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  1. It was the rule is FS for awhile as well. You had to break the hold before scoring again. They seemed to swicth the this rule frequently throughout the 1980s and 90s. I think it was a good rule
  2. I don't think you understand how the UN works
  3. Micic was so far off this year, I am convinced something else must have been going on as well. There are plenty examples of guys who were able to go up weight classes and have success, this one case does not prove that weight cutting always is a good thing
  4. I think Brown's best case scenario is to get where Harvard has been recently. Every once in a great while they get a top wrestler has can get a high AA even challenge for a title, with most years their best guys can threaten to win an EIWA title and have an outside chance at AA. Brown has a way to go to even achieve that. With Cornell, Princeton and UPenn all having much better situations and competing for the same potential recruits, I don't see how Brown competes
  5. Cejudo was never a dominant international wrestler. He has the gold, but internationally he was not on another level than Fix. Cejudo would have to get his mat skills up to a high level college or Fix wins. Somewhat silly argument as he would never go back to NCAA after his career. It would be like Bill gates going back to Harvard to finish his degree. He has moved on and it would be of no benefit to him now
  6. 60 seconds of riding is an eternity if you don't like watching mat wrestling without turns. also, there is usually not enough room out of bounds to let any continuation of the action occur once they go out of bounds
  7. To be fair, the math savant was at least partially his own words as he cowrote the screen play with Affleck (and won an Oscar)
  8. Not my experience. Before your match you step on a scale and if you miss weight you are done for the tournament. There may be reasons for not having matside weigh ins , but the logistics of weighing competitors in is not one
  9. Maybe, but the weigh ins are not the problem. Whole point is that it can be done
  10. BJJ tournaments do this and they are massive. Usually one scale
  11. Looks crazy tough to me. Any chance of a US sweep? Who does Cuba have that could be favored? Any other country besides Cuba have a wrestler that can beat a US first teamer?
  12. Bruce B beat a Canadian in the gold medal match in 1992. Also, Canadian Chris (?) Wilson was one of the only (maybe the only) who beat Fadzaev in his prime
  13. This is interesting that Canada's men's soccer is mediocre at best while the women's team is a perennial contender for gold
  14. The ways pins are called today, that is definitely a pin
  15. Why would NLWC spend their $$$ on a backup?
  16. Bormet developed the team that was expected to be top 3 at nationals. They also beat beat expectations at Big Tens by a lot. Yeah I know, transfers, but that seems now part of coaching is getting transfers. Exceeding low expectations does not make for COY. Getting to the place were expectations are always high is.. and before the PSU fans jump on, Cael could be coach of the year every year.
  17. Somewhere around 10th, seems about right for him. no?
  18. Bad for college wrestling but good for the athletes, seems likely to end amateur athletics as we know it
  19. He has enough results that he has to be considered top ten. Euro Bronze and Gold and Olympic Bronze, too many medals to be considred a fluke and jsut getting a good draw. I get that he has lost to lots of US wrestlers in the past and There are some Russian and Iranian backups that are world class as well, but he ash earned at least a top ten consideration.
  20. I don't have a favorite team that I root for (in general I support underdogs) and think a dual team championship would be a good idea. Not everything in college wrestling revolves around Iowa and Penn State, some fans jsut like to see excting matches and a good dual match with everything on the line would be fantastic
  21. 1968 was before D2/D3 existed. The NCAA nationals was an open tournament. You showed up, you got to wrestle
  22. Sounds more like a criticism of Folkstyle scoring rules than a dual team championship. Same thing could happen in a close tournament team championship race
  23. Why didn't Kennedy wrestle this last season?
  24. Explains why nobody watches NFL games
  25. Team Amiine v. Everuone seems contrived. As far as I can tell, the Amines are generally well respected and have a lot of fans outside of just UMichigan
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