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  1. I still get 00033 authorization error: Customer is not authorized for content requested
  2. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!
  3. Argh! Not working for me. I have direct TV and I am actually paying for peacock, but can't seem to get NBCSN and streaming says it does not work
  4. That was Zombie Nolf, the real Nolf passed from this world last night
  5. A 1-1 match with two passivity calls kinda sucks either way
  6. Too many and way too long. Flipping between the four mats there were multiple times that three reviews were going on. I dislike instant replay in all sports but I get that most fans cannot accept referees making mistakes.
  7. WFS should have its own separate trial tournament or at least separate the times. I want to be a fan, but if MFS is on at the same time that is what I'm watching. I watch a little when there was no men's matches on and it was entertaining. This year because of covid restrictions you would not have the bad look of packed men's trials v an empty house for women
  8. PDIII is clearly an exception in the wrestling world. Very little excuses offered by most... Wonder where he learned to act like that... I think it is time we hear from PD1
  9. Gable drilling TDs on Tanner Hall. My Lord, he looks unstoppable
  10. How does Marianelli recognize a thousand dollar suit?
  11. Same for me. Stopped going to Intermat completely once it was no longer free.
  12. Was he a big recruit the tOSU missed out on?
  13. Do they have to make weight two days in a row? How long to recover from weigh in until they wrestle?
  14. Putting Parris as a contender for HVY is a bit of a stretch. The last two matches with Gable showed that he is not in the same league.
  15. Meh.. It is a wrestling match not a bodybuilding contest. Bruce B. never had the physique of a Lesnar. Gable has gigantic shoulders and lower body. I don't think he is packing 35 lbs of muscle on his frame
  16. Even if he was the #1 recruit that year that did not make him the greatest recruit is of all time. There is a #1 recruit every year. If I recall correctly, he was beating nationally ranked PA champs when he was in 8th grade. Does anyone else come close?
  17. I think the better description would be the greatest 8th grade wrestler of all time
  18. Thank you for this. I opened this thread specifically thinking I could do a clever Marstellar pun, but you did the hard work... I hope Chance had a good showing, as his battling through all his struggles after incredible early success is inspiring
  19. Surely change? An Olympic gold is a chancy prop for any wrestler. Who are you thinking of? I would bet on Dake/JB, Taylor, Cox/Snyder, and maybe Gable to medal, with only a healthy Taylor being a clear favorite. None of them are from PA though...
  20. A bit, but it is also impressive that they have had 20 semifinalists over ten years
  21. Wrong. If you read what I wrote, I said that even making the NCAA final once would have matter. Also, the reason Joseph was never a big ten champ is that he ran into a fantastic wrestler nicknamed the Bull. Finally, best wins also matter when assessing careers. And I don't know Wick's career that well, but isn't his best win beating Marianelli?
  22. 3X Big Ten Champ matters. If Wick had won NCAA or even made the finals then maybe there is an argument.
  23. Don't forget that green was mediocre (or worse) at 65
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