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    NYWRESTLER94 got a reaction from scribe in Cornell   
    Are guys still considered recruits once they’re out of HS and already committed to you? And Cornell isn’t the only Ivy League school that’s done this Princeton has had a couple of guys gray shirt before the most recent examples being Kolodzik (freshman year) and Mike D’angelo. I’d also argue the gray shirt tactic the Ivy League schools use still doesn’t put them on a level field with the non Ivy schools who have redshirts available because at least those guys still get to be in the college practice while the Gray shirts planning to attend an Ivy League school the following year are just in an RTC practice which if you haven’t been to any, isn’t exactly as intense as a college practice 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell   
    I'm done dude you offer nothing in return to make me change my mind to support you. I really have never said these words before but total troll job you got going on with these posts.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to red blades in Cornell   
    Penn and Harvard actually invented the concept years ago.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell   
    You do understand that those recruits enroll for a year at TC3 to prepair for admission into Cornell. I see how from a outside perspective you may think this is bending the rules but it's a separate entity. Fingerlakes is a private club. if your comparing the system to other non IVY D1 school who get redshirt then it actually makes it a even playing field. Now if your complaint is compared to other IVY schools then it's their own fault for not caring about their own programs and setting up the same system.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell   
    Dude you seriously need to learn geography. Show us on the Redman doll where Cornell hurt you.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to DFino in Robin Reed: So no one else is at all skeptical?   
    "It was widely known that he had the ability to pin every member of the team, and on this occasion he nearly accomplished that, pinning 12 out the 13 of them, all but the person who would become the gold medalist at heavyweight that year, Harry Steel (He still beat him, however, despite not being able to pin him)."
    "While hitch-hiking from his home in Oregon to New York City in 1924 to join the U. S. Olympic team, Reed stopped at Iowa State University to work out, but was refused permission. He asked the coach if he could work out if he first pinned every member of the wrestling team. The coach agreed. Reed proceeded to pin every Iowa State wrestler and he got his workout."
    "During practice for the Olympics in Paris, Reed bet he could pin Harry Steel, the U. S. heavyweight champion and eventual gold medal winner in that weight class. He not only pinned Steel, but he did it five times in fifteen minutes."


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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to nhs67 in Iowa vs Iowa State   
    Did he look like Gabriel Iglesias?
    I need to see this.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to russelscout in Rudis podcast on transfer portal   
    I'll summarize.

    Matt prefaces by saying he loves athletes rights. Then goes out on a tangent for why Eierman shouldn't have taken advantage of those rights. It was pretty nonsensical.

    He didn't like that Eierman transferred because he was on scholarship. He didn't like it because he was a senior. He didn't like it because he was not a top 10 recruit. He didn't like it because Brian Smith is a good coach. More or less Matt Dernlan is very happy if student athletes have more rights, as long as they use those rights in the exact way he wants them to. 

    Its really just Dernlen and Askren crying and taking a couple cheep shots at Iowa and Eierman.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Plasmodium in RBY vs Desanto 2019-2020   
    He is still 8½ inches taller than Pletcher.  Does that mean anything?
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to 1032004 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I don’t think it’s entirely political.   Honestly Jordan’s involvement is kinda overshadowing the real story of the number of people who knew and had the power to stop it but didn’t. Honestly I would say this group does not include Jordan, it’s primarily tOSU administration and apparently even the state medical board.  The fact that he was able to get away with it for so long is a big deal
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to MDogg in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I have a much harder time believing a bunch of 18 year old men would make up the same lie about being molested by another man. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to buckeyehomer in tOSU at 149   
    I think we know more when we see if Decatur burns his redshirt at 33. If Decatur stays in redshirt, maybe Pletcher makes the cut to fit in Hayes at 141?
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    NYWRESTLER94 got a reaction from TheOhioState in Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?   
    His wins against Kolodzik? 141 and 149
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sstern in Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?   
    If Ke-Shawn gets to 141 he will be a legitimate contender.  His only gas tank issue is lugging around guys 8 lbs. of muscle heavier.  He is technically solid.  He didn’t have any gas tank issues against Micah, who barely beat him in 2 close wrestle offs then finished 2nd in the country.
    Nick Lee is a very good wrestler but I think KH beats him.
    housebuy did a great job of outlining his issues.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to CoachWrestling in Steveson in trouble   
    That is in law, not in the court of public opinion. You’re basically guilty until proven innocent with the public. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Your Team’s 19/20 Probable Lineup   
    Mattox I think will be pretty entertaining.  Hopefully Hayes at a lower weight can find his offense again and be a lot more active.  Kid has terrible luck.  
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Adam Busiello   
    I'm have been on the he peaked train for a while his super 32 results also supports this.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to iGranby in Who will Maryland hire?   
    Or he got a face to face look at the situation and wants to hold out for something better. I dont think thats out of the question. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to randyfoxwell in Ohio State's incoming class   
    We will see what Jaden Mattox can do at 157
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Perry in Ohio State's incoming class   
    Picking 3x NCAA champs regardless of pedigree is tough for me to do 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to BobDole in Who will Maryland hire?   
    A wrestle-off between Moore and Ferraro is the only logical way to choose.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to justafan in Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles   
    Vulakh was a GM committ and is now looking at Penn St,Iowa and Cornell.Imagine Beckman tweet was referring to that 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Where will Braxton Amos end up?   
    Ohio State
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to jchapman in Will Wrestling Ever Have a One and Done?   
    Hall was one and done at Wisconsin.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to KTG119 in Will Wrestling Ever Have a One and Done?   
    I was thinking about him and other greco guys as well. Lester? Dennis Hall?
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