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  1. manyak

    Askren Wrestling at Midlands?

    Ben would win if he enters. Did anyone think he would smash Quentin Wright so badly a few years ago?
  2. manyak

    Alans Tournament

    I don’t believe Taylor has wrestled Urishev. Urishev is totally grey now and has been on the national team for over a decade, never failing to place at Russian nationals. He’s 6-0 vs Sharifov and 0-5 vs Sadulaev and Adam Saitiev so 6-5 vs Oly Chanps. He is planning on dropping back down to 86 kg for the next Olympics, though he walks around at 94 kg.
  3. manyak

    Alans Tournament

    Some interesting results, Green loses to Baev in the semis but earns Bronze. Baev beat Kurbanaliev for gold. Urishev beat Sharifov, eventually getting gold, and Lomtadze beats Bogomoev in the semis, placing 2nd. Tsabalov loses early, Khinchegashvilli gets pinned early, and Green beat Cherman Valiev in the quarters. Baitsaev wins gold, Gogaev bronze, Sharifov bronze, Ktsoev bronze, Bogomoev bronze, Geno gold. https://www.teamusa.org:443/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/December/10/Green-wins-bronze-at-Alans-International-in-Russia
  4. Because Russia is ten times as deep as us
  5. Not saying it is the best way to raise children. It might be a contributing factor if you want to raise hard, tough men and combat athletes though.
  6. Hey, people ask why a tiny region produces such strong combat athletes. Culture contributes. They made them shake hands after.
  7. Sadulaev has always been good at these barrel roll/fireman's type moves. See the 2014 world finals vs Salas. Creative ways of getting exposure seem to be natural to lifelong freestylers and unnatural for some US wrestlers.
  8. manyak

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Everyone thinks they know how to fight until they actually do. Punching and kicking isn't something people are naturally good at or something you learn in wrestling.
  9. manyak

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Daniel Cormier and Henry Cejudo would do far better in wrestling than Zaur Uguev or J'Den Cox would do in MMA at this point
  10. Based on my experiences in the North Caucasus, most of them hardly consider themselves Russian and would kill for a chance to even live in the USA, much less wrestle for them. They like USA wrestling and frequently wear T Shirts and other USA gear.
  11. Jordan barely lost and I believe Snyder when he said he felt awesome and completely prepared going into the finals. I think we try to read too much into the psychology of athletes based on matches or interviews and social media. Understandable and fun to do, but it’s skills and positions that win matches.
  12. Why are you guys so salty? No one is trying to buy a wrestler in his mid 30s to be the sole representative of their country Wrestling is an individual sport and don’t act like any of you would not choose to represent an adopted home if they supported you and allowed you to continue to chase your dreams
  13. Does anyone have the link to the interview where Snyder talked bad about Sadulaev's coaches?
  14. Batirov finally gets a medal at the senior Worlds level at the age of 33. He was stuck behind his brother Mavlet and other great wrestlers for many years. This is Bahrain's first ever World medal in wrestling. Bahrain's royal family has been very supportive of combat sports lately, much like the UAE with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's been a long time coming: