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  1. Decatur’s missed weight for 133 last weekend at an open him at 125 is starting to look like a pipe dream
  2. He said the school he’s looking at is a place he’s wanted to go his whole life I’m gonna guess it’s either Iowa or Oklahoma State
  3. This was a topic of discussion on HR, I believe if one of the Michigan D1 programs head jobs open up he’d interview for that job think the only job he’s ever thrown his name in the hat for to date is UM
  4. Does Thielke count? What did he do 2 years at Wisconsin before moving on for Greco?
  5. I heard they have a cousin in Philadelphia who’s pretty decent at baseball too
  6. He got hurt towards the end of the season so no
  7. I’ve seen his Instagram I believe that was his girlfriend. The couple that trains together stays together
  8. $15 per match? I think I’d rather take my chances hoping to just find it on YouTube. I know some people aren’t fans of paying for Flo’s services (I’m aware of the technical aspect) but track would probably be better served to adapt a similar model to Flo’s instead of this PPV type model they’ve had implemented the last few years
  9. They’ll have replay of all sessions for a limited time on ESPN’s site or the watchespn app you just have to search it up on there. Usually there will be people who screen record matches and upload them to YouTube I know I’ve already skimmed by some finals matches as well as earlier rounds
  10. Teemers going 157, Busiello will never see 125 going forward he wasn’t even that comfortable wrestling 132 which was why he wrestled 138 the rest of the season
  11. Francesa has been past his prime for a very long time now I’m more of a Michael Kay show type of guy myself these days
  12. I’m not saying I disagree with the latter of your statement but there isn’t an available name from Long Island who would do a better job
  13. Both Papadatos and Mike Patrovich are Long Island guys and Hofstra alum give me an available name from Long Island you’d think would do a better job
  14. Got nothing but replay of the finals for Monday
  15. Marinelli letting us know that win last year wasn’t a fluke
  16. Everything we’ve seen from Desanto this year I may be alone on this but I’m not mad at Suriano at all
  17. Mackall was already wrestling up at 133 before Suriano got to Rutgers, he couldn’t beat out Paetzell for the spot at 125
  18. Oregon States in the pac 12 not Big 12
  19. He missed weight at the southern scuffle, you sure about that?
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