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  1. 14 hours ago, simple said:

    Probably the guys who are significantly better than him who would also love to be room guys at Michigan.

    Are there really wrestlers out there that are "room-guy" level that are not allowed to work out wit the team?

    Seems like it takes a big commitment to do D1 level workouts and get beat up every practice. I can't imagine too many people are waiting in line for that.

  2. The Hodge is often promoted as the Heisman Trophy of college wrestling and that is what is has become. Rewarding it to the best wrestler in the country has become what matters, more so than the listed criteria.  Steveson is clearly the best wrestler in the NCAA right now and is arguably the best ever.  Unless something very unexpected happens, he will get the Hodge 

  3. 19 hours ago, HawkY said:

    Foldeak database has one event that Haselrig entered. 

    He competed at U 23 worlds in Greco and got 4th. The wrestlers who outpaced him all won went on to win senior level medals. 

    Of the guys that Haserlige placed ahead of listed there,  Neumueller went on to be a greco gatekeeper (Robby Smith level type) and Niels who was a roster filler for a couple senior tournaments.

    I'm guessing Haserling went into this tournament cold, with maybe a camp of practice before hand.  He was facing guys who had spent at least half a decade training  greco consistently.  Not surprising that's where he placed.  

    I vaguely remember Haselrig trying freestyle and not being closed to making the US team. Maybe then he gave Greco a try? 

  4. Does he truly have a Green card? I have seen colleagues go through the process of a getting a Green card many years ago and it was quite extensive.  Is it there a process for international athletes to get one without living or working in the US? 

    If he only has a a visa for this specific trip it does not seem like a big deal to me. Maybe bad form considering this is supposed to be a friendship match and both teams have shown great respect for each other in years past

  5. 5 hours ago, TBar1977 said:

    Burroughs never says that had he not been given that participation trophy he'd have stopped wrestling, and I doubt he'd have done so. I equally doubt the trophy was the causation or driver to his world level success. And while Burroughs is talking about sports, the whole participation is enough mentality spills over to other aspects of life.

    There are millions of kids who get pushed thru time and time again despite their showing no effort whatsoever in any myriad number of activities. I think about the "passing grades" given to middle and high schoolers for no effort or correct result at all. Kids who can barely read and write and who can't solve basic addition and subtraction questions being graduated from public school. Those young people will have a hard go of it in life.

    Consider this recent situation. I almost never go thru a drive thru for fast food, but one day this past September, in a pinch for time, I drove thru a local McDonald's. The voice coming from the box tells me the price tag for my happy meal was $7.28 and that I should stop at the first window. I get to the window and a young 17 year old looking kid asks me for $7.28, and I hand him a $5 bill, a pair of $1 dollar bills, one quarter and 3 pennies. I was stunned when he looked the money and asked me "Is this exact change". I replied "there is a way you can confirm whether it is exact change ....", my voice trailing off as to lead him in the proper way of addressing the issue. But he then asks "How?". I stated to him matter of factly "You can count it". He looks a second time at the money, looks back at me, looks again at the money and then without counting it he just puts it in the cash register. This was your basic run of the mill kid living in an area with I would think good schools, yet he couldn't add up a few bills and a few coins. I bet he received a few participation trophies in life in one form or another. I felt sorry for this kid. I literally had a pit in my stomach.

    A trophy for a young athlete is fine, but it can't replace the life's work that must also be a part of who that youngster is to become, because if not, then that kid is going to struggle down the road. Maybe "Dad" shouldn't be a drill seargent, but he also can't forgo his responsibility as a father to teach the right lessons in life.

    What are two things that are not related?

    Youth sports trophies and a McD worker being bad at math

  6. 18 hours ago, Elevator said:

    I got to see these guys wrestle and they were fun - Judo is good wrestle-training.  Brown had a good wrestler who was accomplished at Judo.

    Jimmy Pedro - Accomplished at Judo is massive understatement.  2X Olympic medalist and world champion, plus Olympic coach.  He wonEIWA for Brown when his main sport was Judo

    Jason Morris was an AA wrestler for Syracuse and got a silver in Olympic Judo

  7. 23 minutes ago, jross said:

    Anyone notice these Americans talking simple, slow, and loud.  It doesn't help guys.  Either the Russians understand you or they don't.  Talk normal :). 

    Looks like they enjoyed their trip.  The amount of Russian respect paid to Kyle is unreal.  They announced him at the tournament, clapped for him, etc. on multiple occasions.  That plus the meals and events is next level wrestling celebrity.  We need to that Russia and Iran wrestling fandom in the USA.

    I subconsciously find myself speaking loud, broken English to to foreigners that have limited English.  

  8. 1 hour ago, SetonHallPirate said:

    Four times in 26 tries...March 5, 1921, January 18, 1991, January 18, 1992, and January 23, 1993. I guess three straight years is worth something, even if those are the only time in the last 100 years (literally) they've beaten Lehigh.


    1 hour ago, Husker_Du said:

    Regularly beat lehigh?

    any evidence to that?

    i find that very hard to believe. 

    It was just a vague memory of moving to the Lehigh Valley and actual being able to watch wrestling on TV and then seeing Lehigh lose to Brown. This was the era when Lehigh briefly decided it was possible to compete at D1 without scholarships

    I glad that my memory is validated. Thanks SHP!

  9. 3 hours ago, jchapman said:

    You are trying to make your point by omitting that Neal is a World Champion wrestler and FILA Wrestler of the Year. 

    Edit:  If you are describing someone else in your second sentence, then ignore.

    That is my point and yes I mean Stephen Neal. I know he was World  Champ and on his his way to be being one of the best Heavies ever, but he could not beat McCoy.  Based on his results it is much easier to go from the top of the world in wrestling to the NFL than the reverse.  The best wrestling athletes (at least two) have shown they can make it in the NFL.  No NFLers have ever made the switch to compete for US National spots.

  10. On 12/2/2021 at 10:36 AM, jchapman said:

    The proof of concept for the "getting football players to stick to wrestling and we will dominate internationally" is Stephen Neal.

    Does Neal prove that the best athletes are wrestlers and if more of them quit wrestling and focused on football we would have much better NFL players?

    A guy who was just a good HS football player, can't make the US national team and give the NFL a try and has a long career at the highest level.

    Can you imagine an NFL washout, who wrestled some in HS, giving  Freestyle wrestling a try after and placing at senior nationals

  11. 36 minutes ago, bnwtwg said:

    I didn't mean what you are saying I did. I'm not going to dig a deeper hole and post more after this. But I was a D1 heavyweight so this isn't just a pop-up thought of mine. Football, rugby, baseball, basketball all the best walking at 6' or taller and are 200+ pounds. If they had a reason to choose wrestling then the US would constantly have a Russia problem where 5 of the top 10 in the world would be located in the US. I saw the athletes in other sports and wished they would have come to our sport instead of sticking to the traditional sports and the outcome is that for every Gable Steveson and Stephen Neal and Kyle Snyder, we have 800 Ray Lewis (state champ) and JT Realmutos and Garret Goebels and Russ Weils and Carlin Isles that are incentivized to chase even that fringe dream or a Danny Barret or Nate Ebner that probably never thought twice of leaving the field or pitch to try it out on the mat. Wrestling is a low-paying sport pushed for the little man that can't make the team on the traditional sports. Hell, look at the Iowa o-line - they pride themselves on their wrestling background but they sure as hell didn't have a reason to stick with the sport. That's all I meant. Sorry for what this has caused.

    Yet internationally, Heavy is one of our most successful weight classes with Gable and the current crop of other NCAA heavies that have age group golds(Cass, Kerk, Paris, and Shultz).

    I think after Big Bruce's dominant career the following all have had World medals: Neal, Tolly, McCoy, Dlagnev, Gwiz; add Rulon, Ghaffiri, Beyers, and Coon for Greco. To stretch it a bit you can add gold Medalists Snyder, Cox, and Varner who might have been able to get close to NFL if they had focused on bulking up. Every year we put one of the best heavyweight wrestlers on the planet on our national team.  Is the US talent pool of athleticism so deep that we would have dozens of guys that are playing football or basketball that are better than our currents guys and everyone else in the world?

     Where are all the tremendous 65kg athletes going?

  12. 21 hours ago, Lesh_Is_Morer said:

    Welllll.. there you go. Another first World problem. Moving to "another state is a big deal"? Really? People have to leave their countries all of the time just to stay alive... and people whine if they have to move from PA to NY or NJ. Wow... life if really tough.

    Relocating a family is a universal big deal.  Having to do it because of a war or famine is obviously not a first world problem.

    Choosing to do it to support a child's athletic career is a first world luxury that is only a option for a select few families even in the US 

  13. On 11/5/2021 at 2:41 PM, ShakaAloha said:

    Can't the Gibsons and the Bassetts just move to another state to be able to compete and avoid the suspension?

    Just move to another state? I don't know anything about their family and I know that others have done that, but relocating to another state is a big deal

  14. 21 hours ago, ShakaAloha said:

    Khabib is a judo black belt and I believe he has a significant background in sambo as well.  If you guys knew Kayla's game which is heavily based in newaza, this is not a good matchup for her.  Khabib is bigger, stronger, and she is not going to submit him on the ground.  Tachiwaza is not Kayla's strong point imo.

    I did not know Khabib's Judo background. I do know Kayla's style, which is why I figured the only hope for Kayla was to exploit some of the quirks in the Judo rules to win on penalties, which should not happen if Khabib has a reasonable amount of Judo competition

  15. 6 hours ago, ShakaAloha said:

    I got Khabib taking this, but I doubt many on this board know who Kayla is without using Google

    Probably Khabib would win. Does he have any competition Judo in his background?

    However, with today's Judo rules which severely limit techniques and have many obscure penalties especially for illegal gripping, it is possible Kayla could win.

    And yes it is a silly discussion, which does not belong on something as serious as an internet wrestling forum ;)

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