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  1. So is Evan Wick the 7th or 8th seed at 74KG? themat.com says 8th, Flo says 7th....
  2. So Dake and Cox essentially get the winner of the lower half of the challenge bracket. (2nd seed if it holds) If they win, then Dake and Cox get the winner of the top half of the challenge bracket (1st seed if it holds), and need to beat them to qualify for the best of three.
  3. How are the brackets at 74KG and 97KG with Dake and Cox qualifying for the the semifinals? Do they just have to win 1 match to qualify for the best 2 of 3? (Meaning they wrestle the winner of the other challenge tournament wrestlers) Or do they have to win twice to qualify for the best 2 of 3 finals? (Meaning they qualify for the semifinals of the Challenge Tournament)
  4. I think college wrestling should implement an 11th weight class for light heavyweight. Around 220 - 225. I think it would be a strong weight class. Quite a bit of talent
  5. I hear all this talk about funk "He's good at funk" "Wow, he's really funky" "I don't really think he can handle his funk" Can anyone name any of these moves under the "funk" category, or do just need to use adjective / multiple noun laden sentences to provide a description?
  6. Is it possible for this year's winter athletes to have 1 free year 1 redshirt year 1 medical redshirt year 2 Olympic redshirt years 4 regular seasons 9 years total A student athlete could have a Regular degree, Masters degree, Ph.D. or become a Doctor during that timeframe.
  7. Is the US Senior Nationals an Olympic Trials Qualifying Event? If so, do you have to win the tournament to qualify? https://usawrestlingevents.com/event/2000215702
  8. With USA Wrestling's new rules in place, and no vaccine or treatment that everyone trusts, should wrestling start next season in the spring? https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/May/15/USA-Wrestling-Return-to-the-Mat-Guidelines-released
  9. https://docs.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://s3.amazonaws.com/big12sports.com/documents/2020/3/4/2020_Big_12_Wrestling_Championship_Pre_Seed_Brackets.pdf
  10. Stalling Calls seem to vary widely from one referee to the next. I am not saying which referee is right and which is wrong although I have my opinions. There just does not seem to be much consensus on what is or isn't stalling. Stalling or No Stalling Wrestler who is ahead keeps a good stance but doesn't back up, doesn't duck his head, but does not try to score from the feet Top wrestler sits on ankle for a long period of time One wrestler from neutral backs up to the edge of the mat on the feet but does not go out of bounds One wrestler has a double underhook while the other ducks his head to prevent getting thrown Top wrestler use the spiral ride for an extended period of time or the whole period Top wrestler has a one on one or two on one parallel ride with no consistent turn attempts Top wrestler has legs in, bottom wrestler ducks his head and keep elbows in to prevent turn The top wrestler is manhandling the bottom wrestler who can barely get up because of the tough ride Current Stalling - But Should it Be? Top wrestler grabs bottom wrestler leg or legs when you are on the mat for 5 seconds or more to attempt a turn or prevent reversal or escape. Maybe the first time should be a stalemate? Top wrestler has a grapevine or double grapevine and locks around the head and arm for 5 seconds or more, which can eventually turn into a near fall situation
  11. Here are some of my comments: Win Magazine - Content has improved this year in my view. Great source for articles and rankings. Still offers a magazine. Wrestle Stat - DI and DII Ratings, Starters, non-starters, RPI. Awesome Website for comparisons.Ranking include all wrestlers. The winner predictions are fun! The Open Mat - Now has Top 33 DI Rankings and Top 16 DII Rankings - the number of wrestlers that go to the NCAA tournament. Intermat - I personally like their rankings the best. Coverage for DI, DI, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA. FloWrestling - The amount of video coverage is unbelievable. Rankings sometimes seems too reactive. Arena is easier to find tourneys than Track. Trackwrestling - Improved Video, Nationwide tournament and duals, Top 33 DI rankings, excellent articles. Amateur Wrestling News - Was traditionally the best years ago. Like their rankings, offers magazines. Pirate - Like the team, individual calculations. Breakdowns starters/nonstarters and rank all of them but helps identify where a wrestler stands against starters. Not always easy to find the information at the word press website though Frustrated we need subscriptions separately from each outlet; wondering if some of them could have a combined subscription?
  12. Wrestling has a crazy number of websites that provide college rankings, including Win Magazine, Wrestle Stat, The Open Mat, Intermat, FloWrestling, Trackwrestling, Amateur Wrestling News - I think that is all of them Who's your favorite? Each of them seem to have their advantages....
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