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  1. Ncaa voted no winter athletes will get an extra year of eligibility
  2. Ohio States line up in the second half is probably 125 Heinselman 133 Kinner/Decatur 141 Pletcher 149 Sasso 157 Hayes 165 Smith 174 Romero 184 R. Jordan 197 Moore HWT Singletary Being as realistic as I can be I’d say that team is probably competing for a team trophy at best. Heinselman doesn’t look like he put on any size following last season and based on how he’s looked so far I wouldn’t expect him to score double digit points at NCAA’s. Kinner has shown promise but his weight cut is something that can’t be ignored and I’d dare to say it’s the reason he’s been MIA for the Buckeyes the last few competitions. I’d probably pencil him in as a R12 guy at best. Championship contender at 141 and at 149 I’d say it’s fair to expect AA status but I don’t feel as confident in him winning the title as I did 2 months ago. At 157 Hayes has shown the ability to compete here but this just isn’t his weight class and like 133 he’s probably R12 at best. 165 and 174 I could see both of those guys in the blood round with one of them punching their way through but Smith is in a lot of close matches as is Romero so to expect to get a good chunk of points out of them just isn’t that realistic. One other thing to note about Romero is while he’s clearly improved up at 174 he still has the same issues of finishing takedowns against the top guys that’s not exactly a formula for success in March. Moore is the title favorite and should produce a lot of Ohio States points along with Pletcher but beyond that you have Singletary who’s looked good but maybe is on the outside looking in when it comes to the podium and Rocky Jordan who while looking pretty good his first time up a weight is still an unknown here.
  3. California results are the national scene?
  4. I didn’t say anything about where he stacked up against Gross. I just saw some posts making him out be a lot lesser of a wrestler than he actually is. He’s an AA contender, I believe his freshman year he lost in the blood round at 125 which by the comments made by some earlier I guess some people didn’t know that.
  5. A few of you clearly haven’t payed attention to Taylor Lamont’s college career
  6. When they first bursted on to the national scene Zahid was clearly the better wrestler. Anthony made more of a name for himself towards the end of their HS careers but for me personally I never thought he was ever the better of the 2
  7. Are guys still considered recruits once they’re out of HS and already committed to you? And Cornell isn’t the only Ivy League school that’s done this Princeton has had a couple of guys gray shirt before the most recent examples being Kolodzik (freshman year) and Mike D’angelo. I’d also argue the gray shirt tactic the Ivy League schools use still doesn’t put them on a level field with the non Ivy schools who have redshirts available because at least those guys still get to be in the college practice while the Gray shirts planning to attend an Ivy League school the following year are just in an RTC practice which if you haven’t been to any, isn’t exactly as intense as a college practice
  8. PSU probably steam rolls ASU. Think 125, 149, and maybe 197 are toss ups 184 is ASU and PSU takes the rest.
  9. Do we know Spencer Lee wrestles this dual?
  10. Decatur’s missed weight for 133 last weekend at an open him at 125 is starting to look like a pipe dream
  11. He said the school he’s looking at is a place he’s wanted to go his whole life I’m gonna guess it’s either Iowa or Oklahoma State
  12. This was a topic of discussion on HR, I believe if one of the Michigan D1 programs head jobs open up he’d interview for that job think the only job he’s ever thrown his name in the hat for to date is UM
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