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  1. So it appears no one knows the answer? Does college use a different set of rules on potentially dangerous and illegal moves? If so, how could I get my hands on a copy?
  2. A question on the bar / chicken wing that Lee uses. See this a lot of college, not just from him. It has always been my understanding that the arm must be straight across the back. If the arm slides up, it is potentially dangerous. If the offensive wrestler puts it up, it is a penalty point. Never coached or wrestled at the college level. Is the rule different in college as compared to high school?
  3. No way should we add another weight between 197 and 285. 220 in high school is by far the weight with the least depth of any high school weight. Give me a good athlete and they can be successful at 220 or 285 in high school, the other weights not so much. Besides the top few wrestlers, 285 is already a weak weight with little depth in college. Why add another weight with little depth. Look at the MAC getting 5 qualifiers at 285 this year. They went a combined 1 -10 (only win coming against another MAC opponent). When wrestling non-MAC wrestlers, they managed one takedown. I am sure there are other instances of this, but this one sticks out the most. Why would we ever think of adding another weight class in that area. If you want to grow the sport, you do not add another weight class full of no offense or excitement.
  4. Never understood the orange reference. Now a peach or cherry I get, but orange, not so much.
  5. I was a big fan of Iowa during the Gable and even the Zalesky years. Those teams were physical and would beat the hell out of you, but they still had offense and worked hard to score points. The Brands Iowa teams want to push you all over the mat for no purpose. There style is boring, compared to a Penn State team that is always looking to score points. Even taking risks, to score points. They also have a little man at 125, with little man syndrome that makes their whole team look bad.
  6. I am told that Minkel would hardly ever let Chandler run a practice in the past. He has been recently and I honestly think there has been an improvement. At least it appears that most of their kids are at least battling now. Earlier in the year it looked like every kid on the team was just waiting for the season to end. They also do not have that much to work with. Look at their 4 seniors from this year. Two injured and unable to wrestle, one blue chip recruit that can't even make their line up and one who get's hurt every other time he steps on the mat. It will take some time, but I do believe that Chandler can make improvements. I did not believe that before. He really needs to bring in a "well known" assistant coach to help with recruiting. Sorry, but Wedland is not going to get it done as the head assistant. No personality and no relationship with the wrestlers.
  7. It looks like Gasca is going 141 and they did not weigh in Yenter, so I am assuming he is going back down to 133. At least they made the decision a little earlier this year.
  8. Don't know why I keep following this team, all I do is get more frustrated. If you remember, last year they did the same thing with Yenter and Gasca. Gasca went to 133 and Yenter went up to 141. Gasca could not hold the weight, so he went up to 141 and Yenter came back down to 133. Yenter had to miss a lot of matches due to the descent plan. You have a kid who can't make weight and an undersized kid wrestling at the weight above. Doesn't seem like a tough decision. Once again it shows the favoritism that the coaches show and their lack of control. No wonder they get the results that they do.
  9. I've called and written numerous times and get no response. But I'm not a rich alumni, so they probably don't care. I truly feel bad for all the kids in that program. When Chris Williams was there, it seemed like they at least had somebody who cared.
  10. Unbelievable, or maybe not. I cannot even count how many recruits they have ruined recently. A list of some of the kids that were better as freshman - Rogaliner, Yenter, Esquivel (has left the program), Trimble, Wildmo (heck he was a blue chip that can't even make their lineup), Pennel, Curley and I could keep going. So apparently these kids received better coaching from their high school coaches in Michigan, California and Kentucky (for Christ sake). And let's not forget about Wohlfert and Pagdaleo who both left and are doing well at their new schools. I've said it before, but they all look like they don't want to be there. There also appears to be a discipline problem. Their best kid (Gasca) misses weight again. The same thing happened last year and he eventually went up to 141. This messed up both his and Yenter's chance at an RPI ranking. Where the hell is the coaching? I am told that some of the kids want to call it quits. How can an administration keep a staff like that? I expect more of the same against CMU on Sunday.
  11. I unfortunately wasted my day and went to watch the duals. The entire team looks absolutely terrible. I commented after the Big 10 tournament last year that they all seemed like they did not want to be there and just wanted it to be over. For anyone who saw this past weekend, it was the same story. I have seen some good things out of their light weights the past couple years, but did not see anything out of them this past weekend. Rogaliner and Yenter didn't win a match. Of which I thought they should of won at least two out of three. Rogaliner still only has one move on his feet and as people scout him, he has nothing to change off to. Where's the coaching? Yenter looks OK in the first minute and then just quits wrestling. He had a beautiful throw for 4 against Rauser and then just took a beating the rest of the match. In his three matches, it honestly looked like he was trying to lose. And Gasca (who I think is their best kid), was not even in the lineup. May be due to an injury, I am not sure. Probably one of their most experienced wrestlers Wildmo was not in the lineup either. And what happened to Esquivel? Sorry for the rant, but every year I hope and pray that something will be different and it never changes.
  12. There will be no change at MSU. Chandler is a St. Ed's alum and tell me who he has brought in from Ohio? Look at their current roster, almost all Michigan guys with a couple California and one Kentucky kid. How does anyone believe that this will change? Michigan University has had a couple of nice recruiting classes and most of the Michigan kids they get have been practicing at MSU (with Chris Williams) for years. If they could not get those kids with Chandler as the Associate Head Coach and Williams as the assistant, how are they going to get them now? I am being told that Wedland is in charge of their recruiting. Nothing against him, but not a personality or talent that will bring kids in. Look at this year's recruiting class, compared to any other Big 10 school. It is not even close. They have a couple of very talented kids on the current team that I watched wrestle like they just wanted the season to be over at the Big 10's. How can you reward Chandler for that type of results?
  13. I agree it's wishful thinking on my part, but you can always dream. I think the opportunity to coach in the Big 10 is very alluring to a lot of coaches, but the resources have to be there.
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