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  1. I do agree with that Smith is still the best US wrestler ever, but Smith lost to John Fisher domestically. It is really close. Also JB wrestled during the best of three period rules which promoted upsets by its design
  2. I think Smith is number one US wrestler, but it is close. Smith also lost to Sarkissian at least once. And not only was Beloglazov up a weight, he was also retired
  3. Paging Jordan Oliver, Daniel Cornier on line one
  4. I wasn't either but now he is our rep I am all about Kid Dynamite bringing home the gold. JB is my favorite wrestler ever and it hurts to see his run end
  5. They should be interviewing Dake and giving JB some time
  6. He is saving the double flip for Tokyo
  7. Just one... I can't get the stream to work and have given up. Good news is that I have an extra 104 channels on my Direct TV
  8. Finally was able to upgrade now have NBCSN. Watching wrestling!
  9. Yeah just tried to upgrade and they are not able to process it
  10. Still not working for me. I think you might need a premium package. I just stopped my sports package after NCAA finals
  11. I still get 00033 authorization error: Customer is not authorized for content requested
  12. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!
  13. Argh! Not working for me. I have direct TV and I am actually paying for peacock, but can't seem to get NBCSN and streaming says it does not work
  14. That was Zombie Nolf, the real Nolf passed from this world last night
  15. A 1-1 match with two passivity calls kinda sucks either way
  16. Too many and way too long. Flipping between the four mats there were multiple times that three reviews were going on. I dislike instant replay in all sports but I get that most fans cannot accept referees making mistakes.
  17. WFS should have its own separate trial tournament or at least separate the times. I want to be a fan, but if MFS is on at the same time that is what I'm watching. I watch a little when there was no men's matches on and it was entertaining. This year because of covid restrictions you would not have the bad look of packed men's trials v an empty house for women
  18. PDIII is clearly an exception in the wrestling world. Very little excuses offered by most... Wonder where he learned to act like that... I think it is time we hear from PD1
  19. Gable drilling TDs on Tanner Hall. My Lord, he looks unstoppable
  20. How does Marianelli recognize a thousand dollar suit?
  21. Same for me. Stopped going to Intermat completely once it was no longer free.
  22. Was he a big recruit the tOSU missed out on?
  23. Do they have to make weight two days in a row? How long to recover from weigh in until they wrestle?
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