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  1. Good to know that we can blame Canada for this announcer! I do have a question is a tech fall now called "great superiority"? I never heard this before...
  2. Loved that slam! Absolutely brutal
  3. Just saw - Herbert v. Cuba and Burroughs v. VEN
  4. Snyder and Rey both get Canadians in the finals. Any updates on the other weights?
  5. Z. Rey beats Cuba 2-0. One point for shot clock and one pushout. Rey is boring even for a heavy, most action of the match was the ref slapping their hands for interlacing fingers. Snyder up now v. VEN.
  6. 11-1 is correct... looked good except he was reversed on a gut wrench early in the match
  7. Smith's teams seem to be hot and cold in the NCAAs. Last two years they have exceeded expectation, it seemed liked they disappointed at nationals for a string of years before. But even when thye does not place high in the team race, he always has guys going for titles. Results for one wrestler (Chance) mean nothing...
  8. Nice win by Metcalf... still what is with the finger interlacing in FS. Metcalf gets penalized... every single frickin match the refs seems to be slapping hands. I don't recall ever seeing this is Folkstyle!
  9. Bonne is a beast... Had a little smirk on his face after he stuffed Escobedo's and then he finished with a big lift
  10. Nice comeback by Gray! Canadian is not going to sleep tonight knowing that she gave it away with a second left
  11. Just starting posting after leaving this forum 5+years ago and just lurking for the last year or two.. Saw that the Burrough's first round draw is Lopez from Cuba. This guy may be my favorite wrestler outside the US based on one match.. his 2012 bronze medal match against AZE. Losing with the 20 seconds left he throws for grand amplitude and pins. During his celebration he punches his victim and then tears his singlet. I love this guy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdS0LXb7d4k
  12. Ha! I was thinking the same thing about JB. Why can't they just sign him up. I am sure he is there and can't cost all that much!
  13. Finally got the online streaming. Have not stream anything since the Olympics and it was a pain in the butt getting my satellite ID and password entered so I could stream. Stream quality is good, but the announcing is horrible!
  14. Article said Gomez was losing the tie breaker
  15. True, but much more common in Judo (except for Mocco) just like a single arm throw. The corollary is that a double leg tackle used to be an allowable Judo technique (now it is banned) but was rare to see and when it was done everyone saw it as a wrestling technique.
  16. Not most acclaimed and accomplished wrestlers and not a quality match for most of it, but Rohn-Lambrecht (sp?) is my favorite match of all time and in my top three moment for any sporting event that I have ever seen: Doug Flutie's pass Rohn, The last Pats superbowl win. The first two on my list had me jumping up and down and yelling my head off while watching TV by myself.
  17. Had a close match in round 1 against DOM (7-6) and then beats Mango 9-1! Bio on the PanAm website doesn't show much: First in Greco-Roman -59 kg at 2014 South American Games Competed at 2014 Pan Am wrestling championships Started wrestling competitively at age 15
  18. What about wrestlers without a gold medal of there own with wins over Olympic/World gold medalist? What about wrestler without any type of world medal with the same?
  19. ESPN2 showed both complete US finals matches for last night. Nice coverage. I will say that Greco is tough for any commentator to do a good job on. The announcers did the right thing and said very little and stuck to generalities about the scoring. I was disappointed that when they showed the highlights of Bisek's matches they left out the four point lift. I guess that is up to the director who doesn't understand wrestling. They also show the bird's eye view camera angle which is completely useless IMO
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