changed, no matter how unfair. Once a hand has been raised, it is over. Bad calls are part of the sport, and pretty much every sport.
  11. Jim L


    Cox seems to be only wrestle who loses more hypotheticals than Dake.
  12. Same thing happens in folk, lots of matches end in controversy, see this year's finals and the wrestling is evolving so are the rules, look at the danger position rules, reaction time for a TD, not moving up being stalling a 5 count etc
  13. If you don't think middle School kids are uncomfortable with their bodies go to a middle school track meet, almost all will wear a tee shirt under the standard tank top. I don't think this is a new thing. I remember wearing basketball uniforms and hating the tank top and wishing I could wear a tee shirt like Patrick Ewing did at Georgetown.
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