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  1. Do they have to make weight two days in a row? How long to recover from weigh in until they wrestle?
  2. Putting Parris as a contender for HVY is a bit of a stretch. The last two matches with Gable showed that he is not in the same league.
  3. Meh.. It is a wrestling match not a bodybuilding contest. Bruce B. never had the physique of a Lesnar. Gable has gigantic shoulders and lower body. I don't think he is packing 35 lbs of muscle on his frame
  4. Even if he was the #1 recruit that year that did not make him the greatest recruit is of all time. There is a #1 recruit every year. If I recall correctly, he was beating nationally ranked PA champs when he was in 8th grade. Does anyone else come close?
  5. I think the better description would be the greatest 8th grade wrestler of all time
  6. Thank you for this. I opened this thread specifically thinking I could do a clever Marstellar pun, but you did the hard work... I hope Chance had a good showing, as his battling through all his struggles after incredible early success is inspiring
  7. Surely change? An Olympic gold is a chancy prop for any wrestler. Who are you thinking of? I would bet on Dake/JB, Taylor, Cox/Snyder, and maybe Gable to medal, with only a healthy Taylor being a clear favorite. None of them are from PA though...
  8. A bit, but it is also impressive that they have had 20 semifinalists over ten years
  9. Wrong. If you read what I wrote, I said that even making the NCAA final once would have matter. Also, the reason Joseph was never a big ten champ is that he ran into a fantastic wrestler nicknamed the Bull. Finally, best wins also matter when assessing careers. And I don't know Wick's career that well, but isn't his best win beating Marianelli?
  10. 3X Big Ten Champ matters. If Wick had won NCAA or even made the finals then maybe there is an argument.
  11. Don't forget that green was mediocre (or worse) at 65
  12. Snyder did pretty well the year he did not win NCAAs... just saying
  13. I would like to see him. I can't imagine he is close to Cox or Snyder, but it would be interesting to see if he is anywhere close to the other guys. Does he he have FS accomplishments?
  14. I don't disagree. I just would rather see neutral wrestling emphasized more. Event without the techs falls, one turn pretty much decides the match
  15. Plus the guy from Puerto Rico with olympic silver
  16. Yes to the step out rule, plus going out of bounds needs to be address on stand ups situation
  17. I think 4 point fall worse point is that it devaluates the TD
  18. Spencer already won once, so while it is not part of the official criteria, I think it is a fair reason to give it to Steveson. Also, because of the level of competition, plus he may be the best Heavyweight ever
  19. This was unreal. He was high enough to do a double. Maybe he is saving that for his olympic gold celebration
  20. Jim L


    Did anyone else have the thought that he was re living his most memorable NCAA moment by tackling a champion who was going to do a back flip
  21. Seems like he has nothing left to prove in NCAA wrestling, a hobbled Lee dominated. Who is going to challenge him in college? I would like to see him focus on international, get his par terre to the same level as his folkstyle tilts. Maybe do the Kyle Snyder route and show up for big tens and NCAAs
  22. That is actually good to hear because he looks like the world's biggest meathead. I think I am just jealous of his magnificent beard
  23. It seems if you need a serious neck brace, maybe you should not be wrestling.
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