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  1. Those sports aren't niche at NCAA levels? Swimming and Track get coverage every Olympic year, and soccer does for the World Cup years I have no clue who the top teams or individuals are in competing at the NCAA level now. Does anyone, who is not a specific fan of one of those sports?
  2. Jim L


    Why emojis right next to the word you just typed? Does he get paid per emoji and worry that his fans wont get the message without him typing the words?
  3. Even looking at pro sports, we can add Golf and Tennis, and soccer for the rest of the world, what other sports aren't niche? Every four years, Gymnastics and Figure Skating? Maybe UFC and Boxing
  4. Outside of Basketball and Football, and maybe Baseball and Hockey in certain parts of the country, all NCAA sports are niche.
  5. You missed my sarcasm font. Obviously throws don't always lead to backpoints, but they often do
  6. Might be difficult to call because of how quick a throw can happen but it does not have to be subjective. Both feet leave the mat and he lands with back facing the mat, nothing subjective there. Meanwhile, half the posters seem to think the only solution to improving wrestling is to have the refs call more stalling, which is completely subjective
  7. I would like to see the outside looking in category to include non qualifiers as well
  8. Yes, 100% of the time throws lead to back points, there is no other scenario. ;) What Schultz did was incredible as well, and a 4-2 scoring seems about right. Without a doubt, throws more often lead to BPs than a two minute ride (unless your name is Spencer) Yes it would be more like FS, nothing gets the entire crowd to hold its breath at the same time than when two guys lock up go chest to chest and attempt a throw. After a successful throw, the crowd collectively explodes. That is magic
  9. Lots of discussion that eliminating the riding time point will make Folkstyle so much better and lead to lots of turns on the mat. I don't quite buy this, as there is plenty incentive to try and turn without any rule change. However, the most exciting matches of the tournament were Andonian and Gomez And my favorite moment was Wood with a big lift and drop of Schultz add Clarke's throw of Lee in the finals and those are the most electric moments. Why not award those move? They are surely more exciting than a two minute rideout. Lifting someone up and brining down right to their back is much more dominating than a 4 point tilt on the mat. Plus they lead to back points and pinning for everyone who claims the highest achievement in wrestling is a pin.
  10. Not a small task to develop a TD that works against the best heavies in the country. Many (most?) heavy national champs have not done this and still become national champs. We are spoiled by the number of active heavies in this crop of heavies
  11. Eliminating riding time I don't think is a magic bullet to stop inaction on the mat. In a very close match, it is still advantageous to ride a guy as long as possible. You can deny him the 1 point escape and also prevent any chance of being taken down.
  12. I believe returning national champ Mark Ellis was losing to RS Fr Dom Bradley at Missouri a while back. I recall Bradley beat him in at least one tournament and there were questions who would start, but Ellis got to keep the starting slot in the end
  13. Yes and if we want a major factor in determining champions, how well a wrestler can hold a guy down, we have achieved that. Just don't pretend it makes sense for the top guy to try to turn, when the best strategy is just to ride. Whether he is stalling or not, becomes a matter of semantics (he is trying to score, but not trying to turn)
  14. Gabel tournament was somewhat disappointing because we have been used to seeing absolutely toy with top Heavies. If he did not have the last season of dominance behind him, how easily he blitzed the field would make him a clear OW.
  15. Snyder and Cox also completed in the championships after the win gold and bronze at Olympics
  16. From what I've watched this does not happen that much... Lots of actions typically results in lots of points, unlike folk where wild flurries often have no score
  17. Maybe. But I need to see more then a Double OT win to convince me. I like Mehki and rooting against PSU, so partly wishful thinking on my part
  18. To avoid watching Dean win for PSU or just to avoid watching Dean (and Warner) wrestle?
  19. I am the only one in my family who wrestled. Tried to get my two sons into it, but they had no interest. My older boy will watch with me for awhile and appreciates some aspects. He knows some of the names. He gives an interesting perspective of a sports fan who watches some wrestling. Unprompted he said mat wrestling and riding is boring. He stopped watching during the 184 match
  20. So full time employment offer if he won?
  21. More of an issue in Greco where it is usually very low scoring and there is an advantage to be put on the clock first knowing your opponent will probably also be dinged, but then you have last point scored. Maybe the only set of rules worse than Folk
  22. Still goes back to what do you expect the top guys to do? If he is focused on winning he is going to ride. Does anyone think Amine was going to be turned by Brooks if he stopped riding parallel and went for the fall. This is folkstlyle at the highest level. It is too hard to turn guys. Not everyone is Spencer Lee.
  23. Cornella is going to wrestle for Cornell? Seems unfair recruiting advantage
  24. In FS, by rule the ref has to put one guy on the shot clock if there is no score after 1 minute. This is not a big deal usually in free because there is usually much more scoring. A 1 point edge in Folk is a much bigger deal, since the top guys are so good at playing the edge and shutting down scoring
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