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  1. Dan Hodge, Dan Gable, Lee Kemp, Dave Schultz, Cael Sanderson, John Smith, Jordan Burroughs Who says we can only have 4?
  2. I prefer Coke Zero. I think they used the same flavor as the New Coke they tried to market years ago before reverting back to Coke Classic. Never been a Pepsi or Diet Pepsi fan.
  3. Penrith was great, but he hardly wrestled any varsity the year he won the title.
  4. When saying the wrestler chooses down, and the announcer says "he's going downtown"
  5. How about some of Iowa's Champs Pete Bush, Brad Penrith, or Jesse Whitmer?
  6. So if you have not competed attached in the first semester you can transfer and wrestle the 2nd semester?
  7. At the first home dual meet of the season, the Wisconsin Badgers unveiled a word printed front and center on the wrestling mat - bELIeve. The letters ELI are capitalized for Eli Stickley, the Badger wrestler who tragically passed away this past summer. After the unveiling, there was a moment of silence in honor of Eli. It was the greatest tribute to a person I have ever seen in my entire life.
  8. It was truly a special moment this spring when Mike Duroe was one of the honorary coaches for the USA World Cup Team in Iowa City.
  9. Obituary for Eli Stickley.... https://www.vernonfh.com/obituary/elijah-d-stickley/
  10. While I understand some may prefer Freestyle over Greco, others like to watch both, and it would allow Greco to have a bigger crowd. Overall, the challengers did much better in the Greco Finals than the Freestyle Finals. Always fun to go to an event when the outcome is not as predictable.
  11. To help promote Greco Wrestling and the entire USA Wrestling Team more, I think incorporating Greco into the format would be awesome. What does everyone esle think?
  12. I remember Jimmy Jackson entered the Northern Open in December 1978 (I believe) and got pinned in an early round by Paul Roth of Appleton, a 450 lb Heavyweight. Jackson withdrew from the tournament after that.
  13. Cody stole two Badgers who were already All Americans (Andrew Howe - 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Travis Rutt (7th) and got a 2nd from Howe and a DNP from Rutt their Senior Years. There is ZERO chance of Mark Cody will ever become the Badger Coach.
  14. I think we should keep the number of weights at 10. The NCAA and colleges will not go for larger rosters and increased scholarships. 11 would be great, but no one will financially support it at this point. If we insist on making the number of weight classes an odd number, keep in mind the NCAA might suggest 9 as a cost savings, scholarship savings, and easier compliance with Title IX. Pretty sure we do not want that. Mat side weigh-ins would dramatically alter the sport - I really do not see the benefit because some would have an edge over others - taped ankles, taped knees, braces, etc. - how is this accounted for? If you want to shorten the weigh-in time further before competition that would be fine. Also, weighing in before each session would also be impractical and unfair to the athletes.
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