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  1. manyak

    Cox vs "Snyder or Taylor"

    I’m taking him over Snyder
  2. Exciting news: I am hoping he competes at 97 kg and not heavyweight.
  3. manyak

    Logan Stieber retiring

    I hope he isn't too banged up, surprisingly he is only 28. He's has a great career.
  4. manyak

    Sadulaev is 22 years old

    It is widely known in Russia he is a few years older, but like many said, does it really matter anymore when evaluating his results? I'm more surprised that they entered him as a cadet, they must have known he was good enough to win juniors.
  5. manyak

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    I believe TR Foley or someone else shot a video about how wrestling practice in Mongolia was a community event, with all ages and genders mixed in and that a lot of older guys still got after it. I think that the more light sparring practice approach is more common in other countries as they tend to wrestle more year round and aren't as focused on "seasons". Also wrestling is associated with sport clubs and gyms, not schools. I think that would explain why you don't see that many opportunities for older adults to do non-competitive wrestling practice.
  6. manyak

    Adult Wrestling Clubs (Master)

    USA Wrestling has a clubs directory, search for clubs that accept Open division wrestlers (18+)
  7. manyak

    NCAA Champs vs UFC Champs

    I like the idea in theory, but it probably wouldn't ever happen. I would only think the UFC guys have a chance at 125 and heavyweight in those matchups. I also think you forgot to check this years NCAA results.
  8. manyak

    Imagine... Dake vs. Chamizo at 74kg

    I don't think it has to do with age. I think it's more for lifestyle reasons and going up in weight considerably. He seems to enjoy NYC nightlife a lot, and I don't blame him. It's probably not an ideal situation for training though.
  9. manyak

    Imagine... Dake vs. Chamizo at 74kg

    I see Dake controlling this match comfortably. Chamizo is a worse matchup for JB. Dake is a better upper body wrestler than JB.
  10. Almost all of them would be good at it if they trained. The best suited would be lankier wrestlers because reach plays a more important role in MMA than it does in wrestling. Guys who are faster would also do better for the same reason (striking in MMA).
  11. manyak

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    Ben Askren destroyed 2013 NCAA 197lb Champ Quentin Wright in late 2013 in a modified freestyle match.
  12. manyak

    Ed Ruth...what could have been?

    He beat Salas Perez, a 3x world medalist and he was undersized. He would have done well.
  13. manyak

    Way too early WTT picks

    57 - Fix 61 - Garrett 65 - Oliver 70 - Nolf 74 - Burroughs 79 - Dake 86 - Taylor 92 - Cox 97 - Snyder 125 - Gwiz
  14. Thought this was a fun clip from Gatsalov’s Instagram page. Two complete legends having fun and getting after it:
  15. Maybe he should just play wrestle, spar, or train in other countries/under different systems/with different coaches and teams more often.