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  1. I say Japan, the host country almost always has an execptional year, usually setting records for the amount of medals across all events, Korea had 9 medals and two golds in 1988 (FS and GR)
  2. Most of us are more familiar with NCAA rankings. Looks like Campbell is the US MNT of NCAA wrestling? Or maybe the Macedonia of international wrestling?
  3. I only follow soccer a little bit so I somewhat aware where the US ranks, but I appreciate the details. I guess for comparison is a DI wrestling school that is inside the top 15 a few times a decade considered good?
  4. Is the US now consider a "good" team in soccer?
  5. They are DI in hockey. Are they non-scholarship?
  6. Years ago Kole Conard and Tommy Rowlands were signed by the Jets and did a training camp. Neither even made the practice squad if I remember, probably the likely results for Coon. https://www.bashawrestling.com/teams/default.asp?u=BASHABEARWRESTLING&s=htosports&p=NewsStory&newsID=6495 I did find this part amusing: The workouts, Konrad said, "weren't that big of a deal." He was a standout among linemen in conditioning drills, and while many other players were sucking wind, Konrad was wondering when the real work would start. After running the fastest 40-yard dash among the offensive linemen -- though Konrad didn't want to brag and declined to say how fast -- Jets assistant coach Bryan Cox told him to "chill out," Konrad said, because he was going to have to run 20 of them. Konrad shrugged his shoulders. "They give you plenty of time between them," he said.
  7. Yeah .. no reason for Penn State to mandate vaccines
  8. Bekzod doesn't count like the same asgreat Japanese wrestling for OSU and others in the sixties don't count as Americans
  9. Noel Logan won NCAA title for Clemson and then a bronze for Great Britain in 1984. He was certainly helped by the Soviet bloc boycott Not sure of his citizenship, seems to have been born in London but not sure where he grew up and learned to wrestle
  10. While still not at the same level as Taha or Geno, Gwiz is world class and has the medals to prove it. Gable made him look like a JV wannabe
  11. That is rough. 74kg - 125kg should all be expected to get at lest Bronze. Dake and Taylor should be at 50/50 for Gold
  12. Wrong answers on the Gyro, but only the top two qualifying is asiniine. Either only one qualifies or top three or have a true second where the loser of the finals wrestles the repecharge winner
  13. Happens all the time in Folkstyle.
  14. That sucks.. Thanks for the updates, much appreciated
  15. I am guessing there is a good chance he is taking a "less academic" major in Junior College to give him a chance to improve his English and adapt to the US as I am sure it is a big change from Mongolia.
  16. Lomtadze getting brutalized at 0:49
  17. Lomtadze seems to be appear in every FS highlight video on Youtube, both executing some fantastic moves and getting dropped spectacularly on his head
  18. Small businesses that pay their vendors on time or early get premium service especially if the vendors are small. Working in Industry it is amazing how much cash flow matters to small business and how appreciative they are for early payments
  19. I would guess that the success of the college drives High School level excellence as well. Kids see bunches of guys from their state doing well nationally at MU, it sets their goals and expectations higher. I think this is why wrestling talent in the Pacific NW is slowly fading
  20. I wasn't narrowing down my statement to just wrestlers, but generally to cover top level athletes across sports. I suspect many are not the good teammates/humble competitors/humanitarians they try to portray themselves as. I am fine with that. I admire athletes for their athletic abilities and their drive, if I learn that they fall short of their public image that does not bother me at all and I can still be a fan, exceptions made for criminal acts and cheating
  21. 100% I also suspect a lot of the athletes who come across as great guys are actually 5 star a-holes, but at least are self aware enough to keep that side hidden to the public
  22. More that the motivation and life priorities for a 30+ year old and two time Olympian are not going to be the same as a 18/19 year old right out of high school
  23. I checked out the link. Why aren't they vaccinating? 2.6 doses per 100 while the US is at 71 per 100. I would think a rich country like Japan who took the pandemic very seriously would be ahead of the curve
  24. If we are looking at a bell curve for weight distribution we should not be focusing on the US distribution, but look at some of the Asian countries with wrestling traditions that tend to have smaller bodies than the west
  25. I like this too, but think it would hurt some of the really small guys who are already a little small for 57kg
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