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  1. Mike Novogratz and Italy sponsors him so he has a really nice lifestyle in Hoboken/NYC.
  2. It’s an advantage and you’ll notice far more Russian wrestlers than Americans wrestle left lead forward or ambidextrous. My eyes could be deceiving me but I noticed Varner and Cael switched time favor their left leg to lead most of the time later in their international career, maybe due to the right hand collar tie ankle pick.
  3. I'm not a good wrestler at all but I lived and trained in the Russian Caucasus a bit. I also went around Russia and Ukraine. Moscow and St. Petersburg are a world away from the Islamic republics where most of the wrestlers come from, culturally and infrastructure wise.
  4. I believe some guy named Sadulaev beat some guy named Snyder recently with a middle school trick move.
  5. Not the same person. Pliev is a common name. They’re from Ossetia which is not the same as Dagestan. Last I heard Khetag was focused on boxing and MMA.
  6. Bo could probably medal at ADCC training 4 hours a day for a year too
  7. Guard pulling was not allowed. If it was it would have been over fast.
  8. He's the guy who just tapped out Bo Nickal.
  9. Why is everyone so butt hurt? Of course Bo wasn't going to win. There is no conspiracy.
  10. Gordan Ryan is going to win this easily. That isn't a knock on wrestling, but they are totally different sports. Bo is tougher, more athletic, a more special athlete, and likely will be a better MMA fighter than Gordon Ryan. However, he will still lose fairly quickly and it won't be close unless Ryan wants it to be.
  11. I just named one in my post. He was a 96kg wrestler.
  12. Aslanbek Khushtov switched from weightlifting to Greco Roman at 18 and won the Olympics at 28. I didn’t have any notable results but I didn’t start wrestling until my early 20s, was able to join a junior college team and compete a lot. I even trained in Russia several times and made life long friends there. It’s worth it to me. Unless you’re a heavyweight athletic phenom you won’t be winning at the national or international level, so just set realistic expectations. I did medal at some state level tournaments but it took years of training and losing first.
  13. 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Taylor 97 Cox 125 Gable
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