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  1. Actually wrestled a year at Pitt, too and worked out with Hawkeye wrestling club when he was at the Iowa writer's conference. I recommend his book, Imaginary Girlfriend, which is his autobiographical account recounting his wrestling and becoming a writer
  2. Schools that trainedf teachers were called "Normal Schools" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_school
  3. In a folkstyle wrestling match, yes, in an MMA maybe not. GSP was often cited as a world class wrestler by MMA fan boys because of his ability to take down wrestlers in the cage
  4. That is pretty much what I looked like in my late thirties, except I am white, and was a little over weight and did not much muscle definition, but I did have a receding hairline, so if you put me in a USA singlet next to him we would have been mistaken for twins
  5. One of the secrets of fundraising is that to get a big donor it is immensely helpful to have many small donors. People with money are much more likely to give big dollars to something that they see as being widely supported
  6. Actually if you watch the video of the famous Mongolian protest. the actual Mongolian wrestler has a few seconds of WTF just happened bewilderment, watches his coaches and then gracefully shakes his opponent's hand, gives him a thumbs up and walks away.
  7. He also supposedly pinned Jeff Blatnick in college, but probably does not belong on a list of the most physically gifted wrestlers
  8. It have been shown for many years that refs cant or wont call stalling frequently enough to force action. Most of the time it is a very difficult call to judge who is stalling enough to warrant a call and there is so much subjectivity in the call. The more bias and judgment is taken away from the ref the fairer the rules will be. Personally I like the stepout rule. There are a lot more clean TD in the Freestyle I watch and a lot of the almost TDs that I see in folk (defended by going out of bounds) turn into 1 point scores in Free.
  9. I remember a story about Gibson going through Marine basic training with no intention of continuing his wrestling career and when he broke the record for the obstacle course at 200+lbs, the Marines learned about his wrestling background and got him back wrestling again. Also, He was still at the Olympic Greco Roman trials into his late 40s.
  10. I saw J'den Cox warming up and drilling as a FR at NCAAs and he stood out on a mat full of great wrestlers. He was the quickest, smoothest wrestler I ever saw. Plus he has the best sweat glands of all time
  11. There will always be stalling when someone is protecting a lead. I think the hope with a tiebreaker is stalling protecting a tie to hope to start wrestling for real in OT, or worse continued stalling trying to win in the ride outs
  12. I like the concept of first to score being the tiebreaker rather than last to score.
  13. Taylor is really bad at trash talking. It seems like he thinks it is a good idea for him and watched a how to video on YouTube. He is a good enough wrestler that he can just wrestle
  14. The splitting wood dramatic scenes were really lame. They made it look like it was quite an accomplishment. Haven't most people split wood? It does not take much strength. It is tiring after an hour or so
  15. I actually see a wrestling mat now... Says technical difficulties and will be back at 9
  16. Are the commercials just a screen saying the event is in commercial break?
  17. It says I am logged in finally.. only 45 minutes to get it to work
  18. I was able to download the Roku app and sign in but now I am getting the spinning circle of waiting
  19. Same here.. not able to sign in for the first time
  20. I think it is important to continue to test samples for years afterwards. It lets rathletes and coaches (and wives) know that even if you have a new regimen that can't be detected today you can be caught years later.
  21. Didn't JB face Diatta in one his first matches in Rio? IIRC there was lots of concern about how hard is a time he had scoring
  22. Then create a fake account and post your comment through that. We will pretend we don't know who it is
  23. Seems like a hasty decision to give a gold to someone who is under investigation for PEDs. I guess if his "mix-up" incidentwas post-2012
  24. Especially if Caldwell starts doing back flips... Maybe that was Metcalf's plan for a last second attempt to score points with a push out
  25. Your constant disparaging of a wrestling style is really annoying. Let it go and your posts would be readable and worthwhile. I agree with your general assessment that the folkstyle rules don't do enough to encourage action You clearly never competed. Most wrestlers have a favorite style, but do not disrespect the other styles. There is no one "real" style.Having trained and competed in lots of grappling sports, I see them all as the same sport on a continuation. Some styles are much better for spectators, it does not mean any other style is sh!t
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