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  1. Yikes.. I wish I didn't click on that link
  2. Laundry is a clever way of referring to uniform. i.e. most fans don't care about the actual athlete, they are just cheering for the athlete's laundry
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdwlbP_JP3-R6DfXAGfzwAg Love this channel. Just highlights.
  4. Only one US Olympic judo gold. Kayla Harrison who won twice. Jimmy Pedro, who might be the only male world gold, also won EIWA for Brown.
  5. Maybe Bo if it is an NCAA match, but he has a ton to prove before he is #3 ranked to beat the pound for pound best in the world. I do think a full sized J'Den would have a chance
  6. Wasn't there a smiliar punishment for the alst winter Olympics. There was no offical Russain team and athletes did not"officially" compete for Russia (they were called Olympic Athlete representing Russia)and the Russian flag wasn't raised during medal ceremonies. That did not seem to effect the Russians a bit. Every Russia was able to compete and everyone knew what country they represented
  7. As someone with college wrestling and a judo black belt I have found (unfortunately) takedowns don't give a huge advantage in grappling. Which is why many very good grapplers don't worry about take downs and just pull guard. It is also much harder to take someone down when there are not the same stalling rules. Especially in the gi. Finally, the ground game changes hugely with the submission option (obviously), but also when your opponent does not care about being pinned our giving up back points
  8. I would follow. Wrestling (Collegiate or Freestyle) is my favorite sport to watch and would watch a women's match over almost any any sport. Greco not so much. The more US women wrestling is out there, the easier it is to follow and became a fan of the individual wrestlers.
  9. You might be thinking of Amine who was on a Us team at the Jr Worlds (?) It made his getting to compete for San Marino, a little more complex.
  10. Terry competed until 2000 and I think got Bronze. would of they been at the same weight?
  11. If I remember correctly, US Greco teammates felt Lowney got screwed by the refs in regulation to force OT. Then he won in OT with the 5 point move. A bit more decisive than Gardner's win v. Karelin
  12. As American fans I think we are not shocked when one of top guys loses, because it is Freestyle and we have for many years, seen guys we think are unbeatable (based on their Folkstyle) lose to someone we don't know much about. I agree that Burroughs big loss to Bekzod is a shock, but because it was a repecharge match I don't count it as much. Although if we want to count Us v. US, Kemp over Gable has to be one of the most shocking.
  13. A large part of Africa boycotted the 1976 Olympics because the New Zealand team was admitted that did not honor the world wide athletic boycott of South Africa.
  14. Well even if they do apply, US and the Soviet Bloc did a one and down boycott of the other's event and so any sanctions that could have been levied would have been rescinded as soon as they played each other.
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