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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Pinnum in Sanderson: Better Never than Late   
    I know people here will struggle to fathom this, but Cael’s opinion on this has no impact on how the decision is made.  Him speaking out over the past two weeks wouldn’t have moved the needle one way or the other.  
    I suspect he wanted to let his thoughts known because he was frustrated by the decision and it was a way to vent while also showing his athletes that he wants to fight for them.  

    I wouldn’t read too much into it.  And if I was one of the people who wanted to ignore the rules and standards of eligibility to try to get some athletes another championship opportunity, I wouldn’t feel like Carl let down the movement by not tweeting about it.  
    Cael letting his views be known to his admin is the only thing he could do to influence the decision and he likely did so.  I highly doubt Penn State didn’t take the same position he has taken.   But the decision is based on the whole membership and not simply Penn State.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to teach in Extra year solution   
    Thank you,      How about strange times call for strange solutions?
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to nom in Extra year solution   
    Vak - step back a bit.  There are way more important things for all to focus on and make right.  This **** storm around us is getting way worse — college admin and leaders have bigger things to deal with.  And bigger messes to make right.  
    Budgets are about to get slashed, college startup with new students and steps to avoid corona reflare are going to be hard and time consuming.  Kids are missing classes to graduate.  Time to let leadership focus on the bigger issues and challenges.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Pinnum in Extra year solution   
    Which is what was expected.  And the right call. 
    we can’t get the year back. It’s unfortunate but we need to move on.   It has to really hurt for Iowa who was looking at a potential national title.  
    it looks like the drama of the Iowa state last chance was all for nothing. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Idaho in I think we all know where this is going to end up   
    Hello, my name is Idaho....and I'm a wrestlingaholic....
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in No fans at NCAAs   
    Largest NCAA tournament venue ever... lowest attendance ever.  
    Can't wait to hear Terry berating officials, echoing across a silent, empty football stadium.  
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Teske transfering   
    "Cael hardly gets the top recruiting class (has he ever!?!?!)"
    He gets the number 1 recruiting class every 4 years when he needs it to build his title winning core.  If he wasn't limited to 9.9 he'd get the #1 class just about every year.  
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Teske transfering   
    Is it your goal to be insufferable?  Penn State... the plucky underdogs. Right.  
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to TobusRex in Penn State can't keep 125 pounders, why?   
    PSU should fire their incompetent head coach!  I hear Mark Cody might be interested....
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Housebuye in Ohio State - in the title hunt   
    This is a fair assessment, but it doesn’t take much for this to turn into the 2nd place team. 
    You are understandably suggesting R12 for 133, 157, 165 and 174, but have 1 punching through. If tOSU went 3/4 or 4/4 in this round, you are basically at 100 points (assuming 141, 149 and 197 all score 15-22, and maybe 285 sneaks on the podium too). 
    In short, it very well may come down to who wins the most r12 matches. Iowa realistically may have 141, 149, 157, 165, 184, and 197 in R12. Cass maybe too. Nebraska is in a similar spot, but I think they lose a bunch of R12 matches. 
    When I think of R12, recently I think about the Delaveccio vs DeSanto match from 17/18. Desanto had it won and screwed up in the last period. Desanto was clearly way better than delaveccio. Delaveccio though was on a high and then won his next match too vs multiple time AA Scotty Parker. I don’t think he had a win over an AA until that match in his entire career. Crazy things happen I’m R12 and beyond. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 got a reaction from Gantry in Ohio State - in the title hunt   
    Ohio States line up in the second half is probably 
    125 Heinselman 
    133 Kinner/Decatur
    141 Pletcher
    149 Sasso
    157 Hayes
    165 Smith
    174 Romero
    184 R. Jordan 
    197 Moore
    HWT Singletary 
    Being as realistic as I can be I’d say that team is probably competing for a team trophy at best. Heinselman doesn’t look like he put on any size following last season and based on how he’s looked so far I wouldn’t expect him to score double digit points at NCAA’s. Kinner has shown promise but his weight cut is something that can’t be ignored and I’d dare to say it’s the reason he’s been MIA for the Buckeyes the last few competitions. I’d probably pencil him in as a R12 guy at best. Championship contender at 141 and at 149 I’d say it’s fair to expect AA status but I don’t feel as confident in him winning the title as I did 2 months ago. At 157 Hayes has shown the ability to compete here but this just isn’t his weight class and like 133 he’s probably R12 at best. 165 and 174 I could see both of those guys in the blood round with one of them punching their way through but Smith is in a lot of close matches as is Romero so to expect to get a good chunk of points out of them just isn’t that realistic. One other thing to note about Romero is while he’s clearly improved up at 174 he still has the same issues of finishing takedowns against the top guys that’s not exactly a formula for success in March. Moore is the title favorite and should produce a lot of Ohio States points along with Pletcher but beyond that you have Singletary who’s looked good but maybe is on the outside looking in when it comes to the podium and Rocky Jordan who while looking pretty good his first time up a weight is still an unknown here.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to nhs67 in Jordan Oliver weight?   
    This worked out very well for you. Very nice.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in tOSO vCornell   
    Fair enough, but he's hit similar walls before--vs. Brayton Lee at trials comes to mind.  
    By all accounts, he's been working like an absolute dog, and cardio was a focus for him coming into the season.  At MSU he looked like he had a huge tank.  Yesterday his lungs fell off a cliff.  No reason to panic, but that's now 3 matches in a row wrestling well below what I think most people believe to be his ability. 
    CKLV will be an important test. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to 1032004 in Taylor Lamont vs Seth Gross   
    If his wins over Rivera, Lizak, Russell, Tariq Wilson, Moisey, etc. aren't enough for you, I guess we'll just have to wait until NCAA's.   Hopefully he goes to CKLV though.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Mokoma in ASU vs Penn St   
    Good call lol.
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    NYWRESTLER94 got a reaction from go_rines12 in Taylor Lamont vs Seth Gross   
    A few of you clearly haven’t payed attention to Taylor Lamont’s college career 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Tommy Payan in ASU vs Penn St   
    Ran into Coach Jones this morning while I was buying my tickets at ASU.
    He said Jacori would be a "Game Time" decision if he wrestles or not.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to TBar1977 in Cornell   
    The Amish know more about farming than the collective knowledge at any University. The difference between those who can doing and, well, you know the rest. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Lefty142 in Cornell   
    No other ivy takes community college transfers. No other ivy has an ag school. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell   
    I like Buffalo being 19 back in the day there was no better place on a weekend. make the trip over into Canada and back. only people who have been to Canada know what Canada has to offer 19 year olds. You section 6 guys just had a shorter trip then us section 5 guys.
    607 represent 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to nom in 2009 NCAA Champions   
    We all missed out on seeing a healthy Troy Nickerson compete all 4 years. 
    I’d take Lee given the shoulder but if Troy’s shoulder was healthy - give me Troy. 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in 2009 NCAA Champions   
    Troy at this point had no shoulder. His freshman year was the only time we saw a fully healthy Troy Nickerson in college. I have to give Lee the edge in a very close match.
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    NYWRESTLER94 got a reaction from scribe in Cornell   
    Are guys still considered recruits once they’re out of HS and already committed to you? And Cornell isn’t the only Ivy League school that’s done this Princeton has had a couple of guys gray shirt before the most recent examples being Kolodzik (freshman year) and Mike D’angelo. I’d also argue the gray shirt tactic the Ivy League schools use still doesn’t put them on a level field with the non Ivy schools who have redshirts available because at least those guys still get to be in the college practice while the Gray shirts planning to attend an Ivy League school the following year are just in an RTC practice which if you haven’t been to any, isn’t exactly as intense as a college practice 
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to Sublime607 in Cornell   
    I'm done dude you offer nothing in return to make me change my mind to support you. I really have never said these words before but total troll job you got going on with these posts.
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    NYWRESTLER94 reacted to red blades in Cornell   
    Penn and Harvard actually invented the concept years ago.
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